Baker Mayfield: I know I’m a starting quarterback

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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At one point in the 2022 season, Baker Mayfield was arguably the worst starting quarterback in the league.

He completed just 58 percent of his passes for 1,313 yards with six touchdowns, six interceptions, and six fumbles in seven appearances with six starts for the Panthers. His passer rating was just 74.4.

But then Mayfield asked for and was granted his release in early December and went to play for the Rams, who claimed him off waivers. He played much better with Los Angeles, highlighted by his stunning comeback victory in the Thursday game against Las Vegas in Week 14 and then Los Angeles’ 51-14 win over Denver on Christmas Day.

So in his postgame press conference after Sunday’s 19-16 overtime loss to Seattle, Mayfield said he believes he’s good enough to start somewhere in 2023.

“I have no doubt about that,” Mayfield said, via Sarah Barshop of ESPN. “Today, I’m not real happy with how I played. I’m going to kick myself over and over for not putting that ball on the sideline for Van [Jefferson] on that last play.

“But, no, I know I’m a starting quarterback. I’m confident in that. And we’ll just see what happens.”

Mayfield threw a costly interception in overtime that helped the Seahawks get in a position to win the game. He finished Sunday 13-of-26 passing for 147 yards.

The quarterback added he’s looking for the “best opportunity” after playing with the Rams for the last five weeks of the season. He noted the organization has been “unbelievable for me.”

“I’m not going to just go chase a check to go start and play,” Mayfield said. “After seeing a place that makes me have fun playing football again, it’s going to be hard to try something else new, but obviously it’s going to be a big-time decision.”

The No. 1 pick of the 2018 draft, Mayfield was traded to the Panthers in July after spending his first four seasons with the Browns. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent in March.

46 responses to “Baker Mayfield: I know I’m a starting quarterback

  1. If he’s even in the NFL … one of the crappier teams might take a chance if not one of those new spring leagues, but the guy is clearly and quickly running out of last chances.

  2. For my money QBR is the best single stat (though imperfect) for evaluating a QB. Worse than Russell Wilson, worse than Zack Wilson, worse than Carson Wentz, Worse than Davis Mills was Baker Mayfield. Dead last at 27.0. He bet on himself and turned down 35 million a year and failed miserably. He has failed many coaches and with great surrounding talent. I don’t know why people still think he has a chance. He is unathletic and can’t read defenses. He is basically a poor man’s Carson Wentz.

  3. Mayfield should honestly stay on in LA as a backup if he’s really trying to do what’s best for his career, I mean assuming McVay doesn’t retire. No one is signing Baker to a big payday with a guaranteed starting QB1 role anyways, might as well stay in a system that suits your skills and continue rebuilding your career. If McBay does leave I’d look to go to Miami in that system with McDaniel surrounded by those weapons because u know Tua can’t last a calendar month without getting injured.

  4. No you’re not. How many times did you under throw a receiver or throw behind them today? I lost count.

  5. If he can go to a team with a coach who can get Baker to be a team first QB, he can be a good player. Maybe this season will rid him of the immaturity he’s carried throughout his NFL career. My guess is he’ll get an opportunity to be a “bridge” type QB to a highly drafted rookie. Maybe he’ll play well enough to get a better opportunity down the road. No team will hand him the keys to their franchise currently.

  6. The question is who else buys it. I mean 1.5 TDs/start, career 61.5% Compl. %, Fairly high Sack %, Below-average career rating, 1.6 career TD/INT ratio, et al., …

  7. ignatiusgerard says:
    January 8, 2023 at 10:45 pm
    Ravens ought to sign him after getting as much as they can for Lamar


    Totally agree. If the Ravens trade Lamar they might as well start tanking and Baker Mayfield is the perfect place to start considering he is the worst QB in the NFL.

  8. Might be the Rams QB next year. I’m not 100% certain Stafford is going to play again. I think he’s retiring.

  9. Baker and zach wilson would make great teammates.. oh the stories they could tell each other while playing in the xfl

  10. It’s difficult to think of a team that Baker would make better as QB1. Houston? Indy?
    His options will dwindle further next year as several new hotshot QBs will be drafted.

  11. I’d rather have him than Tua……..


    Tua is accurate, Baker is wildly inaccurate.
    Tua’s biggest problem is availability but as a pure QB, he’s top 10, but unfortunately, he wont last in the nfl so my point is moot

  12. Baker is delusional!
    The intercepted floater in over time proves he is not a starting QB!
    Not that the rest of his performance was much better 😏

  13. Baker is back up material that has an ego to destroy the locker room. Could hang around another 10 years as a back up, but will run himself out of the league with his antics.

  14. He’s delusional. His play is bad and he has a toxic influence in the locker room. On the other hand, he’s a funny guy.

  15. Baker is not a starting qb in this league and he played like a Chump for the Carolina Panthers after being given the starting job. He is a backup at best. Cleveland and Carolina can’t be wrong!

  16. He still hasn’t learned. He’s still putting out that “I will only play where I get my way” attitude like he has some type of choice in the matter. He’s not elite in any way but he is functional enough to start in the league I do agree with that. Problem is only elite QBs can have that smug attitude he has because consistently winning is the only way coaches will put up with it and he’s not shown he can do that.

  17. At this point he’s in the same category as a Taylor Heinicki or a Case Keenum….perennial back up, and maybe even out of the league soon due to his big personality.

  18. i am an fairly casual nfl football fan at this point but from the moment he stepped on the field i knew baker was not an nfl qb. he is honestly one of the worst i have ever seen. insanely inaccurate, poor decision making, below average arm strength and undersized for the position. about the only thing he has going for him is confidence.

  19. C’mon guys, he was offensive player of the week one time!!! Anyway, he’s better than the current Jets QB. That’s about it. He could be a bridge starter for the Raiders, Texans etc. but that’s about it.

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