Sean McVay sees this season as “a professional failure”

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The Rams have gone from Super Bowl winners last year to 5-11 this year, the most losses for a defending champion in NFL history. Coach Sean McVay acknowledges that his team has fallen far short.

“This year has been, in my opinion, from just what I can control, a professional failure,” McVay said. “And that’s been humbling, it’s been challenging. It’s revealed some things I wouldn’t have known about myself that you have to be able to deal with and acknowledge accordingly. But if you do it the right way, I do believe you can be stronger. But I think every experience you can learn from, some might be good, some might be bad.”

McVay hopes that it has been a learning experience.

“Even though you don’t want to have to go through it again, there’s no doubt about it that these will be lessons that I am confident that will make me better, and a more whole person and leader moving forward,” he said.

McVay, who gave some thought to stepping away from coaching after winning the Super Bowl, gave no indication that he’s thinking of leaving the Rams this offseason. Instead, he sounded like he’s motivated to come back better next year.

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  1. I think the main lesson was when half your team is injured and you trade away most of your draft picks you won’t have much of a team left to field.

  2. Wait until next year. Stafford looks washed and Baker is the biggest coach killer in sports.

  3. Sean McVay has come back down to earth. It is very hard to repeat once you win the Super Bowl. Injuries can derail any team at any point in the season. The really good teams have depth 2 or 3 deep.

  4. The Rams’ implosion both predictable and inevitable. They mortgaged their future for a chance at a Super Bowl.

    Just because the gamble paid off, didn’t mean that they wouldn’t have to pay up.

  5. The Rams went all in last season … and became champions. Every team in the NFL would sell out for a Superbowl even knowing full well that there was a price to be paid down the line.

  6. They leveraged everything they had to get that ring
    The “we don’t need no stinkin draft picks” philosophy can get you to the top of the mountain, but can’t be sustained
    But Ah memories

  7. They’ll definitely continue to be bad for awhile, but going all in for the ring may very well have been worth it, depending on how much you value a singular SB win vs sustained long-term success.

  8. When you put all your eggs in one basket, the omelet is great. Problem is there are no more eggs for the next omelet! Same thing in Tampa.
    Call Bill B whatever you want, but he puts TEAMS together that can survive the loss of a single player (or more). Their “stars” are grunts that pound it out day in and day out. Next man up is usually a reliable player to fill the void. The nfl is a one-and-done league. The coaching carousel continues.

  9. They can get Kupp and Stafford back, how well Stafford can play is up in the air. They have traded away draft picks, so they will have to go back to free agency to “build”, right?

  10. McVay is such a narcissist. The Rams went “all in” for their SB, and it actually worked. Now they deal with the fallout of that strategy. The ’22 team is a shell of the ’21 team. Stafford injured all year. No OBJ. Offensive line in shambles. RBs that would be back ups on most teams. The only talent left on offense, Cupp, also injured. It’s not all about you Sean.

  11. How exactly is baker a coach killer? Its not his fault he was drafted by a dysfunctional franchise that went through three head coaches in his first two years, its not his fault he was traded to a dysfunctional franchise that was tanking only to somehow start winning after trading away their two best players

  12. You were warned. The hubris of tossing picks and bragging about it after Godwll cheats for you in a SB.

    Just shameless.

    This will go on for many years, by the way.

  13. $1 says he drops the silver spoon and runs from the mess that he and the GM created. Just like Sean Payton bolted from New Orleans, Silver Sean will do the same thing.. probably into broadcasting.

  14. His biggest failure was sticking with Stafford, when it was clear he was way off, from the first game of the season, his second failure was not having a good enough back up and his third failure, signing Baker Mayfield.
    MacVay should call it a day, because it will be just as bad next season!

  15. This is what happens when your head coach acts like a teenage cheerleader on the sidelines rather than an adult in control.

  16. Traded away your future for a SuperBowl. It was a gamble that paid off….. depending on how he wants to look at it. He has his ring, but Father Time on all those older veterans he traded draft picks for plus the salary cap math have come calling.

    With no near term draft capital and his high priced older players dropping like flies due to injury and/or retirement the Rams are looking at a long and painful rebuild.

  17. When will Josh McDaniels admit the same.

    Rams > Raiders

    every team > Raiders

    Raiders > Derek Carr

  18. Do we still believe that “Sean McVay is a #Genius!!!” or was that all just hype? A lot of injuries for sure, but I don’t see it being a 5-11 roster in an OK NFC West.

