Details emerge on reasons for Patriots suspending Jake Bailey, Jack Jones

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
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The NFL’s personnel notice Friday revealed that the Patriots had suspended punter Jake Bailey and cornerback Jack Jones. The suspensions reverted to Dec. 31.

Both players were moved from injured reserve to reserve/suspended.

Since then, some details have emerged as to the reasons.

Bailey had returned to practice from injured reserve Dec. 21, and he participated in parts of practices the next two weeks. Mike Reiss of ESPN reports the team suspension is “due, in part, to differing viewpoints on if Bailey was ready to return to game action.”

Bailey went on injured reserve Nov. 19 with a back injury.

Jones emptied belongings from his locker into a large bag last Friday, per Reiss, and his suspension is related to Jones being fined for the team for missing rehabilitation appointments.

Jones’ agent, Jamal Tooson, released a statement, calling it a “miscommunication.”

“Jack is focused on recovering and getting back to help the Patriots as soon as possible,” Tooson wrote. “Regarding the suspension, it appears to be based on miscommunication regarding Jack’s rehab process. I’m hopeful we’ll reach an amicable resolution for both Jack and the Patriots.”

Jones went on injured reserve Dec. 31 after injuring a knee in a Week 14 game against the Cardinals. That is the last game the rookie played.

Both players have two game checks in jeopardy, and Bailey’s suspensions could threaten future guarantees on a four-year, $13.5 million extension he signed in August.

14 responses to “Details emerge on reasons for Patriots suspending Jake Bailey, Jack Jones

  1. Perhaps BB is searching for scapegoats to take the fall for him fielding the team and the coaching staff he currently employs.

  2. But we still don’t know the real reason why Butler was benched in Super Bowl Lll.

  3. You guys should hire Harbaugh.

    After all, two ex Michigan cheating QBs are better than one.

  4. greedyjimfromtonhicken says:
    January 6, 2023 at 10:50 pm
    It won’t matter because the Patriots season will be over this week.
    But I thought it was going to be over last week with a loss to Miami?
    And let me guess, when they beat Buffalo tomorrow it will then be said, it be over after round 1 of the nfl playofff.
    There’s nothing like predictability.

  5. Anyone deluding themselves that the Pats can go into Buffalo tomorrow & beat the Bills with Patricia calling the offer should have their head examined!!! The Pats barely beat the Dolphins in their house VS their 3rd QB…. Seriously, it will probably be a slaughter by halftime….
    The ONLY hope for the Pats to get to play another week is that: KC, Jags, Jets all win…. TRUTH!!!

  6. 1dayatatime says:
    But I thought it was going to be over last week with a loss to Miami?


    Yes they survived against a 2nd tier QB. Yes if they beat Buffalo, we will all know why. They are a sub .500 caliber team under a sub .500 coach (sans Brady). And THAT will not be changing anytime soon. Facts march on.

  7. Tom Brady minus elite coaching and a super team = below .500 after tomorrow. Proven this season. Truth hurts.

    Seems fitting. Like I’ve been saying all along. A product of his coach and team. Nothing more. Not the GOAT. Never will be. Not even in the top 10. No way. No how.

    Belichick drafts Pennington or Bulger instead of Tommy the outcome is the exact same with the same number of rings. No doubt about it whatsoever. Except for the cheating.

  8. I hope the Patriots aren’t stupid enough to bring Cheatin Tom back. I’ll be cheering loudly and obnoxiously against them if they do. They’ll also curse themselves by bringing back a cheater. They’ll never win a Super Bowl ever again.

  9. joenash72 says:
    January 7, 2023 at 2:51 am

    Punters are not football players….

    And yet, there they are… Playing football while you trash talk from a keyboard full of cheeto dust

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