Deshaun Watson calls Sunday’s win “the potential of what the future can hold” for the Browns

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
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The Browns spent 11 games waiting for quarterback Deshaun Watson to lead their offense, but his return from suspension and missing all of the 2021 season has been a reminder that things don’t fall into place overnight.

Cleveland went 2-2 in Watson’s first four starts and the offense generated just 39 points in those contests. Sunday’s game against the Commanders was a bit better as the unit was responsible for all the points in a 24-10 win.

Watson went just 9-of-18, but three of his completions went for touchdowns and there were no turnovers to muddy the waters. Two of the touchdowns came on downfield shots to wide receiver Amari Cooper and Watson said after the game that the performance “was the potential of what the future can hold” for the Browns offense.

“I know it was only three catches, but it was three big catches,” Watson said, via the team’s website. “I know Amari, he’s still trying to get healthy, but today was a good day to be able to, especially for the start of 2023 and what the future is going to hold for the Cleveland Browns, it was good to see that happen.”

With a full offseason coming for Watson in Cleveland, the hope will be that games like Sunday are just scratching the surface of what the offense is going to be able to do in 2023.

9 responses to “Deshaun Watson calls Sunday’s win “the potential of what the future can hold” for the Browns

  1. At least Cleveland Browns fans will always have Jim Brown and the 1950,1954,1955 and 1964 NFL Championships,respectively.

  2. With any kind of decent defense in the first half of the season the Browns would be scary in the playoffs…

  3. What the future holds for the Browns is the past of the Ravens after they overpaid Flacco. Except the Ravens at least won a SB first.

  4. That’s the future? Okay, good for Browns fans. So you can beat up on terrible teams with retreads at QB who throw three picks while your $45 million man can’t win a game on his own, while scuffling along to a 50% passer completion.


  5. Show me. Since Haslam, this organization has made error after error and lost all the while. I need to see it to believe it….(hope I do).

  6. Don’t get to play Carson Wentz every week man. You play Pittsburgh coming up. Get ready

  7. Yea he has one good game and talks about the future. He’s full of smack.
    Do it week in/week out and then run your mouth.
    Here in Cleveland we all know he’s a very talented CLOWN.
    This win means nothing.
    We lost games because he had his training wheels on.
    Now we have a good game and this is our future.
    I don’t believe in him.
    He is not the answer.
    He is not CLEVELAND.
    Sell your story to someone who might believe you didn’t take the job for the $.
    One game and he runs his mouth.
    Some leader.
    He is protected by the Haslam family and he knows it and so do the rest of the Cleveland Browns players.
    He’s a made man.
    We will never win anything with him.

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