Mike Tomlin: I can’t say enough about our young quarterback

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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After Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett led the team to a comeback win over the Ravens on Sunday night, coach Mike Tomlin said he loved what he saw.

“I can’t say enough about our young QB,” Tomlin said. “He smiles in the face of it, he’s always ready to be that guy, in the moments we need him to be that guy, and it’s just good to see the young guy.”

Tomlin said the Steelers targeted Pickett in the first round of the draft because they thought he was going to show that kind of poise and leadership. Pickett played at Pitt, which shares a stadium with the Steelers, and Tomlin said the Steelers had a high degree of confidence that they were getting the kind of quarterback they wanted to lead their franchise.

“We benefited so much from close proximity in the evaluation process,” he said. “The proximity to him at Pitt really gave us that comfort.”

The Steelers have no regrets about their first-round pick.

7 responses to “Mike Tomlin: I can’t say enough about our young quarterback

  1. Its a shame that he’ll never amount to anything because of his small hands (sarcasm)

  2. The guy has played less than a year and Kenny gets criticized, young team young QB that has made plays brought the team back to win. Give the guy a cahnce.

  3. After these last two game winning drives it would be nice to see Pickett play a game with a pro offensive coordinator like Reid or Shanahan. It sucks he’s stuck with an amateur like Canada.

  4. Pickett has great moxie at the end of games, but I believe he has to improve in the red zone. The team can’t rely on its defense to constantly hold teams to 13 pts, for a chance to win.

  5. Pickett hasn’t even scratched the surface. He’s just out there relying on natural gifts. Wait until he learns what the defenses are trying to do. Wait until he gets in sync with his receivers. This kid is going to get much, much better.

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