Report: Lovie Smith stating his case to Texans’ ownership for a second season

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The Texans have had three head coaches the past three seasons. They could have four in four years.

Lovie Smith’s job is in jeopardy heading into Week 18, NFL Media reports, and he has met with Texans owner Cal McNair to campaign for a second season.

The Texans fired Bill O’Brien during a 4-12 season in 2020. They fired David Culley after a 4-13 season a year ago. They could fire Smith, whose team is a league-worst 2-13-1 heading into the season finale.

At some point, it’s not about the coach.

According to NFL Media, Smith opened every team meeting in training camp with a slide proclaiming the Texans as 2022 World Champs. If they lose Sunday, or if the Bears win or tie against the Vikings, the Texans will own the No. 1 overall selection as the worst team in the league, which will land them who they hope is their franchise quarterback.

But who will the Texans have to coach that quarterback?

The Texans are frustrated “over many aspects of Smith’s program, including overall operational struggles,” per NFL Media. Receiver Brandin Cooks was stripped of his captaincy after briefly leaving the team when the Texans didn’t trade him before the trade deadline.

Former Texans player and 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans makes sense for Houston if it does decide to continue its coaching carousel.

29 responses to “Report: Lovie Smith stating his case to Texans’ ownership for a second season

  1. He would be the 2nd co decisive “1 and done” head coach….but somehow the man that hired them both, his job isn’t in question. SMH.

  2. Considering they’re rebuilding and probably won’t be very good next year, they may as well just keep him

  3. He gone! Bring in the new staff to build around your new young QB. I like Dan Quinn here if he can find the right OC and QB coach.

  4. “Smith opened every team meeting in training camp with a slide proclaiming the Texans as 2022 World Champs.”

    He should’ve been fired for that alone.

  5. Why would it make sense to bring in a defensive coordinator to coach a top pick hopefully franchise QB?

  6. It seems to me that the obvious choice for a new head coach for the Texans…the Texans…would be Kliff Kingsbury.

  7. Everyone knew Houston would be horrible this season unless Davis Mills turned into a bona fide franchise QB. He didn’t and they were. You can in no way hang that albatross around the neck of Lovie Smith.

    Also, it is 4 HC’s in 3 years including Romeo Crenell, who coached the Texans for 12 games in 2020 after O’Brien was fired.

  8. Smith is a good man, deserving of high respect. But the Texans need a new culture and someone to develop the #1 pick, whether its the HC or a strong OC. I think someone like Ryans as the coach and Reich as OC would be a great move for them.

  9. What coach could win with the garbage on this team? There’s very little talent. Dameon Pierce looks like the only weapon they have on offense. But let’s blame Lovie.

  10. Saying the coach isn’t to blame cause the team doesn’t have talent is laughable. I’m sure Lovie didn’t go into his interview saying “well the talent isn’t there, so I’ll get us to a respectable 2-13-1 record”. He sold himself that he could get the most out of the talent they had. The purpose of a rebuild is to show improvement, this team has regressed. The team needs a new head coach with some fresh ideas. Stop hiring retreads or never will be candidates.

  11. 100% he needs to go he sucks as a coach. Good coordinator but that’s it. Terrible head coach. Blow it up and start over again.

  12. They shouldn’t have fired Culley. Firing Smith would be even dumber since he’s had them competitive against some of the league’s best teams, but it’s hard to win with literally no starting QB on your roster. Seriously, this team should be 0-16 with what he has to work with.

  13. For the most part Lovie had the team playing hard and with roster he had and Mills not developing I doubt any other coach could have done better. That being said of they fire him who with any real credentials would come here knowing that one and done is more likely than not. The son is has turned the organization his dad built into a dumpster fire…

  14. They have the least talent of any team in the league, period.

    You want to change the culture there? Sell the team to somebody who cares. It’s scary to think that the Washington Whatevers have had more of a winning culture over the last three seasons than the Texans have.

  15. Smith was hired to blunt the Flores law suit, done and done. With Easterby gone it may not be quite as much a sure thing, but I still think they’ll offer the job to Josh McCown. He is, after all, McNair’s kind of people

  16. actxguy says:

    January 7, 2023 at 7:50 pm

    Considering they’re rebuilding and probably won’t be very good next year, they may as well just keep him
    Horrible thinking. Smith isnt going to help develop the next qb so your wasting a yr of development.

  17. DeMeco Ryan’s would not be a good fit. They need to hire an experienced Offensive Coach to come in a tutor a young rookie QB e.g. Doug Pederson type. Payton wouldn’t be bad choice but he wants to go somewhere with a veteran QB. Frank Reich would be my guess as a better higher. This team has a lot of cap space and draft picks…they can get good pretty fast.

  18. Sean Payton. Kellen Moore. Ben Johnson. Shane Steichen. You will need a young offensive mind to pair with Bryce Young. Don’t overthink it.

  19. Not to bash on Lovie but he was just a placeholder. They seem to have a starting RB but no QB. This upcoming draft has a chance to change that but I don’t think any owner in their right mind what a career defensive coach trying to coach up a young franchise QB. They won’t be the darlings of the media because of firing a minority coach after one year but they were a basement team before Lovie and he leaves them in the exact same spot. If he could’ve gotten 5-7 wins out of this team he’d have a case to keep the job but he’s shown he’s merely a placeholder.

  20. They will be even more of a laughing stock if they fire Lovie now. The players actually played hard for him.

  21. He was toast as soon as he took the job. They’re just waiting to bring McCown in. They wanted to last season but there was too much heat and it looked silly to hire McCown after firing Culley.

    The team plays hard for Lovie Smith. That’s all you can ask from a coach.

  22. The people talking about him not being a good fit for a young QB don’t seem to understand what coaching staffs do. That’s Pep Hamilton who was Justin Herbert’s QB coach and Andrew Luck’s QB coach and OC during his formative years. A young QB would be in excellent hands. Just seems silly to fire him and his staff when you haven’t given him any kind of competitive roster to work with, but he nearly beat a lot of top teams regardless like the Chiefs, Cowboys, and even the Eagles. But it’s the Texans. Even without Easterby, the team is still a mess.

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