Myles Garrett on Jadeveon Clowney being sent home: We want volunteers, not hostages

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Browns sent home Jadeveon Clowney on Friday, a day after he criticized the Browns’ coaching staff and admitted he refused to play on anything other than third downs during the Ravens game in Week 15.

“We just want volunteers, not hostages,” defensive end Myles Garrett said Friday, borrowing a Mike Tomlin line, when asked about Clowney’s status with the team.

It’s likely Clowney has played his final game with the Browns.

Clowney isn’t happy with what he perceives as the coaching staff trying to get Garrett favorable matchups at the expense of Clowney. Garrett has 15 sacks. Clowney has two.

“You’re all trying to get somebody into the Hall of Fame when all that matters is winning,” Clowney told Mary Kay Cabot of “Everybody got here for a reason, and we can all make plays. I know I am.”

Garrett, of course, disagreed with Clowney’s assessment.

“I think everyone’s concerned about winning games. I disagree with seeing it that way,” Garrett said. “The guys in our room and really the guys in the organization are so focused. . . . This season’s been on winning and getting everyone good matchups and try to get everyone a way to win. It’s not just trying to get me good looks or someone in particular. We’re all trying to find a way to win. We’re all trying to get success on the field, because everyone’s trying to get toward the postseason and the Super Bowl.”

Garrett insists he didn’t take Clowney’s comments personally. Garrett called their relationship “cordial.”

Garrett, though, wishes Clowney had talked to him before taking his grievances to the media.

“Did I know he was unhappy? I knew he was frustrated,” Garrett said. “We have all been frustrated with not winning. I know he wants to produce more. Hell, I want to produce more. We all want to do more. You all feel like you can do more, especially when you are not winning. Everyone feels that when you come in here and the result stays the same or you give up one that you feel like you could have gotten. Everyone has that sense of disappointment and regret for some plays, and everyone handles it a different way.”

50 responses to “Myles Garrett on Jadeveon Clowney being sent home: We want volunteers, not hostages

  1. Not that I would want to stick up for the Browns…but how many teams has Clown(ey) played for?

  2. The Browns are a cesspool. Who can blame Clowney for wanting out? You make your bed with the degenerate Watson…you get the bad karma that’s bound to come.

  3. Haha. The Browns can’t even come up with their own material. That’s a Mike Tomlin line. I guess little brothers always want to imitate their big brothers.

  4. Garrett has been double teamed more than anyone in the league and he is still producing. Clowney just isnt very good.

  5. When Clowney is motivated, he can stop the run and absorb blocking but bringing down the QB has been a problem.

  6. Sorry cleveland, you will never win anything, and the Steelers will forever own you.

  7. He’s poison now. What GM would touch him? A dirty player who only thinks of himself!!!

  8. A lot of question just who to believe in all that. But it’s kind of moot because the fact that Clowney was refusing to something during games overrides any argument he thought he had.

  9. Honestly, Garrett should try to go somewhere else too. He’s wasted there.

  10. Yet another definition of a cancer in the lockeroom. Anyone who watches football would know why anybody trying to actually win would try to scheme their best player into the most favorable matchups. Only a narcissist would see that any other way.

  11. Pretty easy to not like either one of these two guys.

  12. Clowney made his bed, I hope he’ll be happy sleeping in it.
    It doesn’t matter if his statements are true or not, that’s the kinda stuff that’s handled in house and not in the media.
    Other teams will surely take notice of his comments before signing him.
    I’m sure nobody wants a potential locker room cancer.
    Go Browns. !!

  13. Clowney has been toxic since entering the NFL. Why any team would sign him is beyond me.

  14. Clown ey is just another great hire by the Browns! Fits right in with that dysfunctional team.

  15. What Jadeveon Clowney refuses to come to grips with is he’s a high end run defender with average pass rushing capability. His production can be easily replaced by a younger and cheaper player. And oft injured is the #1 reason he’s a 1 yr mercenary signing every season.

  16. Good response by Myles Garret and a good decision by the Browns.
    No point in trying to milk this further, Clowney is a clown and acting like he was a Millennial !

