Monday Night Football suspended after Damar Hamlin’s injury

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Monday Night Football was temporarily suspended, referee Shawn Smith announced minutes after Bills safety Damar Hamlin was seriously injured.

With 6:12 remaining in the first half, Hamlin tackled Tee Higgins after a 13-yard reception. Replay showed Hamlin taking a hit to the chest.

He stood up briefly before collapsing to the ground.

Medical personnel administered CPR for several minutes on the field, and he was given oxygen and an IV, before being transported to a local hospital in an ambulance.

Players from both teams were praying and crying on the field.

ESPN reported that players would warmup for five minutes before resuming play, but no warmup commenced. The Bills gathered in a circle and took a knee.

Soon after, players from both teams began running to the locker room.

59 responses to “Monday Night Football suspended after Damar Hamlin’s injury

  1. I sure hope he didn’t tear a major artery. It’s times like this that you realize what’s important.

  2. I want to know who made the decision for the 5 minutes. Talk about heartless. Shouldn’t be surprised I guess.

  3. Just postpone the game. No one is in the right state of mind to play. Praying for the young man.

  4. I don’t think playing conditions are safe considering the emotional trauma.

    We sure could use some good news from the hospital.

  5. This brings everything to perspective. As a Chiefs fan I was watching hoping for a Bills lost. Now none of that remotely matters. As with everyone watching, prayers for him, his family, the players and their fans.

  6. People at the game are saying they were Giving him CPR OMG. Just cancel the game.

  7. They had to administer CPR – and give him oxygen, why is cancelling the game such a difficult decision?

  8. The game is secondary obviously! That said if the game isn’t played what be CC omes of the standings and the seeding?

  9. Who even wants to watch this game now? Can you imagine how the players feel. Just postpone the game already.

  10. If the NFL even thinks about playing this game they should pay some sort of price. I dont care if Hamlins comes out without a scratch, you cannot expect a person to return to any form of work after this.

  11. BuckyBadger says:
    January 2, 2023 at 9:31 pm
    I want to know who made the decision for the 5 minutes. Talk about heartless. Shouldn’t be surprised I guess.

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  12. All of a sudden everyone’s a Christian now, praying. Be thankful and gracious that God is loving and merciful and will hear your prayers, because he loves you.

  13. Hope the best for this young man and his family. Terrible thing to see happen on the field.

  14. I hope the League does the right thing and either postpones or calls it a draw. The NFL has a chance to show they understand what really matters.

  15. Just incredible that Goodell hasn’t stopped this game permanently tonight!
    What is he waiting for?
    Praying for this young man to make a full recovery.

  16. Absolutely awful. I can’t imagine these players being mentally able to resume this game tonight.

  17. Long past the time for Goodell to man up, be the NFL Commissioner and suspend play permanently.

  18. philmccracken says: “I don’t think playing conditions are safe considering the emotional trauma. We sure could use some good news from the hospital.”

    You’re a Packer fan, I’m a Viking fan, and there’s an ongoing ‘comments battle’ on our two teams’ stories, but in this case I set all rivalries aside, come along beside you and agree 100%.

  19. BuckyBadger says:
    January 2, 2023 at 9:31 pm
    I want to know who made the decision for the 5 minutes. Talk about heartless. Shouldn’t be surprised I guess.


    Couldn’t agree more

  20. Call it a tie and move on… the only people who want this game played are oddsmakers, bookies, and people with no life.

  21. Prayers for this young man, his family, friends, and the entire Bills organization. #nowords

  22. Once again Roger Goodell getting it wrong in real time.

    Cancel. The. Game.

    What are you waiting for??!!

  23. Sounds like a crushed sternum. These players need to wear more padding and protection like players from the past …

  24. Prayers for Damar Hamlin. There is no way this game should keep playing. Postpone it. Nobody cares about the game right now. You cant expect the players to go out there and play at a high level without knowing the condition of Hamlin. The young man was given CPR on the field! Do the right thing NFL.

  25. This is horrible. Praying that Hamlin can overcome this terrifying situation and make a full recovery. This must be unbearable for his family. Hamlin seems like a good young man, active in helping others, devoted to his family. I can’t see how any of the players would be willing to continue the game tonight. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch the rest of this game tonight. A young man is fighting for his life. That is all that matters now.

  26. I saw reports that Damar had a pulse, but wasn’t breathing on his own. The used an auto defibrillator on the field, in addition to CPR and oxygen. Hope he survives, it looked bad.

  27. All of the comments in this thread are heartfelt and compassionate. How can anyone downvote any of them?

  28. Why hasn’t New York called this game yet? This is disrespectful at this point. Announce the postponement already.

  29. Everyone – please don’t just say “prayers for Damar”. If it’s important to you please actually bow your head and pray to God. This is in His hands now.

  30. This is absolutely awful and should definitely shine some light on how inappropriate that snowman celebration was yesterday.

  31. If Hamlin was ok, they would come out to play. The longer this takes, the worse this looks for Hamlin.

  32. Praying for this young man and hope he is ok. Very similar incident of WR Chuck Hughes of the Lions passing away during a game in October of 1971. Unfortunately back in those days after the ambulance left, they just kept playing and finished the game

  33. Roger should have called it off 30 minutes ago.

    Praying for the young man and his family

  34. Hope Hamlin is recovering, prayers to him and his family. Crazy to think the last time a severe injury happened was on the same field with Ryan Shazier

  35. Please pray with me, brothers. In JESUS name, please heal and bless this young man. Thank you, Jesus!!!

  36. Just a kid. So sad hope he’s gonna be alright. Somethings are bigger than this game we all enjoy. Don’t wish this on anyone.

  37. Heavenly Father, I pray tonight that You would save Mr Hamlin. And that he will make a complete recovery. I thank You and praise You. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  38. If he isn’t OK then they should suspend the game for a good while. If the SB has to be played in March so be it. The family, players and coaches will need time.

  39. I don’t see this as a neck/spinal injury. He stood up. God Bless this young man. The NFL has a serious, serious problem on their hands.

  40. The NFL gets zero points for finally doing the right thing this time. It was the only move. As much as I love the NFL and the entertainment it provides I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that if they continued playing after this incident it would never be on in my home again ever.

    God speed Hamlin from Chiefs nation.

  41. So many down votes on this kids life and future. We all have family. If his health isn’t first and foremost in your eyes you need to take a long look in the mirror.

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