24.5 million watched tense moments following Damar Hamlin’s health situation

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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The NFL brings together a live audience like nothing else. On Monday night, that audience experienced something it had never experienced before.

And the audience was massive.

According to Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily, 25.4 million viewers on average watched the ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2 coverage of the Bills-Bengals game from the time Hamlin collapsed due to cardiac arrest until the official suspension of the game.

In the half hour before Hamlin’s health situation, 21.4 million viewers watched the game.

The Bills-Bengals game, as of Thursday, was cancelled by the league.

3 responses to “24.5 million watched tense moments following Damar Hamlin’s health situation

  1. Mike, I am surprised no one (anywhere) has really brought up (NY Jets) DE Dennis Byrd. Byrd suffered a catastrophic injury, on Nov 29, 1992, on the field after colliding with a teammate. He broke his fifth cervical vertebrae and an emergency trachiotomy surgery had to be done, on the field, during game play stoppage.
    Do not remember how long that game was stopped but it was significant and eventually resumed.

  2. Bills happy he’s getting better, the med staff got on the field with extraordinary speed possibly saving his life and brain function. It’s a big step forward, but they’re *issed they’re losing the chance to get home field throughout the playoffs. The Super Bowl path will still go through Orchard Park, NY, via McKees Rock, PA.

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