Sean McVay: TV something I’ve been interested in, want to be here right now

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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Rams head coach Sean McVay passed on a chance to leave the sideline for the broadcasting world last year and he may have another choice in front him this offseason.

A report this week said broadcasters are eyeing McVay for a role as a game or studio analyst starting with the 2023 season. On Friday, McVay was asked about that report and acknowledged “that’s something I’ve been interested in” pursuing at some point and called the mutual interest from broadcasters “flattering”

McVay also said that he wants “to be here right now, focus on that, and that’s where I’m at.” He also answered a question about how much thought he’s given to walking away from coaching.

“I don’t know if you necessarily look at it like that as much as just . . . I am going to be open and honest about the things because you care so much,” McVay said, via Lindsey Thiry of “And it’s being able to be honest with those things. I think that acknowledgement helps me work through it. It doesn’t mean that it changes the passion and the love that you have for it.”

The Rams wrap up their disappointing 2022 season against the Seahawks on Sunday.

5 responses to “Sean McVay: TV something I’ve been interested in, want to be here right now

  1. over the cap, no draft picks, & an aging roster. I mean, why would he consider leaving? He’s gone within at least a year or 2. I never understood the genius tag anyhow. Geoff leaves & actually is playing better under Dan Campbell…..say that slowly…. Dan Campbell…..

  2. springfield says:
    What about those draft picks?
    Really? How were a couple of draft picks going to help a team that has been wiped out by injuries? I’m still a fan of trading picks (no guarantee that any of them will live up to the way they played in college) for proven veterans. As of today we are still the reigning Super Bowl Champions. With McVay at the helm we will be back with a vengeance next year.

    Also, the Rams didn’t have to give up any picks to get star LB Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks discarded him like yesterday’s trash. On Sunday he’s going to make the Seahawks pay the price.

  3. They’re lucky Goodell cheated for them on that pathetic call on Logan Wilson in last year’s SB.

    Everyone knew this team was going to suck after 2021.

    They thought it was cool to say “f them picks”, but they’ll be bad for a long time along with Tampa here real soon.

  4. In no form was LA champions. Look at that team, they can’t win games this year and if not for the LA market, they wouldn’t even snuff a playoffs last year. There was a reason you got the Bengals in the SB, no one would believe a win over anyone else.

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