Kliff Kingsbury on his future: We’ll focus on that after Sunday

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It seems like Kliff Kingsbury thinks he may be on the proverbial hot seat.

Entering the final game of the season, the Cardinals are 4-12 and in last place in the NFC West. After starting last season 10-2, the Cardinals have gone 5-17 since — including a non-competitive playoff loss to the Rams in last year’s wild card round.

So now with a 28-36-1 record in four seasons as the Cardinals head coach, there is a chance owner Michael Bidwill could decide to move on for 2023.

In his Friday press conference, Kingsbury was asked two questions about his future with the franchise. The first was whether he and his staff had received any assurances from ownership about next season.

“We’ve talked with Michael — I have — every day,” Kingsbury said. “And so, at this point, it’s just about trying to win this game. So we haven’t talked post-season, we haven’t talked moves — anything like that. It’s just about current issues and trying to win.”

The next question was if Kingsbury expects to be the head coach of the Cardinals in 2023.

We’ll focus on that after Sunday,” Kingsbury said. “But like I said, all our talk has been nothing but how we win this game.”

Arizona announced extensions for both Kingsbury and G.M. Steve Keim through 2027 in early March. But after Keim took an indefinite medical leave of absence last month, Jonathan Jones of CBS reported Arizona is expected to part ways with Keim once the offseason begins.

The same may be the case for Kingsbury after this weekend.

29 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury on his future: We’ll focus on that after Sunday

  1. College coach immediately hired by Cardinals after he was fired at Tech….what could go wrong?

  2. This guy couldn’t run a lemonade stand much less a team of grown men.

    Get this overprivileged and highly incompetent dude outta here

  3. Nobody saw this coming he was a loser coach in college too. Who said this guy was a good idea??

  4. Issue 1: Kingsbury. Issue 2: They signed Kyler to a long term deal. Cards aren’t going to be good for a few seasons.

  5. Kliff is now loaded thanks to that extension – he will be fine

    ask Keim about how much he looks like KUGLER….. you know the coach the cards sent home from Mexico City, then KEIM suddenly takes ‘a leave a absence’.. joke a management team

  6. Keim is out! Interesting how the team never said ‘we’re concerned or pray for him.’ It was ‘he’s out on medical.’ Mike didn’t look happy. Kliff is horrible this year and Vance ‘30 points’ Joseph have to go! Vance ‘30’ gives up 30+ in game after game after game.
    Clean house needed.

  7. Watt retiring. Keim MIA with no search party. Kliff’s NFL career is over the cliff. Kyler likely to miss the entire offseason. Top WR paid $10M per touchdown. Everything’s fine here in the desert!

  8. Most likely gonna be a clean house … trubble is who with any actual talent n skill would take the front office jobs as the next few years are gonna kill … figure its going to the the usual suspects n former fired rejects trying to get back into the game and collect a check, thus come to expect rather similar results.

  9. The players run that team. This is evidenced by Kyler Murray having a hissy fit over the film language and the team caving by striking the clause out of the contract. The inmates run the Asylum.

  10. The Cardinals have been losing for a hundred years buy people blame Kyler Murray for it. Contract this horrible franchise. Incompetence from the Owner down to the fans. I thinks it’s the heat.

  11. These questions are never gonna get a straight answer, particularly from the coach in the crosshairs. They need to ask upper management or ownership once they come out from hiding.

  12. Kind of like the Broncos it is pretty much up to Kyler what happens to the Head Coach and O-coordinator. By his contract exactly like Russ in Denver the owners will due what they want since they both have franchise crippling deals so they are the ones running the team and will decide who will be the next head coach (in the case of Denver, Russ should already be the defacto GM) and OC and probably should add the QB, WR, TE and Running back coaches.

  13. mikecrabtreeschain says:
    January 6, 2023 at 6:15 pm
    The Cardinals have been losing for a hundred years buy people blame Kyler Murray for it. Contract this horrible franchise. Incompetence from the Owner down to the fans. I thinks it’s the heat.
    Good thing there is no heat in Los Angeles or Tampa Bay. Right?

  14. Everyone is at fault. But the most culpable is Keim. There has been no “pray for him” because he’s in rehab. He wasn’t even in the office most of the season. He was supposed to be at the PAC 12 championship game in vegas and was at the Cosmopolitan Bar with a beautiful blonde during the game. Keim also hired this entire staff. Kliff chose no one. Pairing VJ with Kilff was to give him a head coaching presence to someone who had none.

    Kliff is next in line. He’s an average offensive coordinator at best. He has never won as a head coach. The definition of “failing upward”. He was never involved in special teams or Defensive meetings.

    Then there’s Kyler. Needs to mature QUICKLY, learn some leadership skills and become a better teammate. As far as his play, he will need to make some adjustments to his game. He’s already one of the best QBs in Cards history whether you like the person or not. He went to pro bowls in 2 of his first 3 seasons.

  15. -Denver, Carolina, Arizona, Indianapolis, Washington (depending on how the Snyder ordeal shakes out).

    I’m thinking Sean Payton will be in front of the camera again next year

  16. He was 8-1 14 months ago. Then his QB went into the tank because he hadn’t been paid yet. Kliff will be a fine OC somewhere.

  17. Note: No one can be legally served in a medical facility #keim anyone?

    Junior Bidwell signed HC and GM to longterm deals to AVOID giving kylo his $$$. But then, after extending HC/GM he gave Murray his money. Makes no sense. Good luck Junior. Only lacking the bolo tie to match daddy’s incompetence.

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