Jaguars win AFC South by beating Titans 20-16

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars are headed to the playoffs in Trevor Lawrence‘s second season and in Doug Pederson’s first as the team’s head coach. They beat the Titans 20-16 with a gritty, physical team victory.

The Jaguars won their last five regular-season games, including a sweep of the Titans. They won the first meeting 36-22 in Nashville on Dec. 11. Jacksonville (9-8) is headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2017.

The Titans lost their final seven games to fall to 7-10. They lost starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill to an ankle injury, prompting the signing of Joshua Dobbs on Dec. 21. Dobbs started the last two games, his first two career starts.

The Jaguars defense had four sacks and two takeaways, limited the Titans to only three points in the second half and scored the game-winning touchdown. Dobbs lost a fumble and threw an interception, which the Jaguars used for 10 points.

The Jaguars are the first team since the 2000 Panthers to pull off a fourth-quarter comeback without gaining a first down in the fourth quarter, per ESPN. Jacksonville had minus-1 yard in the fourth quarter.

Late in the third quarter, on a third-and-17 from their own 13, Dobbs underthrew a pass to Treylon Burks that Tyson Campbell intercepted and returned 29 yards to the Tennessee 25. (Officials missed a blindside block.) It led to a four-play, 7-yard drive with Riley Patterson kicking a 36-yard field goal to draw the Jaguars within 16-13.

With the Titans trying to run down the clock, Dobbs never saw Rayshawn Jenkins on a blitz. Jenkins hit Dobbs’ arm, forcing a fumble that Josh Allen picked up off the bounce and ran 37 yards to the end zone with 2:51 left. It was the Jaguars’ first lead and all they needed to win the game.

Dobbs got the Titans to the Jacksonville 47 before an 8-yard sack, a false start and two short completions that didn’t get Tennessee close to the line to gain.

Lawrence was 20-of-32 for 212 yards and a touchdown. He missed two would-be touchdowns on bad throws to Zay Jones and Christian Kirk, forcing the Jaguars to settle for field goals on those two possessions.

Kirk caught six passes for 99 yards and a touchdown.

Derrick Henry rushed for 109 yards on 30 carries but had a 30-yard run called back by a holding penalty.

Dobbs went 20-of-29 for 179 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Jaguars defensive lineman Travon Walker, the No. 1 overall pick, was a dominant force with four tackles, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hit.

30 responses to “Jaguars win AFC South by beating Titans 20-16

  1. There is no way in hell that was a fumble . Any other team and it’s an incomplete pass . I hate the Titans and it was obvious

  2. This was not Trevor Lawrence’s best game, he left too many points on the board for a de facto playoff game and if it weren’t for a really really really awful offensive game plan, the Titans would have won. For real though, what is Vrabel doing allowing Dobbs to throw from his end zone on 3rd & 17? He doesn’t call the plays, right? Well, that doesn’t matter in this scenario. He needed to make it clear to whoever runs the offense to not lose the game there & that should’ve done them in. It didn’t but soon after, carelessness strikes again. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have thrown for it on 3rd & 5 but again, instruct the offense that it’s a 3 step drop and ball’s out, if it’s not open, take the incompletion & punt…because honestly, did anyone think the Jags were going to march down the field and score? Maybe they would have but nothing on the field indicated that was likely. The only way they’d lose that game is literally the way they lost it. Say goodbye to Tennessee being in or around the playoffs for a couple years; it’s time to tear it down. They’ll still get something decent for Henry, put Willis in (assuming they can’t get a franchise guy this off-season), hope he develops but if he doesn’t, they should be in as good position as anyone else to get a franchise guy the following year. Keep Dobbs around if they don’t believe in Willis, which idk how they could at this point, at least the rest of the guys seem to be behind him

  3. That’s what happens when you blow off games like they did last week. Losing is contagious. Vrabel’s star sure burned out quickly.

  4. The Jaguars are a team on the rise, with young playmakers.
    Proven again that stable, experienced coaching does matter.

  5. Titans losing 6 straight to enter this game didn’t deserve a playoff spot. Their players would most likely agree.

  6. This was a physical game. The offenses were not great but the defenses were outstanding.

  7. Cincy broke Tennessee last playoffs. Don’t mind, I was sick of them getting great records by beating up a horrible division for so long

  8. Lawrence should buy the defense a great dinner this week. Without them, he’d be roasted all off-season for choking in a big game.

  9. Great turn around by the Jaguars, however Lawrence is over rated!
    The boy needs a hair cut 😏

  10. I expect the Jags are gonna be regular participants in the postseason for the next decade or so.

  11. Chiefs fan here. All the announcers and even the refs seem to want Jacksonville to win this game. Dobbs’ arm was moving forward on that “fumble.”

  12. I hadn’t seen much of the Jags this season. Wow, they were awful on third down, and Trevor Lawrence was often inaccurate on long throws. They had to rely on his legs way too often. They’re going to have to take a step up to move on in the playoffs.

  13. The Jaguars had minus 9 yds of offense in the fourth qtr. They’re the first team in 20+ years to have a 4th qtr comeback win without a single first down in that qtr. I like Trevor Lawrence, but that was not an inspiring performance against a team that’s been terrible defending the pass.

  14. You do know the Jaguars spanked them with Tannehill at QB about 3 weeks ago, don’t you?

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