Damar Hamlin’s community toy drive is flooded with millions in donations

Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin Critical After MNF Collapse
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Those who care about the game of football and the human beings who play it have great concern today about Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who remains in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest during Monday night’s game in Cincinnati. That concern is being expressed through millions of dollars in donations to the charity Damar Hamlin supports.

He set up a Go Fund Me page to support his foundation’s community toy drive. Damar Hamlin had a very modest goal of $2,500.

As of this posting, the donations have exceeded $3.4 million, with more than 132,000 donations.

It’s amazing but not surprising. It’s a way for people to show their feelings and to channel their emotions toward something positive.

The endless stream of contributions reminds me of the final scene of It’s A Wonderful Life, where everyone in town shows up with anything they have to help George Bailey. In this case, the numbers will keep going up, as more people who are concerned for Damar Hamlin take the opportunity to show their concern, their respect, and their raw, basic love for their fellow man.

28 responses to “Damar Hamlin’s community toy drive is flooded with millions in donations

  1. We need Damar to Pull through.
    The world needs to see this man pull through.
    Please God

  2. Moments like this, when everyone can put aside their differences, make me proud to be an American.

  3. Love the analogy Mike It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the best movies ever made and that scene at the end makes me cry every year when we watch it on Christmas Eve

  4. And props to GoFundMe for recognizing the situation and not shutting the page down.

  5. Anyone who doubts the potential of this world, and this country, look no further than western New York these last few months. Believe in it. I hope this young man awakens to see all of this beauty.

  6. This is a bright spot in this terrible situation. May God Bless You Damar and all of your doctors, nurses, technicians, and family members.

  7. Good. Nice to see everyone come together. Wish there were more updates re: his health.

  8. I fail to understand the many “thumbs down” I see in the almost unanimous positive comments.

  9. Every one of the posts on here are positive and pulling for a full recovery for Damar Hamlin. How some people can thumbs down these posts just baffles me.

  10. Same, wish there were more updates but it is what it is, the kid is fighting. My god though, I can’t get the image of him collapsing out of my mind. I’m sure it’s far worse for the players. I really feel for Tee Higgins, he did nothing wrong obviously but still, im sure that’s of little assurance to him

  11. Does anyone know when you get paid for winning $ in a public yahoo fantasy league? No, I’m not asking so I can brag on here. I’m going to donate my winnings to his charity and would like to do so as soon as that cash clears…I don’t like saying I’m donating publicly but had to qualify why I’m asking about the winnings.

  12. Props on the way you are handling the reporting of this difficult story, Florio. Prayers for 3 🙏

  13. Everybody wishing for more health updates, go on with your lives. His recovery (hopefully) will happen on it’s own time.

    Keep saying prayers, but stop wishing for news. News isn’t always positive.

  14. It’s a great response. It would be better still if everyone who’s moved by this case would petition their elected representatives for universal single-payer health care, so that everyone gets the same level of health care, without crippling debt or barriers to access, as NFL players do.

    Hamlin deserves every bit of immediate lifesaving care that he is getting. And so does everyone else. It shouldn’t depend on one’s means, celebrity, or willingness of people to donate. If we value life, we need to put our money where our mouths are. Otherwise it’s just for show.

  15. When I see the outpouring of support it makes Me think we as Americans and the human race are gonna survive no matter what our individual views are we can still come together as people and show love and support for eachother

  16. I was watching the telecast last night and the coverage was empathetic, sensitive, and well done by all involved. The coaching staffs were amazing and sensitive to their players and the league did the right thing to postpone the game. Of course the fans were amazing in their vigils at the hospital and online with donations. Our world is so divided, yet somehow ordinary Americans can pull together to show what makes us special.

    Get well soon, Damar, and may you be blessed with a special purpose when you pull through. If the NFL has not named its community or humanitarian of the year award yet, Damar should get recognized for how he has pulled together so many people through his tragedy. He nearly died on that field. God bless all involved.

  17. If all the mega-rich sports stars donated 5% of their tax-deductible to this charity – or to an even larger Hamlin family charity – we would be talking mega-millions. Step up, guys!

  18. Now $4.5 million! May Mr. Hamlin recover fully and be aware of how concerned people were/are about him.

    One really has to be a basement dwelling troll to down vote expressions of support and well wishes, no matter how one may feel about a commenter’s beliefs.

  19. I have to ask who is giving a thumbs down to the comments of damar needs to pull though. Classless and useless energy of a human.

  20. Well that sent a feel good kind of chill through me! Absolutely amazing!
    Hopes for a full and speedy recovery!

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