Seahawks keep playoff hopes alive with 23-6 win over Jets

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks will go into Week 18 with a chance to make the playoffs.

Geno Smith threw a pair of touchdowns in the first half and the Seahawks defense picked Mike White off twice in a 23-6 win that moves them to 8-8 on the season. With the Commanders losing on Sunday, the Seahawks will be able to book a spot in the playoffs with a win over the Rams next weekend and a Packers loss to the Lions.

That’s far from a sure thing, but it’s also far from where many people thought this team would be when the season got underway. Smith has been better than expected as the team’s starting quarterback, rookie Ken Walker has thrived as the lead running back and the Seahawks have prime draft assets from the Russell Wilson trade to use as they continue building the team this offseason.

Walker ran 23 times for 133 yards on Sunday and now has 936 rushing yards on the season. The team did have wide receiver Tyler Lockett leave with a leg injury and linebacker Jordyn Brooks was ruled out with a knee injury, so they may not be available to help the final push for a postseason berth.

The Jets will not be making any push. Sunday’s loss was their sixth in the last seven games and that collapse has eliminated them from the playoffs.

White was 23-of-46 for 240 yards in his return to the lineup and quarterback questions will once again be front and center for the Jets this offseason because neither White nor Zach Wilson had done enough to go into next season as the definite starter. Given how much promise this season once held, there could also be changes coming to the coaching staff of a team that looked destined for a better ending when they were 6-3.

24 responses to “Seahawks keep playoff hopes alive with 23-6 win over Jets

  1. I hope the Jets won’t Jets and fire Salah. I think he’s an excellent coach. For whatever reason, Wilson is done and White isn’t the answer. They should get either Carr or Jimmy G to provide some stability.

  2. I loved it in the 2019 playoffs when the Packers earned the game ending 1st down against the Seahawks and Pete Carroll threw a tantrum like a toddler at the candy rack in the store.

  3. I’m not breaking new ground here. Zach Wilson is not the answer, but neither is Mike white.

  4. Seahawks are in good position with their draft capital ( thanks Denver ) for a good run the next 3-4 years. QB is not the problem, defense , defense, defense

  5. @Calvin Hobbes….Isn’t that your 205,486th time posting that? It’s gotten more stale than moldy bread

  6. If Seattle had kept first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson, they may be undefeated.

  7. Lol @ The Jetsies

    They lost to yet another former 1st rd bust QB. They’re everyhere in the league!


  8. The Jets have only won 2 games since they lost their two best offensive players for the year (Breece Hall and AVT) in the Broncos game.

  9. Objectively, Robert Saleh is not a very good coach. This team never looks ready to play.

  10. touchback6 says:
    January 1, 2023 at 7:42 pm
    Lol @ The Jetsies

    They lost to yet another former 1st rd bust QB. They’re everyhere in the league!


    Beantown Troll never disappoints.

  11. Jets would never be in this situation if they had just lost to the Rams 2 years ago. Jets would be thriving with Trevor Lawrence right now. Oh well. That’s the Jets for ya!

  12. ajg314 says:
    January 1, 2023 at 8:18 pm
    touchback6 says:
    January 1, 2023 at 7:42 pm
    Lol @ The Jetsies

    They lost to yet another former 1st rd bust QB. They’re everyhere in the league!


    Beantown Troll never disappoints.

    52Rate This


    You people had 15 years to avoid at after an appalling stretch of
    time following Goodell’s lead trying to smear the dynasty to make his job ea$iee and to find ways to keep it.

    You got what you asked for.

    Showing respect to the greatest sports run ever would have been enough.

  13. If the NYJ think that Z.Wilson’s problem is either a maturity issue or a problem handling the pressure of being a QB in the NFL(in NY) they shouldn’t have drafted a 20 years old kid.

  14. Jets are a young team. They can become a contender if they remain patient, ignore the mob, and develop their raw players.

    Spoiler: They won’t.

  15. Shame a botched fumble call vs the Raiders will come back and bite the Seahawks for the playoffs.

    Can’t see the Lions go to GB and win, considering the roll Rodgers is on…but Lions do have something to play for in case the Seahawks lay an egg vs the Rams.

  16. Just remember that is Geno Smith in Seattle. He’ll once again prove why no one else would hire him as a starter.

  17. All this hype about Mike White and he didn’t show me anything. Seattle’s defense isn’t any good and he made them look dominate. Saleh is a clown too.

  18. The Jets coaches are not any good and neither is their general manager.
    The GM has been there for years and this is the best that he can come up with.
    He had a good draft this year but he’s been there foou years

  19. Mike White wasn’t ready to play. He was high and behind his receivers all day, late to his checkdowns, and made some bad option reads. My guess is he was still playing with a lot of pain, and it impacted his throwing motion and his concentration.

    How much does it matter? White’s ceiling is Nick Foles, not Justin Herbert. The Jets will need to bring in someone else regardless.

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