Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers vying for final AFC playoff spot

NFL: JAN 01 Dolphins at Patriots
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Six of the seven AFC playoff berths have been earned, and three teams are still competing for the seventh and final spot in the playoffs: New England, Miami and Pittsburgh.

Here are the scenarios for today’s season finale:

If the Patriots beat the Bills, the Patriots are in the playoffs.

If the Patriots lose and the Dolphins beat the Jets, the Dolphins are in the playoffs.

If the Patriots and Dolphins both lose and the Steelers beat the Browns, the Steelers are in the playoffs.

If the Patriots, Dolphins and Steelers all lose, the Patriots are in the playoffs.

Whoever emerges among the Patriots, Dolphins and Steelers will be the No. 7 seed in the AFC and will be on the road against the No. 2 seed (either Buffalo or Cincinnati) next weekend.

16 responses to “Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers vying for final AFC playoff spot

  1. Please God let this nightmare season be over for the Patriots today. Blow this team up on the way back to Foxboro tonight please. Anyone want a 2nd year qb that regressed, and developed a surly attitude towards coaching he doesn’t like?

  2. I hope the Dolphins fail, as we are all sick of hearing how noodle armed Tua with the secret wife is better than Brady and Montana. If they do make it, they will be one and done.

  3. Meh.

    Buffalo will win today which makes them the 2 seed.

    The only game that would interest me would be Dolphins vs Bills as long as Tua is able to play. Other than that Bills vs NE/Pitts/Mia without Tua sounds really boring. Talk about an easy draw for Buffalo

    Cincy gets Baltimore or San Diego. Much harder draw either way.

  4. None of those 3 are Superbowl threats, maybe Miami with a healthy Tua but likely none.

    Regardless either one of the 3 are dangerous enough to bounce a top seed

    Pitt and new England got solid defense and good coaching. Miami has high octane offense that can get hot any time with any opponent

  5. Maybe if they all lose the NFL can change its rules and not out any of them in the playoffs. They’re all dead teams anyway. Just let the Bills or Cincy get the bye they deserve and move on.

    And I’m a Steelers fan for the record.

  6. Tua and Teddy are made of glass and Teddy gets hurt getting out of bed in the morning. The Dolphins have no shot at winning and making the playoffs.

  7. The Bills will dispose of any 3 of these teams looking to back into the tournament. Doesn’t matter who it is. Buffalo will be onto the divisional round after next week.

  8. Pats are only in the conversation due to barely surviving a 3rd tier QB with Miami. The funny part is they have a shot beating the Bills due to the tragic events around Hamlin. Hopefully the Bills do what they normally would and blow out the Pats, a sub .500 caliber team with a sub .500 caliber coach (sans Brady). Pathetic.

  9. Crazy as it sounds, I like the Steelers chances. The Bills should beat the Patriots and that Jets defense against Skylar Thompson could be a nightmare.

  10. If your only chance of making the playoffs is hoping for another team to lose your season is already over.

  11. Tyreek should be returning punts and even kickoffs until a 3 touch down lead. Win or go home environment

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