Report: Sean McVay will take time after season to determine coaching future

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When Rams head coach Sean McVay was asked about his coaching future this week, he said he wanted to be with the Rams “right now,” but it is reportedly unclear if McVay will want to be with them in the near future.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that McVay will take some time after Sunday’s finale before determining if he will remain on the team’s sideline for the 2023 season.

McVay was asked about his coaching future because of renewed interest from broadcasters in hiring him as a game or studio analyst. McVay turned down those offers after winning the Super Bowl last season, but has acknowledged that television work is an interest and a disappointing 2022 season could help nudge him toward that door.

That disappointing season ends against the Seahawks on Sunday and McVay will likely be asked more questions about his coaching future in light of Saturday’s report.

46 responses to “Report: Sean McVay will take time after season to determine coaching future

  1. If he does go on to TV, whoever takes over the reigns should automatically be giving a mulligan for the next 3 years. He sold his soul and all the entire teams future for that one ring.

  2. This guy is a drama king. He’s pulling a Favre, teasing retirement two years in a row.

  3. He probably should join the networks. The owners, league and networks had as much credit for getting the Rams to two SB games as he and the players did.

  4. He’s ditching their lack of draft picks and aging/injured stars just like Sean Payton ditched the saints salary cap problems/lack of a QB situation. He will be back coaching eventually.

    Only thing that keeps him in LA next year coaching is if stafford and Kupp are healthy, ready to go and if they see an opportunity to build a contender again somehow. Mcvay wants no part of a team without a QB and no draft picks. Heck don’t be surprised if they trade all their star players and mcvay.

  5. Coaching Baker Mayfield and his NFL worst 23.2 QBR will make you want to retire. 8 coaches in 5 seasons. Ultimate coach killer.

  6. He’s a coward. He took over a team that was loaded, and rode that talent along with trading away all their 1st round picks to a Super Bowl, now the team is depleted, and they need a real coach, and he’s quitting. Just like Sean Peyton rode Drew Brees for 15 years and then quit.

  7. He should just go ahead and hang it up because they’re not have the money or the talent to carry him like they’ve been doing for so long

  8. The Rams sold their soul for that Super Bowl. It might have been worth it but the fans have already left the bus.

    The visiting crowds sound much louder at their home games.

  9. Why are people mentioning Sean Payton’s name? Unless McVay retires and Sean Payton takes the job in LA, Payton has nothing to do with this story. Payton coached the Saints for many more years with many bad seasons, too, and stuck with it.

  10. Hope this doesn’t mean he’ll lie down like a rug and let the ‘hawks walk all over him.

  11. Headline Translation: Boy Wonder McVay realizes he’s not a real coach. He needs the owners to buy him a ring each year.

  12. Hmm so tank the team for the next five years to win the Super Bowl, then bolt lol.

    Honestly, I had to stop and think who won the Super Bowl less than a year ago. I guess it’s a big deal for about a month

    Enjoy the 5-12 seasons to the handful of actual LA Rams fans out there. Guess sofi is gonna be about half full for the next few years ha ha.

  13. So they have a big letdown year and he’s bailing on them? Weak sauce for sure what a little wimp. One of the worst Super Bowl Champs in NFL history.

  14. Front runner. Got handed a stacked team that could have coached themselves to a championship and now bails after one year. He’s not built for the NFL. I hope he fails at broadcasting and is back to doing grunt work on a coaching staff where he belongs.

  15. This guy flips and flops more than a fish that’s just been caught. He’s certainly acting his age.

  16. I wouldn’t want to come back and coach that roster either. Especially when everyone has figured out his offensive scheme

  17. Weakling. Sure hope the teams that hired coaches based upon their association to this “genius” don’t soon come to regret their decisions.

  18. McVay is the man. Worked his butt off as a low level assistant making no money, which led to more opportunity where he did well, which propelled him to an outstanding opportunity in LA where he makes good money, wins a Super Blowl, and then makes crazy money as his young assistants get head coaching jobs! AND…. He’s 36!! The guy is winning in life and deserves everything he gets. Why not do some TV work for big money, de- stress from NFL coaching, and enjoy your success? He can always come back…. Or not. This dude is WINNING in life. CONGRATS!

  19. Mortgaged the team future and is contemplating on leaving after the team has some adversity. You made the mess now clean it up

  20. Look, I’m sure it’s tiring to be Sean McVay.

    All that pressure with all that talent, wasted on the worst defending champions of all time… Only good decision is to quit and get on TV.

  21. philmccracken says:
    January 7, 2023 at 9:11 pm
    Who wants to coach a team with no draft picks?

    A HoF’er such as Dick Vermeil.

  22. mrba4775 says:
    January 7, 2023 at 8:34 pm
    McVay reminds me of a young Dick Vermile (sp)

    You’re spelling is as bad as your thought process.
    Worst. Comment. So. Far. #2023

  23. If he said he wanted to stay home and spend more time with his wife, he would absolutely be telling the truth…….

  24. Anyone calling McVay overrated or a loser is insane. He took the Rams to two Super Bowls and a World Championship in five years. Please list all the other coaches who have done that since 2018.
    There are a lot of jealous souls out there.

  25. Does come across as a waffler. This is the second year in a row that he’s conemplated quitting coaching.
    How can the team rely on him ?

  26. minime says:
    January 7, 2023 at 8:49 pm
    Can’t handle losing.

    McVay has a Super Bowl ring, a beautiful wife, and lives a life of luxury in a great city. He’s winning at life. If that’s soft sign me up.

  27. He’s been pretty successful as a coach with 2 different QBs he took to the SB. The problem is there was retirement talk after last season and again this year. No one wants a coach with only a couple of toes in the water. He needs to be all in or all out. Seems like he’s been leaning toward the latter.

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