NIck Sirianni takes responsibility for pick-six that iced loss to Saints

NFL: JAN 01 Saints at Eagles
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The Eagles, down 13-10 with roughly six minutes to play, had a chance to force overtime against the Saints, or win it in regulation. Then came a pick-six by Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore that iced the game.

After the game, Lattimore told PFT by phone that he recognized based on the formation that the ball was coming to the man he was covering, receiver A.J. Brown, on a slant route.

Lattimore explained that he recognized what was happening based on film study and the flow of the game.

“The film is  one thing, but when you get on the field, you’ve got to get a feel for anything that’s going on,” Lattimore said. “I was picking up throughout the game, the whole game. When the opportunity came, I had to capitalize on it. It. I actually should have got it earlier, earlier like in the first half. I should have got one.”

Lattimore said it was a combination of seeing Brown split wide alone on one side of the field, and pre-snap motion.

“I just picked it up,” Lattimore said. “I just knew it was coming. I just knew.”

On Monday, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni accepted blame for calling a play that the defense was able to anticipate.

“I’ll take responsibility for the interception,” Sirianni told reporters. “We came back to a play that we had run earlier in the game, and they recognized it and they made a play off of it. We gave them a recognizable formation and they made a play off of it. We put them in a tough spot right there. I think that’s obviously a major turning point in what people envision Gardner [Minshew’s] game being. They’ll put a lot of that on that play. But I’m accepting responsibility for that. That’s on me. We put him in a tough spot right there.”

The pre-snap motion put four receivers to one side, and Brown alone on the other.

“That’s a very recognizable formation,” Sirianni said. “A good corner made a play. . . . They recognized it. [Saints coach] Dennis Allen is a good coach. He recognized it. They had made an adjustment. They made a play.”

It’s the kind of mistake that is easier to make late in the season, given the amount of film that’s out there. Self-scouting becomes critical as the playoffs approach, because there’s enough evidence on tape for smart defensive coaches to figure out trends and to have their players ready to spot them — especially when smart players like Lattimore see it coming.

11 responses to “NIck Sirianni takes responsibility for pick-six that iced loss to Saints

  1. This goes to show you how bad the cowboys defense is, and how good Hurts really is. Eagles gonna do damage when he’s back.

  2. Minshew had the ball at the end of the last 2 games where a TD wins it. He scored 0 points and threw a pick 6 combined in those 2 game ending drives.

  3. Or he could be covering for Brown that didn’t even try to run a route or break up the pass.

  4. They laid a couple of eggs this year, no doubt about that. It’s not how you get knocked down, it’s how you get back up. Look out when the roster is complete again

  5. Well really Minshew is ultimately responsible because Lattimore was keying on it pre snap and he didn’t recognize it. However Siriani is right in that they’ve put a lot of the same stuff on film. Dak shredded their interior defense once Mattox went out and other veteran quarterbacks will do the same.
    The defense is only legit when they are getting sacks and if you throw on them quickly their secondary doesn’t hold up.
    If I was the Eagles I would pray for a young qb in the first or second round. A veteran like Brady or Rodger’s will take them apart

  6. I don’t have a team says:
    January 2, 2023 at 7:10 pm
    This goes to show you how bad the cowboys defense is, and how good Hurts really is. Eagles gonna do damage when he’s back.

    Really? Hurts only scored 26 points in the Cooper Rush game where the Cowboys offense couldn’t stay on the field.
    Minshew scored 27.

  7. The names Gibbs, Squirek and Theisman, immediately came to mind when this ball was thrown.

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