Patriots suspend Jack Jones, Jake Bailey

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The Patriots moved cornerback Jack Jones and punter Jake Bailey from injured reserve to reserve/suspended by the team, according to the NFL’s personnel notice.

It is unclear the reason for either suspension, but the players’ placement on the list reverts to Dec. 31, per the notice. That puts two game checks in jeopardy for both players.

Jones went on injured reserve Dec. 31 after injuring a knee in a Week 14 game against the Cardinals. That is the last game the rookie played.

The Patriots made Jones a fourth-round selection, and he made 30 tackles, two interceptions, six pass breakups and a forced fumble in 13 games as a rookie.

Bailey went on injured reserve Nov. 19.

He punted in the first nine games for the Patriots before a back injury sidelined him. He averaged 42.1 yards per kick this season.

29 responses to “Patriots suspend Jack Jones, Jake Bailey

  1. … who else thinks that BB will now be spending that 1st pick on a new punter from drafted nine picks too soon !! and thanks for your service there Bailey as you were pretty good for awhile n now just doing all he can so he gets to leave !! …. as gonna be a train wreck of an off season as the so completely uninterested in the modern game BB will be making the moves that cause you to wonder if hes still sane n Kraft is too scared of him to overrule .. thus may be time to give more power to his kid instead of mulletboy oy !!! : S

  2. Matthew is going to have to postpone that retirement another year because 2023 5th-round pick is now going for a punter.

  3. Whatever the reason is it’s probably serious enough for the team to do this and not have to pay them anymore.

    I didn’t like Bailey being paid what he was. Maybe the move triggers a clause in Baileys contract to let them void his deal. The Patriots have statistically the worst punting game in the league this year so they’ll probably be moving on from him.

  4. For JJ apparently it sounds like the team has a problem with something related to his he’s rehabbing. Hopefully whatever it is it gets resolved soon. This kid was a promising rookie.

  5. Interesting. Must have to do with them going outside the team’s rehab approaches. Millennials. And now, GenZ.


  6. So you get on injured reserve, all you need to do is nothing and you get paid.

    And these 2???

  7. Too bad, I like both of these players. I’ll have to wait for more details before passing judgement, but it’s not a good look

  8. BB
    “It was in team’s best interest. We dont talk about players not on active roster”

  9. righthereisay says:
    January 6, 2023 at 6:40 pm
    So you get on injured reserve, all you need to do is nothing and you get paid.

    And these 2???


    You get paid but then next year Pats haggling committee will haunt you to take 50% salary. Once the contract is over, they dump you

  10. Steroids. Or, they neglected to bow to the Tom Brady statue as they entered the facility.

  11. Drew P Weiner says:
    January 6, 2023 at 5:43 pm
    Yikes! Probably should have drafted Trey Lance.
    What? The Pats were drafting at 15. It would’ve taken more than two 1st round and one 3rd round pick ( see the 49ers). Lance has been terrible, see his 55% completion rate.

  12. PFTknowit says:
    January 6, 2023 at 6:31 pm
    Refusal to cheat?

    4362Rate This


    Refusal to attend college and strengthen skills?

  13. “Who cares about the Pats?” Well apparently you do since you took the time to comment!!

  14. Since they are both suspended retroactively to the same date, I’m guessing they missed team activities. Perhaps they left town for their own treatment? Or, they did something together that they shouldn’t have done? I know Bailey would very much like to leave and go back to the west coast, but he did accept a nice extension and pay raise this season….very strange.

  15. Drew P Weiner says:
    January 6, 2023 at 5:43 pm
    Yikes! Probably should have drafted Trey Lance
    Nah Tiger Woods is better

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