Saints expect to hear from Cardinals about Sean Payton

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints
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It’s currently unknown whether the Cardinals will choose to make a coaching change, or whether coach Kliff Kingsbury will decide to leave. However, as the various pieces of the looming coaching carousel begin to align, one team with a former coach who is in play for 2023 vacancies is expecting receive a phone call from Arizona.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints currently expect to hear from the Cardinals regarding former New Orleans coach Sean Payton.

The Broncos already have requested and received permission to talk to Payton. No other team has officially contacted the Saints, yet.

Soon, more jobs likely will come open and interest in Payton could increase. He’s a proven commodity, one of the most successful coaches of the past generation. His mere presence can turn a team around, quickly enough to justify whatever would be surrendered to the Saints to get him.

The Cardinals are a very intriguing potential destination. Would Payton want to work with quarterback Kyler Murray? Would Payton be willing to accept the uncertainty regarding Murray’s ACL recovery and rehab?

Would Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill pay Payton what he wants, especially after financing current coach Kliff Kingsbury’s buyout? As explained during a recent episode of PFT Live, Kingsbury’s contract is guaranteed through 2026, with 2027 being an option year.

Soon, we’ll know whether Kingsbury will be gone. If he is, the Cardinals could become a hot spot for Payton’s services. Along with various other NFL cities.

13 responses to “Saints expect to hear from Cardinals about Sean Payton

  1. Good luck finding a Head Coach willing to take on a team with Kyler Murray as their Quarterback! Better look in the college ranks for somebody happy to just get a head coach position in the NFL.

  2. Seriously Robert Kraft the time to act is now …. We need Sean Peyton our coach is 71 years old

  3. Look for Payton in LA. Chargers or maybe Rams. If chargers go one and done Staley could be gone. Remember the Spanos family fired Marty schottenheimer after going 14 and 2 when they went one an done in 2007.

  4. Kliff seems like a nice enough guy, he’s just not an NFL head coach. Probably get an OC gig in the Big 12 or SEC

  5. Payton is not going to teams like the Broncos or Cardinals because they require total overhauls, unless they offer him some crazy money like 20 million per year. Owners are starting to over spend on coaches and once it starts there will be no stopping it.

  6. Sean Payton had had a couple of good runs where he went 12-4 and such, but he’s had a bunch of years where he was 7-9 as well. It’s also been close to 20 years since that Super Bowl, so I know he’s a good coach, but let’s pump the breaks a little on him being a savior of some sort.

  7. I would be interested to see what happens when Kyler Murray begins shouting and chewing out Sean Payton on the field like he does with Klingsbury.

  8. Its time for Cards to move on from Kliff, he never should have been a HC. He was bad at Texas Tech and failed upward into a NFL Job. Even with Mahomes at TT he couldn’t get over 500. Not saying SP is the answer but Kliff surely isn’t it. We are stuck with Kyler but HC and GM need to go.

  9. I just can’t see Payton going to either Denver or Arizona, with their overpaid and under-performing quarterbacks whose contracts severely limit his ability to build a roster going forward.

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