  19. Injuries were certainly a part of it however they were kidding themselves with an offensive line that did not have one dominant player. Age has now caught up with them (Ramsey, Donald, Stafford), limited draft picks and questionable talent on past draft picks. Unless they can hit it BIG in the free agent market it could be the same as this year in 2023.

  20. Is Les Snead’s motto still “F them picks?” Good job winning the SB, but the team owner will say “F this coach” and/or “F this GM” if the team doesn’t start competing in the playoffs in at least 2 seasons from now.

  21. Rams are still Superbowl champions. No reason to feel bad about anything. Redeem this season with a win in Seattle.

  22. Adding to papad comment. When your effective LT retires and you don’t do a good job replacing him you’ll have problems.

  23. McVay was never as good as he was portrayed. (I still think they probably beat the Patriots in that Super Bowl if he’d just made a few adjustments to keep the rush off of Goff. Moving pocket or a screen pass, anyone?) But this season wasn’t his fault. Too many injuries and just no depth. They begged guys to come in off the street and then were STARTING them. You can’t win consistently when you’re in cap hell.

  24. scarletknight says:
    January 5, 2023 at 6:47 am
    Overdid trading draft picks. Now paying the piper. Enjoy the Lombardi, you sold your soul for it.

    The Cleveland Browns sold their soul. The Rams just gave up draft picks.

  25. Lets not pretend everyone didn’t see this coming. This “formula” has played out many times long before little Seanny got his nepotistic at bat in the Bigs.

    To Seanny and his equally myopic GM, laughing at the Pats picking Cole Strange in Round 1 last year must seem like a very, very long time ago now.

  26. Sean McVay may or may not be a genius, but he is a hardworking, committed and yes, talented coach. Based on my experience (and the selfless donation Sean made to a certain GoFundMe recently), Sean has another rare quality a successful coach needs: he knows and respects that players come first. Coaches have slumps after Super Bowl wins, but good, strong leaders are rare. Sean will find his way back to the top. (And I agree with the person who said the GM made mistakes giving up picks.)

  27. McVay was used to being called a whiz kid. He got to the SB and looked like a deer in headlights. Then he finally won after going all in and getting some luck. The problem is he just added another layer to his confirmation bias of his own genius. In reality, he’s a really good coach who happened to have a really good team. The same thing happened to Doug Pederson in 2017 and 2018. He had a great team in 2017 and then his starter went down. They still won the Super Bowl in epic fashion. Doug thought he had it all figured out and the team was pretty much a mess the next year. It’s just extremely difficult to repeat in the modern era.

  28. They sold their soul to build their fan base market by winning the big one. The question now is if they can keep it.

  29. So the chickens have come home to roost. The Rams could trade away all their assets to recover their lost picks, but the question is if McVay is willing to go along for the ride when it gets bumpy seeing as how he was ready to take the off-ramp even after a SB win.

  30. He’s coached in 2 superbowls in his short career, all these commenters criticizing him are clueless. He’s a great coach and will be back next year

  31. Steelers & Packers are always “contenders” but haven’t had a parade in over a decade.
    Most NFL franchises don’t even have 1

    All in to win, then deal with the hangover!

  32. cs-lewis says:
    January 5, 2023 at 7:54 am
    How exactly is baker a coach killer? Its not his fault he was drafted by a dysfunctional franchise that went through three head coaches in his first two years, its not his fault he was traded to a dysfunctional franchise that was tanking only to somehow start winning after trading away their two best players

    Because all of his coaches get fired. Josh Allen and Joe Burrow went to bad organizations too and turned them around. And neither of them had as much talent around them as Mayfield did. The Browns were loaded at every Position except QB. It’s no coincidence that the panthers got better as soon as he left. They were also mildly talented outside of QB. Baker is still the worst QB in the league by QBR. He is a poor man’s Carson Wentz.

  33. candlestickkid says:
    January 5, 2023 at 9:14 am
    This is what happens when your head coach acts like a teenage cheerleader on the sidelines rather than an adult in control.
    Amusing that this comment comes from Clara fan whose coach has a .500 record, has never won anything, and wears a flat brim on the sideline looking very much like a sulking teenager. I’ll take McVay over “Shanny” any day.

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