Lions-Packers will conclude the 2022 regular season

Detriot Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Lions started the season 1-6. The Packers starter 4-8. They’ll finish the season playing each other.

The NFL has announced the Week 18 schedule. It concludes with the Lions visiting the Packers at Lambeau Field on NBC.

The Packers will become the seventh seed in the NFC with a win. The Lions can make the playoffs only if the Seahawks lose to the Rams earlier in the day, and then if the Lions beat the Packers.

The Seahawks easily could be miffed at not having both games played at the same time, with the Lions thinking they still have a chance to qualify for the postseason when facing the Packers. As it stands, the Lions quite possibly will know they’re out before the game even starts.

And the Rams can do their former franchise quarterback a favor by beating the Seahawks, since that would give Jared Goff a ticket to the playoffs — if he can beat the Packers on their own turf.

Of course, the Lions may still play to win. They can spoil Green Bay’s playoff berth, laying the foundation for a possibly deep playoff run in 2023.

Eight Week 18 games will be played at 1:00 p.m. ET. Five will start at 4:25 p.m. ET. The early games will nail down the final AFC playoff spot (Jets-Dolphins, Bills-Patriots, Browns-Steelers), and the No. 1 seed in the AFC. The late games will determine the NFC East title and the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Along with Rams-Seahawks determining whether the night game is win-and-one for one team, or for both.

There’s one remaining wrinkle to be determined. If the Bengals lose tonight, Baltimore-Cincinnati will be played at 4:25 p.m. ET, as the AFC North title game.

If the Bengals win tonight and clinch the division, it will be played at 1:00 p.m. ET as part of the potential scrum for the top seed in the AFC.

The Bengals will have a chance at the No. 1 seed only if the Chiefs lose to the Raiders on Saturday.

52 responses to “Lions-Packers will conclude the 2022 regular season

  1. The mighty Dolphins will limp into the playoffs and begin a new winning streak.
    Mark my words.
    Fins up!

  2. Of course the Lions will play to win … Duh! The fans have been deserving a winning season for awhile now and a sweep would be perfect …

  3. This is a bad decision: this game will be meaningless if the Seahawks win, which is likely. Bills/pats was a safer bet.

  4. The 2 best teams in the NFC North squaring off in a headliner matchup with a playoff birth on the line.

    I like teams that peak after the new year.

  5. Jags game is a win and in. If Seattle loses this game becomes moot. If football is really rigged Seattle will lose.

  6. More people want to see the Packers than the Seahawks. That’s just how it goes when you have a fan base that crosses state borders and, indeed, national borders.

  7. Sorry i mean if Seattle wins it becomes moot lions are our out. If Seattle loses then it becomes a win and in.

  8. Brats, chislic (look it up, neophytes), cheese curds, and Miller Lite will be at the ready. Go Pack Go!

  9. Why they didn’t wait to see the MNF results is baffling? The Detroit @ Green Bay game could be switched with the Baltimore – Cincinnati game, for instance. To make the decision that Seattle plays first, ruins the chances for them making the playoffs.

  10. Not that I care about the Shehawks and their fans, but it does appear they’re getting shafted. Whatever it takes to get Rodgers in the playoffs I suppose.

  11. Another blatant example of the NFL doing what they can to get Green Bay into the playoffs.

    By moving the game the Lions have a decent chance of knowing they’re playing for nothing… the Packers an easier path into the playoffs.

    Which the NFL desperately wants .

  12. I see Lions beating Packers and eliminate their dream. However, Hawks will also beat Rams which will eliminate Lions as well. Both teams won’t make it. Ha ha, too bad.

  13. There is a SERIOUS issue with the integrity of the game here. The Lions could have nothing to play for by the time the game is started. It’s no surprise the NFL is favoring Rodgers and the Packers with the decision. Of course, the Lions would still play hard, but it’s a big difference when your heart/brain know that you have the playoffs on the line. You can’t simulate that feeling. They could have easily put another game in place to maintain the integrity of the game. Very suspect and corrupt to push their agenda for a Rodgers-led team that really has not played well enough to deserve to be in the playoffs thus far.

