Cowboys close out regular season with a dud, falling to Washington 26-6

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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As it turned out the Cowboys’ result Sunday didn’t matter. They wouldn’t have won the NFC East even with a win as the Eagles beat the Giants 22-16.

The Cowboys played from start to finish as if it didn’t matter.

They saved their worst for last, getting blown out 26-6 by a Commanders team playing for next season.

Dallas finishes 12-5 and with the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs and is headed to Tampa next weekend for a wild-card game against Tom Brady and the Bucs. Brady is 7-0 in his career against the Cowboys, including a season-opening win in September.

The Cowboys had 11 three-and-outs on the day, gaining only 182 yards with 10 first downs. They also had three huge special teams miscues, with a dropped snap by punter Bryan Anger, a fumbled punt by KaVontae Turpin and a missed extra point by Brett Maher.

Dak Prescott played one of the worst games of his career, going 14-of-37 for 128 yards with a touchdown and an interception that Kendall Fuller returned for a touchdown. Dallas finally sat him with 5:19 left in the game.

The Cowboys’ vanilla offense saw 27 carries for 64 yards with Tony Pollard going for 19 yards on seven carries and Ezekiel Elliott for 10 yards on eight carries.

The Commanders had 309 yards, with rookie Sam Howell getting a win in his starting debut. He completed 11 of 19 passes for 169 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Terry McLaurin caught three passes for 74 yards and a touchdown, and practice squad running back Jaret Patterson had 17 carries for 78 yards.

58 responses to “Cowboys close out regular season with a dud, falling to Washington 26-6

  1. Imagine just imagine if the Washington whoeverz had a good coach. They’d be in the playoffs. So sad. Can’t wait till Snyder sells this team

  2. I thought Washington’s play calling was horrendous, but the defense made it ok. Dallas looked and has looked bad for 4 weeks, Brady will put them to rest next week!!

  3. But, but, but I thought this was the Cowboys year. Dak is the best QB in the NFL..

  4. ForWhomTheBellTrolls says:

    January 8, 2023 at 7:46 pm

    Rookie QB toasting that vaunted Dallas defense. Nice job Howell !!
    To be fair to the Dallas defense, they were playing really good but all of the Cowboys offense 3 and outs never gave them a chance to catch their breath. By the 4th qtr, they were worn out.

  5. slymgym won’t make an appearance despite saying he’ll be here even when Salad Cowboys lose.
    What a horrible job knowing they could atleast win NFC E. Philly-NY game was not decided till 1:30 left in the game.
    Does McCarthy get a pass for this? Lol

  6. Setting up all season as Bradys last magic moment coming from behind to be the Cowboys at the last second.

  7. Cowboys have to start Rush next week. Dak is absolutely terrible when it counts. Even worse than Romo was. What a total fraud.

  8. Dallas will shock the world 🌎 by sending Brady boy to Las Vegas with his 1st lost to da boys.

  9. 4 divisions should be reduced to 2 (in each Conference) with those division winners getting the bye with 4 wildcard teams. 7 out of 16 teams is beyond absurd after expanding to 17 games. Rotate home games in the division to every other year. For player safety return to a 16 game season, but with two bye weeks. No team playing more than 7 games without a break. Safety for the players means two bye games.

  10. Cowboys was playing NOT to get hurt. Dak will bounce back to send Brady to the Fox broadcast booth or Las Vegas whatever.

  11. Its quite hard to put into words how this makes me so happy when the Boys lose like this. Next week TB12 is going to put a beat down on the sorry boys like they have never seen. TB42 Boys 17 I just might bet w/ Draft Kings on this game.

  12. Hahahahaha Dallas again will be one and done Book it! The last time Dallas was relevant, gas was only $1.15 a gallon!!!

  13. Cowboys are frauds. Dak chokes. Skip Bayless’s tears are delicious. How bout dem Cowboys?

  14. I’d like to hear from cowboy fans on what they think of Dak in important games…

  15. Cowboys are 0-7 against Brady and haven’t won a playoff game on the road since 1992.

  16. Dak with 11 Ints in last 7 games but Dallas will tell you they aren’t concerned about it. Dallas will need to air it out again next week.

  17. Playing to not get hurt? Are you delusional? If the eagles lost, they would’ve won the division and had a home playoff game. I don’t know what you are smoking, but your team just isn’t very good right now, and your QB stinks.

  18. The score was closer than it should have been. Washington could have scored 40 if their third string QB didn’t turn the ball over and their kicker could make chip shots. Cowboys aren’t going anywhere this year, but they have a huge problem with Dak and McCarthy. Both are terrible.

  19. Cowboy haters! Come one, come all. I won’t disagree with anything y’all say tonight! 😡

  20. Cowboys one and done in playoffs. Will Jerry hires a GM in the off season?

  21. dallas vs tampa bay….which team do i hate more? hopefully they will both look pathetic

  22. After this, Jerry might not even wait until the Cowboys get eliminated next week to fire McCarthy.

  23. And they’ll, be bringing in a Parcells disciple, to complete the circle that started with Romo


  24. I can’t remember when a franchise WB played this poorly with a division and home game at stake. How can the cowboys believe that he’s the answer

  25. Can’t run and can’t pass. Somehow these guys found a way to win 12 games. I guess that’s something. I’m desperate for some positivity – grasping at straws. Congrats to the Bucs for a solid win in round 1. To my fellow Cowboy fans — there’s always next year.

  26. Dak is Tony Romo 2.0. He is not a winner. And, he is especially bad against good teams or when the game really matters. The ‘boys will probably lose to the Brady-led Bucs. One and done.

  27. LOL … Like I said on Christmas Eve … that win over the Eagles was their Super Bowl. They are toast! TB12 about to go 8-0 vs Dallas!

  28. Dak couldn’t carry Romo’s Jock , I’m still rooting for him but I officially have gave up on him as the Cowboys QB time to move on !

  29. Oh great Brady gets a bye next week. Dallas constantly wets the bed in big games.

  30. If the Cowboys go one and done again,I see Jerry pulling the plug on McCarthy,Dak,and a few others. As soon as December hits,they can’t get out of their own way. Every year is the same,no matter who’s coaching or playing for them.

  31. Loved how the announcers were trying to prop up Dakota by showing how many points his offense scores during games and tried to minimize his unique ability to throw interceptions. And then he barely avoided a pick six only to throw an even worse pass for one. Dallas fans must be miserable. This clown made Washington’s defense look like the Steel Curtain.

  32. Did you notice that Dakota picked up the clap from his former head coach? Constantly clapping after pathetic throws go incomplete.

  33. Didn’t know it was possible for a 12-4 team playing all its starters to look that bad in the last week of the season. This should be “well-oiled machine” time, not stumbling cluelessly in all phases of the game.

    Half the playoff field seems like a complete mess. Who knows what will happen, though it seems like anything besides Eagles-49ers and Chiefs-Bills feels like a stretch.

  34. eaglesofsatan says:
    January 8, 2023 at 8:23 pm

    How many years were wasted with Romo and Dak at the helm?
    But but Jerr got 20 yrs.of QB play on the cheap – an undrafted free agent and a 4th rounder , what did you expect ?

  35. Non story. Not a big deal and does not matter in the slightest. Washington will be sitting home watching and Dallas will be playing the Bucs. If your SB is winning a game that does not matter then more power to you. Dallas will be fine.

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