Cowboys finally pull Dak Prescott late in fourth quarter

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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Dak Prescott had one of the worst performances of his career, and mercifully, his day is done.

The Cowboys finally pulled their quarterback down 26-6 with 5:19 left.

They had nine three-and-outs with Prescott at the helm and gained only 163 yards.

Prescott completed only 14 of 37 passes for 128 yards with a touchdown and a pick-six. Seven of his completions came on a 14-play, 77-yard touchdown drive.

He threw a 15-yard touchdown to CeeDee Lamb with six seconds left in the first half before Brett Maher missed an extra point, one of three miscues by the Cowboys special teams.

The Cowboys will be the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs and will travel to Tampa next weekend.

17 responses to “Cowboys finally pull Dak Prescott late in fourth quarter

  1. It’ll take a miracle for these clowns to advance past 1st round.

  2. In an away stadium half full of Cowboys fans, Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott serve up another non-competitive stinker against a team playing out the string, with a quarterback nobody has heard of. Can anyone, outside of the Dallas diehards, take this team seriously in the playoffs?

  3. McCarthy sucks but if he had any self-respect, he’d quit instead of hanging out with these clowns.

  4. Dak is no longer a top 10 QB for me. Maybe not top 15. 1/3 of his passing yards are junk yards when they were losing. He’s a turnover machine. Cowboys would be smart to try to make another Hershel Walker trade on draft day. Get rid of him and move on. Cowboys beat the eagles without Hurts, eagles with Hirts May have scored 60, almost lost to the Texans, lost to the Jags after being up big, now loose to the commanders. Nobody knows Sam Howell, and Rivera didn’t realize he had to win last week to stay in the playoff hunt. And don’t get me started on this D. Parsons and Diggs are supposed to be the leaders and they have both disappeared.

  5. How bout them Cowboys??!!

    Picturing Skip crying like a school girl, priceless

  6. Dak’s career trajectory has progressively nosedived since the team put a guy with no resume into the OC role (Moore) & hired a guy who’d been passed over by everyone as head coach (McCarthy). The offense is by any metric one of if not the most vanilla in the NFL, & all teams readily gameplan for it at this point. Both the offense & the defense know the play that’s coming, so both the wideout & the corner run the route. That’s how all of their passing plays become jump ball scenarios. They run 0.000 “natural pick” type plays or anything else that is run in the modern NFL. It is just a continuation of the Garrett offense. Moore calls an absurd trick play that never works a few times every game to convince himself he’s doing something new.

  7. To bad his cap hit would be to bad because you could cut him instead of pulling him. You need to bench the loser or bring Tony back to tell him what the defense is doing because Dak can’t read a defense. He only throws where the play is designed to go. Don’t believe me watch his head. Why do you think he throws so many interceptions. He can’t read a defense. That’s a fact. And the Cowboys know it. He’s horrible. Believe me there is not a person in the Cowboys organisation that doesn’t know Dak can not read a defense.

  8. It’s not a Moore problem it’s a Dak issue. Moore is not throwing the ball to the other team Dak is and guess what Cooper Rush had Moore also did he throw the ball to the other team ? Just because Dak can’t read a defense and doesn’t go thru his progression is not Moore’s fault. He isn’t the one throwing to the other team

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