  14. Since the outcome of both these games decide the last playoff spot you would think they would start at the same time. Even for the NFL this is a incoherent decision.

  15. All of the supposition about motivation and game timing is hot air. Teams will either play to win for themselves or to win and end the other guy’s season, regardless of when or what happened earlier in the day.

    . . . That is, if they’ve really tried to win this season. Some teams haven’t.

  16. This is garbage.
    The Titans/Jaguars game should have been the Sunday night game not Saturday. A literal play-in game for the playoffs which is affected by no other matchup and which now forces the Jags to play on a short week. Whereas the significance for the Lions is removed if the Seahawks win in the late afternoon slot.
    Purely a television-induced decision and not one seeking to even out the field as much as possible for both Jacksonville and Detroit/Green Bay.

  17. When the Packers played Detroit in week 9,.. Rodgers had a miserable performance,.. so did his WR’s. Tipped and deflected passes picked,.. sloppy play by the offense..
    That happened right at the end of their 5 game losing streak. The next week they cleaned it up and beat the Cowboys in a close one.
    I don’t think Detroit can take away much from that game other than the fact they got a W. The Packers are a different team these past few weeks.

  18. They should have a Monday night game the last week, no teams named, then after week 17 is done, flex a game that has no playoff eligible teams. Give two bad teams a reason to play hard on national TV.

  19. Now everyone can watch the Lions beat the Packers and the refs. Lions are going to make a statement that they’re the team to beat in the NFC north next season.

  20. This makes zero sense. It could be a big game or if Seattle wins it will only matter to the Packers. Not much interest unless Seattle loses. I am a Lions fan and I don’t know anyone who honestly believes they can beat GB at night, in the cold, with the playoffs on the line. If they are eliminated earlier in the day that may well be over in the first quarter

  21. Detroit, do us all a solid and beat Aaron. If they get in they’ll get their butts handed to them in SF, but I’d prefer not to have to hear his noises for an extra week.

  22. Total disrespect to the Lions and Seahawks especially that these games aren’t played at the same time.

  23. Jax vs Tenn should have been the SNF game. C’mon Goodell, the Packers/Chiefs/Bills/Cowboys are ALWAYS on national tv.

  24. Nothing would make most people happy then see Rodgers choke, once again, in prime time when the playoffs are in the line.

  25. Speaking as a Packers fan, I’m really hoping that the Rams put down Seattle and make this one a true win-and-in game.

    Aside from the added drama, if anyone has to get in over Green Bay, I would much rather have it be the Lions than that walking disgrace to the sport named Pete Carroll.

  26. Before the season started even some Packers fans were tired of Rodgers Arrogance. Im Guessing most of America will be rooting for the Lions .

  27. I respect the Lions even through the drought years. It’s because they hold 4 World Championships, and thus have earned respect.

  28. The NFL messed up on this – BIG TIME. Sea/LA & GB/Det should play at THE SAME TIME! NFL – YOU MUST FIX THIS

  29. Jacksonville vs Tenn = WIN & IN. So, what does the NFL pick for premier game? I forgot, they’re not too bright are they. I will flip back & forth on the earlier games (NFL prime) wondering why. Then, in the evening, I’ll WATCH A GAME THAT MEANS NOTHING – THIS MAKES NO SENSE. GB vs DET @ 4 pm est, JVL vs TNN on the late spot. Do I get paid for this brilliance?

  30. LOL .. all this crying and whining about a football game time. It doesn’t mean squat when anybody plays. These guys are paid good money, have pride and want to win regardless of the time. It’s the fans who get their undies in a bundle … period.

  31. Anybody thinking the Lions will lay down haven’t been paying attention. Campbell is giddy about this game in ways he normally isn’t. It’s a big deal to him even if they know they’re eliminated. Listen to his press conferences – It’s a playoff game to him – at a minimum they can send GB home. At most Lions get in. This game has real consequences for the first time in his tenure and he wants this opportunity to teach his young team. They’ll be fired up. They may get blown out, but they won’t quit.

  32. lions91 says:

    Also, talk about favoring GB, they have 2 division home games to end the season.
    So what? It’s not even cold outside.

  33. Unfair to the Seahawks?

    Win more games. Don’t let another team control your destiny.

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