Bears want as much “live experience” for Justin Fields as possible

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Bears quarterback Justin Fields ran for 105 yards on five carries in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Lions and the Bears led Detroit 10-7 when the first 15 minutes of play were up.

The next 45 minutes played out very differently. The Bears managed 90 yards in the final three quarters and the Lions scored 34 straight points to pick up a 41-10 over their NFC North rivals. Fields would wind up being sacked seven times and he was pressured constantly behind a line that was down to a third-string guard at one spot.

Fields went the distance despite how poorly things went for Chicago and head coach Matt Eberflus said after the loss that there was no substitute for the “live experience” that Fields was able to get on Sunday. That’s also why Fields will be playing against the Vikings in Week 18.

“I just go back to what I just kind of tried to state is in-game experience, there’s nothing like it,” Eberflus said, via Courtney Cronin of “We’re not going to get that anywhere else. Again, that’s a good pass-rushing group, so I thought it was really good to get that experience. Now, did it turn out the way he wanted it to or the way we wanted it to? No, it didn’t, but you’ve got to work through adversity. You’ve got to work through it and figure it out as coaches, as players. We’ve got to do a better job.”

Fields has made some clear strides in his second NFL season, but the Bears have lost nine straight games. The hope in Chicago is that the lumps Fields is taking this season leads to more individual and team improvement in 2023.

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  1. Having watched every Bears game this season I’m fully aware their talent is below the level of an expansion team and likely that of several top college teams. That being said, coaching/development on the whole of the players the Bears do have, has been abysmal. I can’t think of a single position group whose fundamental play is any better now than when the season started. In particular I would not be disappointed if the WR and OL coaches, DL coach and DC were all upgraded this offseason. I’m 50/50 on Eberflus and Getsy at this point.

  2. They’ve got to address that offensive line and their defense as 1 and 1A priorities this off-season.

  3. I thought at least three times Fields wasn’t going to get up off the ground. I get needing “live” experience but not if he’s getting killed out there

  4. Live experience is all well and good, but the kid has no line in front of him, even when they are all fully healthy! Gutting the roster for a full rebuild next year, all well and good, but they risked getting what they declared their franchise QB killed in the process.

  5. Unlike bassplucker, I’ve seen very few Bears games this year but from what little I have seen and read, his and all the previous comments here sound spot on. The defense has been especially disturbing to me as someone who has followed this team since the mid ‘70s. I can’t ever remember that unit being this bad. I’d never heard of Eberflus before this so time will tell but I have real doubts about Getsy. He seems to be running Fields on designed runs way too much – that will not succeed long term in the NFL, it’s been tried before. Again , because I haven’t seen many games, I’ll reserve judgement until the roster is upgraded but right now I’m skeptical at best. I believe the Vikings will rest most of their starters this week so they need to sit Fields for this one. Getting hurt any time is bad but against the second unit of the Vikings it would be a disaster. He’s not going to gain much from playing against backups.

  6. Just setting the young QB up to take unnecessary shots, any one of which could end his career.

  7. Bears are a mess. Fields is a great athlete but a terrible QB playing behind a tissue-thin OL and very modest weapons. Feels like the front office isn’t convinced he’s the guy despite just having drafted him.

  8. primalnumber says:
    January 2, 2023 at 11:11 am
    Bears are a mess. Fields is a great athlete but a terrible QB playing behind a tissue-thin OL and very modest weapons. Feels like the front office isn’t convinced he’s the guy despite just having drafted him.

    This is Fields second season but this regime of Poles/Eberflus didn’t draft him. I don’t disagree about them not being sold on him though. If they truly don’t think he’s the guy then I hope they move on from him after this season. I wouldn’t do that just yet because I think he has shown enough to make me and others ( who have played the game professionally) think that he can be developed and has made strides this year despite the bad record. No guarantee of success but better than starting over in my opinion. If Poles doesn’t think so I hope he has the guts to move on, for the sake of the franchise and to be fair to Justin Fields, the guy is a competitor and deserves a fair chance to succeed. Hopefully it’s with the Bears.

  9. Sit Fields against the Vikes. In the draft/Free agency, Offense and Defensive line. The only offensive linemen that can be counted on is Jones. Jenkins is one more injury from retirement. I think the focus should be on the two lines, with receiver a distant 3rd, but, please get rid of Pringle & Pettis.

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