2022 playoffs will have at least six new teams

NFL: JAN 16 AFC Wild Card - Steelers at Chiefs
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The NFL usually has playoff turnover in the range of 50 percent. It could happen again this year, if the Lions beat the Packers on Sunday night.

That would send Seattle to the postseason, and it would increase the number of teams that made the playoffs this year after missing the playoffs in 2021 from six to seven — half of the total playoff field.

Currently, the Dolphins, the Ravens, the Jaguars, the Chargers, the Giants, and the Vikings have crashed the party, bumping the Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Raiders, Rams, and Cardinals to the early-offseason curb.

The Seahawks would be No. 7. We’ll know within a couple of hours as to whether half the postseason field from 2021 will be replaced.

19 responses to “2022 playoffs will have at least six new teams

  1. Nothing like fresh blood, looking forward to the playoffs and seeing the Kansas City Chiefs winning their second super bowl in the Mahomes era

  2. Thankfully, the Steelers, who pulled a disgusting CPR joke-stunt on the field, are gone for good. No one wants to see that kind of trashy behavior on the field.

  3. The football gods want to Packers and Aaron Rodgers along with his old friend Tom Brady for the ratings and for the talking heads during the week.

  4. For all of the people cheering the rigged exit of the Steelers, go back and watch the goal line play against the Jets, and tell me that we didn’t get robbed. Clearly the Jets did NOT cross the goal line, as was obvious from multiple replay angles. That play cost us the game, and was the difference in making the playoffs. Not to mention the nonsense about giving the bungles and the bills one less game and an extra bye week. Just remember that we have more super bowl wins than any of you. You hate us because you aint us!

  5. What would anybody expect from a fan of the team that “celebrated ” a sack by performing CPR on one another? The Squealers are as clueless and classless as their fans.

  6. But in the end, it will be the same teams as usual in the AFC plus the Eagles, who have a recent Super Bowl win of their own. There is an appearance of parity, but the same teams dominate every year.

  7. The playoffs are extremely top heavy this year. Wild card weekend will not be that competitive. Some of the new teams in the playoffs have no playoff experience at all. Injuries because of the 18 games really took a toll on teams this year. Time to expand rosters.

  8. Congratulations to all the teams in the playoffs, especially the new ones. Just remember that next season, all the teams knocked out this year will be vying to replace you. I fully expect the Steelers to be back in the dance at the end of next season!

  9. Baltimore is the worst team in the playoffs. They will get dragged by the Bengals.

  10. The Chiefs didn’t earn the Number 1 seed, they simply benefitted from a tragedy that befell the Bills.

  11. The playoffs hardly matter when there is a non losing season streak on the line. GO STEELERS!

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