Damar Hamlin able to communicate in writing, asked doctors who won on Monday

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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Doctors from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center updated the condition of Bills safety Damar Hamlin in a video conference on Thursday and said that Hamlin has made “substantial improvement” since suffering cardiac arrest on the field during Monday’s game against the Bengals.

One sign of that improvement involves his neurological functioning. A statement from the Bills earlier in the day said that doctors felt Hamlin’s neurological functioning is intact and the doctors who spoke to reporters on Thursday afternoon gave an example of that.

Hamlin cannot speak because he is still intubated, but he is able to follow commands and write to doctors to respond to questions. He has also asked some questions, including a query about whether the Bills won the game against the Bengals.

“Yes, you won the game of life,” was the response.

Doctors said that the quick response of the Bills training staff and the other medical personnel on hand at Paycor Stadium are to thank for Hamlin’s condition because the administration of CPR and other lifesaving maneuvers made a positive outcome possible.

The doctors stressed that there is still a lot of steps left in Hamlin’s recovery, but the ones he has taken already will make a lot of people feel a lot better than they have over the last few days.

20 responses to “Damar Hamlin able to communicate in writing, asked doctors who won on Monday

  1. Yes it is

    Not trying to be callous at all, but it seems to show that he has maintained a lot of function which is great

  2. What encouraging news! We can all be grateful for that. Keep fighting, young man and we’ll
    keep praying.

  3. That’s incredible and great news. With a tube down his throat, laying in a hospital bed, the outcome and game mattered to him Damar Hamlin greatly.
    Kudos to him and shame on those who criticized anyone who showed empathy for him but also spoke about or cared about the game and it conclusion in the same breath.

  4. How interesting is it that Hamlin himself expected that the game would have continued, then and there, after he was taken off the field?

  5. All the more reason the game needs to be finished. You want to be the one to tell him there won’t be a winner or loser because of what happened to him after that response?

  6. All the more reason for Bills Bengals game to be completed or give both teams a LOSS.

  7. vickybunting says:
    January 5, 2023 at 2:40 pm
    How interesting is it that Hamlin himself expected that the game would have continued, then and there, after he was taken off the field?

    Considering he was technically dead at that time, I assume he himself has no idea how serious the situation was in that moment?

  8. Because he has made a miraculous recovery doesn’t change the seriousness of the injury.
    I’ve been watching football for 57 years and I have never seen somebody get CPR. After he stood up and colapsed his heart stopped beating and he wasn’t breathing. Players said he was laying there with blood pouring from his mouth while they were doing CPR. They got his heart started again and then it stopped. The players thought he had died. When they took him away in the ambulance they didn’t think he was going to live. No one should second guess the decision not to resume the game.

  9. Who’s going to break it to him that the game didn’t finish and will likely be canceled?

  10. The medical staff of the Bills, and the Bengals, deserve a standing ovation at their next games!

  11. Who won the game? “Well Mr Hamlin, the other players and league officials have a fraction of your toughness and resolve to fight. Sorry, but your near death experience was for nothing, they all decided they couldn’t continue despite you recovering rapidly.”

    Good on Mr. Hamlin for being a good tough sob. Got my respect.

  12. Wow, hearing that brings a sigh of relief from me. I’ve been on pins and needles since Monday night worried that he may have suffered brain damage because of a lack of oxygen. This may not be the “thumbs up” we all want to see but it’s pretty close. It would be fantastic if he could give that “thumbs up” signal on the video screen before the start of Sunday’s game against my Patriots.

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