On Our Way Home is back home again

Anthony Zych

As you may know (and quite likely may not care), I posted during the holidays a Christmas novel I’d written during the 2021 holiday season. One chapter at a time, up it went from Thanksgiving until the days before Christmas.

I didn’t know what to expect by way of response, since none of you come here to read whatever crap I cobble together in my free time that is completely unrelated to the NFL or football or sports in general. (You’re only mildly interested in the crap I cobble together during work hours.)

I was surprised, given that very low level of expectations, by the number of people who tried it, by the number of people who finished it, and by the number of people who reached out to say something other than, “Hey, idiot, I want that 3-4 hours of my life back.”

The plan was take it down after the holidays. Last night, I flipped the 32 chapters and the landing page from “public” to “private,” with the idea of bringing it back during the next holiday season.

With everything going on now that 2023 has begun, I assumed no one would notice that it was gone. For most, the Christmas decorations are back in the attic. The house has gone back to its 11-month basic normal. And the year moves on, into the several weeks of winter bleakness.

So down it went on January 4, just like the tree and the lights and everything else. And, of course, I’ve since gotten multiple emails since taking it down that went like this: “Hey, jerk, where did it go? I’m not finished!”

So here’s what we’ve done. All the chapters and the landing page have been turned back on. I’ll leave them up until February 2. I won’t mention it again here (you’re welcome), at least not until the 2023 holiday season started (sorry in advance).

For those of you who started On Our Way Home and haven’t finished it, you’ve got roughly four weeks. For those of you who haven’t started, you’ve got time to give it a try. For those of you who don’t give a crap, we now return to our regularly-scheduled programming.

7 responses to “On Our Way Home is back home again

  1. I enjoyed the read. You have mentioned having other stories completed or in the works. Will we get to see those throughout the year. I would have bought “On Our Way Home” and felt I got good value

  2. Finishing up a mob book that I currently plan to sell as an ebook for a very low price point, $2.99 or less. Stay tuned. Others are in the hopper.

  3. I loved reading ‘On Our Way Home’ during the holidays in the guest room at my sister’s after everyone had gone to sleep. It’s a nice Christmas memory now.

  4. I found myself reading each and every chapter eagerly every single day, Mike, and as I have posted before, it didn’t suck! Lol

    At times I found the storyline to be unbelievable – the two characters appearing and disappearing like that – but I chose to suspend disbelief and go along for the ride.

    I wasn’t disappointed.

    Your writing style was excellent; it kept me “hooked”, and in the end, the story itself was first-rate.

    Well done, Mike, well done.

    I will certainly be open to reading whatever “crap” you write next! Hey, I had to take some sort of shot here, I can’t let you start thinking you’re F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    By the way, inquiring minds want to know if you ever keep in touch with Joe “pass the potatoes” Brocato since you’ve become a big-shot NFL TV guy? I haven’t seen him since before Covid to ask him what he thinks of your success!

  5. What’s with you a holes downvoting the comments of people who say they enjoyed reading it? You must be very unhappy people

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