Doug Pederson: Saturday’s win kind of symbolizes our season

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars came into Saturday night’s game on a four-game winning streak and they were favored to keep it rolling against a reeling Titans team, but the first three-plus quarters didn’t play out that way.

Tennessee went up 10-0 early and the Jaguars offense wasn’t able to catch fire in the second half. Two trips into the red zone ended with field goals and the Titans looked like they might be able to grind out a division title before Jacksonville’s defense finally turned the tide. After an early field goal, the Titans threw an interception, punted twice and then made another turnover that finally put the Jaguars on top.

Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins forced quarterback Josh Dobbs to fumble and Josh Allen returned the ball for a touchdown that gave the Jaguars a 20-16 win. After the game, head coach Doug Pederson said that the journey to the win was similar to the one the team took from 2-6 to the division title.

“This game tonight kind of symbolizes our season,” Pederson said, via Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union. “There were some struggles. There were some highs, some lows, but in the end, we had the victory.”

They’ll probably need to be sharper offensively next week if they’re going to beat a team with more firepower than the Titans had to offer, but the defense’s work in the second half bought them the chance to do so.

14 responses to “Doug Pederson: Saturday’s win kind of symbolizes our season

  1. If he’s not coach of the year, something (more) is wrong in the NFL.

  2. Conference games are like that. Even when the Jags were terrible (most years), they’d still stick it to the Colts when they had Peyton/Luck.

  3. Lots of of guys worthy of coach of the year…Dougie is in the mix and imo should get it. Did more with less than the Vikings and Giants coachs

  4. Not a good sign when you were losing 99.9% of the game and it took a hair splitting call in the 11th hour to save you.

  5. Pederson had a good season, but to suggest he did a better job than Brian Daboll is going too far.
    There were a few people predicting a possible playoff spot for the Jaguars in September, nobody was saying the same for the Giants.
    That Daboll managed to get one of the most untalented rosters playing in arguably the toughest division in the NFL this year, into the playoffs with a week to spare is simply a much greater achievement than what Pederson has done.
    The stench from the Urban Meyer error lingered into people’s perceptions for this year, because Jacksonville has some quality talent on their team.

  6. Titans fans more upset about a correct call than they are their team falling apart the last two months of the season.

  7. Coach of the year by a landslide. Philly never should have fired him the guy wins your only Super Bowl and they can him?? Jag’s look to be in good hands for a while with Duogie P. at the helm.

  8. Congrats, Jags fans… and thank you. We need a higher draft position way more than another divisional title.

  9. Was interested in this game to see if Lawrence has taken the next step and would deliver. Instead he had to get bailed out by a defender returning a fumble for a TD. Frankly I thought Lawrence stunk and folded in the big one. Disappointing.

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