Commanders head into fourth quarter with 20-6 lead over Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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The Commanders have looked more like the playoff team than the Cowboys today. Washington has a 20-6 lead after a 9-yard touchdown run by rookie quarterback Sam Howell with 1:49 left in the third quarter.

For some reason, Dak Prescott remains in the game for the Cowboys.

Howell, in his first career start, has outplayed Prescott. Howell is 11-of-18 for 169 yards with a touchdown on his first career pass and an interception in the end zone after the Commanders reached the Dallas 5. He also has five rushes for 35 yards.

Prescott is only 10-of-29 for 93 yards with a touchdown and an interception, a pick-six by Kendall Fuller.

The Cowboys gained only 12 yards and punted on all four possessions of the third quarter after closing the first half with a touchdown.

11 responses to “Commanders head into fourth quarter with 20-6 lead over Cowboys

  1. Lmao Dak 10-30 for 90 😂. Might be the worst stat line I think I’ve ever see. Good luck against Brady next week Daaaaak

  2. The cowboys will never win in the post season with DAK as their QB!!! I’m a life long cowboy fan but Al’s a realist!!!

  3. Every Dallas fan will tell you they were great in the 90s therefore they are great every year now.

  4. The team will continue their trend of being irrelevant for the past 25+ years. And America is better for it.

  5. Huge Washington fan here and I could care less about not being in the playoffs as long as we beat America’s most over rated team!

  6. Anyone who still thinks Dak is a good QB needs to look at reality. The only good year he had was when Tony was sitting there telling him what the defense was doing. Dak can not read a defense can’t throw and never goes thru his progressions. Dak is horrible. If the Cowboys want to win next week they need to start Cooper Rush. For all you Dak fans tell me what he has done. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since the 79s seen this team go to the playoffs 19 out of 21 years before the so called wild card. This team willNever win a Superbowl with Dak Prescott as our QB. That is a fact. My heart doesn’t want to bei it but my head knows Dak sucks. Start Cooper Rush against Tampa

  7. Good thing Jerruh signed Dakota to that big new contract extension since he’s so good.LOL America’s Team stinks and we love it when they lose.

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