Report: Networks eye Sean McVay for booth or studio work, again

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Sean McVay had a chance to climb aboard the S.S. Bezos last year. Surely, McVay regrets not jumping from the Rams at a time when the championship ship is sinking.

McVay may have another chance, after passing on an offer from Amazon in early 2022. Via Michael McCarthy of, NFL broadcast partners are “eyeing” McVay as a potential game or studio analyst for 2023.

Obviously, there’s less sizzle for McVay than there was a year ago. Complicating matters is the absence of big-money spots within the various broadcast booths. Absent the expansion of a two-man operation to three (and many in NFL broadcasting despise the notion of a running three-man weave), someone would have to go in order to create a prime booth spot for McVay.

With big-money deals devoted to the top game analysts (Tony Romo at CBS, Troy Aikman at ESPN/ABC, Cris Collinsworth at NBC, Tom Brady — eventually — at Fox, and Kirk Herbstreit at Amazon), it’s highly unlikely that a major network would “part ways” with a top analyst in order to create a spot for McVay.

The No. 2 spot would be open at Fox, if Brady doesn’t bump Greg Olsen out of the top spot. Or, frankly, Fox could make McVay No. 1 pending Brady’s retirement.

Then there’s the possibility of McVay joining a studio show. The money is far different and, as Drew Brees learned in 2021, the raw energy is, too. But changes are made on an annual basis at most pregame shows, with some former players and coaches leaving (voluntarily or otherwise) and new former players and coaches arriving.

Again, McVay has less cachet than he possessed after winning the Super Bowl. He may want to rebuild things a bit before wandering to TV.

Or maybe he realizes that years of “eff them picks” will make 2022 not an aberration but the start of a new trend for the Rams. If so, that will make McVay’s star shine even less brightly in the coming years.

Which could make it even smarter for him to get while the getting’s still good.

38 responses to “Report: Networks eye Sean McVay for booth or studio work, again

  1. Do it. The Rams were a flash-in-the-pan team and not getting any younger, with no draft picks on the horizon.

    Go get the bag while you can, Sean, and come back to coaching in a few years after taking a breather.

  2. Also would like to see Kirk Herbstreit just stick with CFB. He doesn’t match well with Al at all.

  3. He’s a HC and a young one at that quitting the NFL to do tv ? no way i’d see him forever as a quitter just a terrible idea !

  4. If you’ve heard this guy talk, he is very smart, but his voice is rhaspy and tough to listen to. I couldn’t do 3.5 hours with him in the booth and would have to listen to an alternate broadcast.

  5. How about not worrying about money and doing what you want? Still have passion to coach, then coach. Burnt out but wanna stay in football- take whatever TV work is most appealing. Want to leave football behind and herd sheep for a living- then do that.

  6. He has the rest of his life to get into the booth. Now way he should even consider it. I wouldn’t if I were him.

  7. People will watch a good game no matter who is announcing and will turn away from a bad game no matter how good the announcers are. And the studio jobs are even more irrelevant. But the networks throw money at these guys like you’d skip Chiefs-Bills to watch Colts-Texans just because of the announcers.

  8. It amazes me that there is so much money available for these jobs in the first place. If the announcing team is at least halfway competent thats good enough for me. As far as the studio shows, I havent watched them in years anyway.

  9. So, I think McVay needs to get to TV in any role he can to prove himself worthy of big money.
    Big money was given to Romo, he is totally insufferable and over-rated. I cannot stand his idiocy. Collinsworth might be the only one worse than Romo, but that is debatable. Hate listening to either of those 2 biased, inaccurate windbags.
    Aikman is fantastic! If McVay can be like him, he has a bright future, but he needs a “prove me” year first.

  10. Why does anyone just assume McVay…or Brady for that matter, will be the best announcers of all time? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if either is good, but why is anyone tripping over themselves to throw money at them when they’ve never done it or proven to be any better than the other knobs they hire?

  11. Why do these networks think more is better? Hey, networks, it’s not. They had it right from the beginning, play by play and color are all we need. Maybe a sideline reporter if can actually contribute.

