Damar Hamlin toy drive fund exceeds $5.5 million


The numbers are going up and up, all the time.

The Damar Hamlin community toy drive, which began during the pandemic as a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising $2,500, has now surpassed $5.5 million.

Significant donations have been made by Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford ($12,000), Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara ($10,000), and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ($10,000).

The Commanders have given $5,000, and Raiders coach Josh McDaniels has donated $2,500. Jason and Devin McCourty have given $2,000 each.

Also, Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin announced on Tuesday that all proceeds from the sale of Damar Hamlin jerseys will be donated to Damar’s Chasing M’s Foundation. Via Sports Business Journal, Hamlin’s Bills No. 3 was the highest selling jersey on the Fanatics platform since last night, in any sport.

It really does feel like the NFL’s version of the final scene of It’s A Wonderful Life. Beyond the support that this money will provide to children who need it, it shows Damar Hamlin and his family that people care deeply about them.

So keep it going, NFL community — players, coaches, teams, owners, media, fans. Anyone. Everyone.

22 responses to “Damar Hamlin toy drive fund exceeds $5.5 million

  1. Just wait until he is able to attend the 1st Bills home game. There won’t be a dry eye in the house. I can’t wait.

  2. I think people should be giving some $ to his family. He was a 6th rounder…his family doesn’t have a lot.

  3. Bills fans always know how to turn out for a good cause. Even with this terrible situation there will be some good to come out of it. 🙏

  4. While contributing to his toy drive is great, this young man is on his rookie contract; and will probably need some assistance (ie, extensive rehab if he is able to play again or even more if he is not). Hoping the Bills and/or the NFL do something more. I’m sure there would be a significant outpouring for something to benefit him.

  5. Robert Kraft and the Patriots $18,003 – the extra 3 for Damar’s jersey number.
    Davante Adams $5000
    Shannon Sharpe $2500
    Giants DC Wink Martindale $2500

  6. Hamlin’s family might need some cash more than the good feels of a toy charity. Just saying maybe donate some money to them instead.

  7. Amazing. Now I really hope GoFundMe does the right thing and waives their 3% cut of the donations.

  8. This is awesome. Hoping that Damar comes to and and is able to see that number,and all of the people who stepped up to help and support him,his family and Bills nation. Just heard that his oxygen levels are improving. That is a piece of good news. I hope it continues.

  9. I hope to god Damir Hamlin wakes up and sees this outpouring of support. As a Bills fan, a newfound respect for Brady and Kraft considering their kind donation.

  10. Wow, McKees Rocks, this tiny steel town just down the Ohio River from the confluence at Pittsburgh, is sure getting a lot of love through Damar’s Chasing M Foundation. God bless Damar for starting it and all those honoring him by supporting it.

    When Damar recovers….and with the power of prayer that’s gonna happen, we’re going to have to rescind all our jokes around here about “The Rocks”

    I’ll tell my favorite but promise never to retell it again. See, the planes getting ready to land at Greater Pitt are known to dump their excess fuel on “The Rocks” as it is on the flight path to the airport. So when my son’s team played Sto-Rox, the jointure high school, we used to bring signs suggesting there was some mental capacity issues to the residents due to the fuel showers.

    That was at our home games of course. You didn’t do it at Sto-Rox where the field sat in front of a spooky cemetery. We didn’t want to end up there.

    I do think this outpouring of love shows there’s a rea; America still out there despite all the yapping on your favorite truth telling cable outlet.

  11. This is awesome! In honor of Damar Hamlin, I have decided to donate my fantasy football winnings for the 2023 season to the Chasing M’s Foundation (the toy drive). Even though it’s just a couple hundred dollars, I don’t feel right profiting on the NFL after having seen this injury but the silver lining is something good coming of it, which is what the NFL & surrounding communities have done a magnificent job of. Anyone wanna join me?

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