  17. One of the few things that seems to unite players and fans alike is that Joe Woods is terrible at his job.

  18. Clowns being the Browns…as usual. Remember when the Browns fanboys were talking Super Bowl…lol

  19. That one hit against Michigan was that guys career.
    Zilch since then except for large contracts based on what he may do.

  20. Seems to be a pattern here 4-5 teams in everyone Clown-y gets cut because of effort and bad attitude. Strange coincidence i guess??

  21. Woe as me. I’ve made tens of millions of dollars in my career and nobody likes me enough to keep me around.

  22. Another product who was the product of the ESPN hype machine.

    Nothing more……

  23. footballer23 says:
    January 6, 2023 at 3:29 pm
    Sorry cleveland, you will never win anything, and the Steelers will forever own you.
    And I’m sure this troll will be the first to credit the Browns after they beat the Squealers. He lives in his own world…he swears the Squealers “owned” the Bengals this year. They split. Squealers won game 1 (with Burrow recovering from an appendectomy) by 3 whole points. Bengals beat the Squealers by 7 in game 2 (Squealers scored a garbage TD at the very end). Go Browns!

  24. It’s frustrating to be losing and this is compounded when you are aware your production is well below expectations. But when your counterpart is eating a league leading amount of double teams and has 7.5x the amount of quarterback sacks, it’s just not the case that he’s being put in special position to pad his stats. I played defensive end and it’s much easier to get to the quarterback when the pocket collapses on the opposite side. It’s just someone having a hard time dealing with a sense of failure and likely unable to acknowledge his personal jealousy of the success of a teammate. When you get in
    Your own head like that, the BEST thing would be to actually acknowledge it. “Man, when I came here I had such high expectations and wanted to make an impact, but I’ve been frustrated and it’s hard to focus. Man, and you’re doing so good. How do you stay focused? I’ve been comparing myself to you and it’s just making it harder man. This next game brother, I’m gonna bring it and try and outwork you to the quarterback. Let’s get on that same page. Just wanted to let you know I’m proud to share the field and we can do some damage together. I just gotta get my focus back”

  25. Lol, where were all these Browns fans a year ago and two years ago when I tried telling you those Clowney signings were no big deal and you all kept insisting Eric Berry was a genius. What was that based off of? Making Austin Hooper the highest paid TE in the league? Drafting Owosu Korumaro? Seriously what has this guy done? Traded for Amari Cooper? All your best players were drafted by Dorsey or Saschi Brown. Berry has done nothing. This Watson signing is going to be a disaster as well cause you’re gonna look a lot like the Texans did with Watson when you’re up against the cap and you have no draft picks, and Chubb gets closer to the point in his career where he turns into a beat up old Buick.

  26. Plenty of other dysfunctional teams out there who will pick up Clowny on a 1 year contract.

  27. If any Browns player criticizes Stefanski or his coaches then the benefit of the doubt has to go to the player.Stefanski has already shown he’s more concerned with style points than winning and what Clowney is saying about padding Garrett’s stats goes right in line with that.

  28. is anyone volunteering? they still pay him. god knows playing for free, especially when you hate the team, is the worst thing you could do.

    no one criticizing him could do better.

  29. hazydavey says:
    January 6, 2023 at 3:21 pm
    Haha. The Browns can’t even come up with their own material. That’s a Mike Tomlin line. I guess little brothers always want to imitate their big brothers.
    Haha. My boss at my high school job (in the 90s) used to use that line all the time. I guess Tomlin stole it from him.

  30. Clowney has managed to make Garrett sound mature, reasonable and like a real leader. That’s quite an accomplishment for a guy known as a car wrecking, helmet swinging hot head.

  31. My daughter was at USC when Clownboy was there. His reputation was atrocious. Just a complete a-hole was the scuttlebutt. Haven’t seen anything since that would convince me otherwise.

  32. Calling him the cancer when Deshaun Watson is in that locker room. Browns are the Browns for a reason.

  33. There’s too much complaining to the media by the Browns, even before this. This one is the worst, though.

    These quotes certainly won’t help Clowney’s next contract negotiations.

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