  12. Coaching isn’t good for your health. Not great for a marriage. Not good for a family.

  13. Get rid of Romo – he turns the game into his own version of Madden. He doesn’t talk, he pontificates in a slobbering way.

  14. What a massive improvement Sean McVay would be over Greg Olsen in the booth. Brady really doesn’t want the job. He signed the contract and it was for huge money but he is in no hurry to leave and sit in the booth. He thinks he can play forever. Every interview with Sean show how personable he is.

  15. cnc33 says:
    January 5, 2023 at 11:42 am
    Do it. The Rams were a flash-in-the-pan team and not getting any younger, with no draft picks on the horizon.


    They’ve had winning seasons every year since 2017 until now. So in 6 seasons they’ve had 5 winning records, 4 playoff appearances, 3 division championships, 2 NFC championships, and 1 Super Ring.

    That’s not a flash in the pan. That’s sustained success. That’s as many conference championships and super bowls as the chiefs, more than the bills, more than the Bucs, more then the niners, more than the packers, and so on.

  16. Good coaches have options. Jim Harbaugh and Sean McVay are always going to go through stuff like this every year. If I were the agent for a good coach, I’d make sure we go through stuff like this every year.

  17. no one has ever tuned in specifically because of an announcer but alot sure have hit the mute button because of them.

  18. These networks are killing my enjoyment of football. Romo won’t shut up. Buck and Aikman are extremely boring. I miss the days of broadcast teams like Enberg and Merlin Olsen, Don Criqui (was great) and either John Brodie or bob trumpy, Sunday night football with Mike Patrick, Theismann and McGuire,
    Enberg and Deirdorf. They really made watching football enjoyable. Today I won’t even watch some games that Buck/ Aikman do, or Nanzt/Romo. Best broadcast teams are now working college football games. Maybe I’m just of an older generation of 60 year olds

  19. He’s not going anywhere. The window is still open for them to make a run next year assuming they don’t have most of the team getting injured again.

  20. McVay will follow the Sean Payton blueprint of destroying a team and then leaving it for someone else to rebuild. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing blabbermouth Romo hit the road and be replaced by anybody, even the untested McVay.

  21. I’d be surprised if he called it quits after such a terrible season. He’s a competitor. That would be a stain on his reputation. He’ll want to wash that off. That’s also why so many Rams have been sitting out injured for so many games – getting healthy for next year.

  22. The Rams mortgaged their future to achieve a Super Bowl roster. And it worked,… congrats Rams fans. But now it’s time to pay the credit card bill. Not much for draft picks this year and you have a salary cap issue for 2023 season,… even with the $20 mil increase in the cap.

  23. He’s a football coach Florio. Why do at 35 something you can still be great at when you’re 60?. He wasn’t in demand because the Rams won the Super Bowl. He’s in demand because he’d be great at it. Nothing will change there in the next 10+ years.

    Also, if you doubt the Rams will be back in the thick of it next season, you haven’t been paying attention to how they operate the past 5 years. Kroenke didn’t build a palace for the Chargers.

  24. Just seems a little young to “retire” to the booth. Or is the goal to bail on the descending Rams to the studio for a year or two then jump on the next Hot coaching gig? It hasn’t even been a year since he won the Super Bowl and got an extension.
    Seems like a lot of speculation/conjecture going on here.

  25. I’m pretty sure that, compared to winning a Super Bowl or resurrecting Baker Mayfield, smacking Al Michaels in the shoulder every five minutes to wake him up would be pretty much a buzz kill.

  26. It’s an insult to compare this pipsqueak to John Madden

    John Madden starting coaching at age 22, was a head coach at 32, and was a head coach the the highest winning percentage of anyone coaching 10 or more years when he retired at 42 (a recond that still stands 40-plus years later). Madden, sadly, had an overpowering fear of flying which contributed to his decision to quit coaching. He had to overcome the Steelers, the Dolphins, and the Cowboys (all multiple Super Bowl champions ) during his tenure, and never had a losing season. He somehow managed to get arguably the greatest collection of renegades and badasses ever to play to contend for championships every year

    Mr. Eff Them Picks turns tail at the first time of adversity (and a losing record). What a pipsqueak

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