Joe Burrow: Our window is always open because the window is my whole career

NFL: JAN 08 Ravens at Bengals
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The Bengals clinched the AFC North title last week after Monday night’s game officially was canceled. They celebrated Sunday after ensuring a home playoff game following a change in the NFL rules that would have resulted in a coin flip for home field if the Bengals had lost.

They won, donning division championship T-shirts and hats afterward and smoking cigars bought by quarterback Joe Burrow for the occasion.

That’s our standard now,” Burrow said, via Paul Dehner Jr. of “We’re going to celebrate it every single time we do it. We’re going to smoke our cigars and wear our T-shirts and hats, but we expect that every year.”

Burrow also expects to be a Super Bowl contender every single year.

The franchise has never won a Lombardi Trophy, but then, the Bengals didn’t have Burrow as their quarterback until drafting him No. 1 overall in 2020. He led them to the AFC title last year.

“The window is my whole career,” Burrow said.

He’s right: The Bengals, like the Patriots had with Brady, the Chiefs have with Mahomes and the Packers have with Rodgers, should go into every season among the Super Bowl favorites. It won’t surprise anyone if the Bengals reach the Super Bowl again this year. It now is the expectation and the standard.

“Everybody that we have in that locker room — all the coaches we have — things are going to change year to year,” Burrow said, “but our window is always open.”

13 responses to “Joe Burrow: Our window is always open because the window is my whole career

  1. If you haven’t experienced the joy of watching him play, it’s easy to confuse objective confidence for arrogance.

  2. In a quarterback driven league the Bengals have one of the 5 best in the NFL. Stands to reason that the window will always be open. When you speak the truth you aren’t obligated to be too humble, that’s dishonest.

  3. What else is he supposed to say? “Yeah, if we don’t get it done this year, it’s gonna be a while…”?!

  4. Joe you do realize once your Rookie contract is up they will need to decide whether to keep you or the rest of the team. There is a reason the bungals are relevant once every 25 years.

  5. Yep – gonna be interesting when Burrows rookie contract expires. Don’t think Joey will be willing to take a hometown discount, and remember, the eternally incompetent Mike Brown does still run the Bungles.

  6. Ahhhh, the old tired, worn out narrative of the Bengals don’t pay anyone. It honestly is unreal how people still think this. It’s cute y’all think they won’t re-sign Joe though.

  7. I hate the Bengals, but they are a ton more talented than the Ravens and it was apparent yesterday. Bengals should roll this week, even if Lamar plays. I think the Bengals will win the AFC and be the favorite in whoever they play in the SB.

  8. Funny how people say the Bengals won’t pay him even though they make Carson Palmer the highest paid quarterback…will they fully guarantee it probably not if they can avoid it as it should every team…will they make him top 3 paid QB? More than likely.

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