Quay Walker ejected for shoving a member of the Lions’ medical staff as Detroit takes lead

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Lions have the lead in a back-and-forth second half in Green Bay. Jamaal Williams scored his second touchdown of the day on a 1-yard run to give Detroit a 20-16 advantage with 5:55 remaining.

It came three plays after Packers rookie linebacker Quay Walker was ejected for the second time this season.

Lions running back D'Andre Swift was injured on a 2-yard run. Officials missed Jarran Reed‘s elbow to Swift’s head, which should have resulted in a penalty, but they didn’t miss Walker’s stupidity.

With medical personnel going to Swift’s aid, Walker got in their way. Walker then shoved a member of the Lions’ medical staff as he attempted to get past Walker to Swift.

The 4-yard penalty set up the Lions at the Green Bay 5.

The call came from New York to eject Walker.

He was ejected for something similar against Buffalo earlier this year when he shoved a member of the Bills’ practice squad on the sideline.

76 responses to “Quay Walker ejected for shoving a member of the Lions’ medical staff as Detroit takes lead

  1. Walker got ejected just like the Packers from the playoff. 🤣

    Time for Rodgers to retire!

  2. He should be suspended into next year for that chump push as should the other packer that came in to chest bump the responder.
    Last Monday the responders were hero’s and tonight they are in the way, LAME!

  3. Still thinks he’s in college. He seemed upset in the tunnel, hopefully for the right reasons.

  4. GB is immunized from the playoffs. Now we don’t have to listen to more Aaron Rodgers cult speak

  5. He shoved a dude that was aiding another man with medical help, pathetic.

    Glad they ejected him and #93 or #95 should have been bounced from game too

  6. Itching less than a 4 game suspension is acceptable. And 95 should be fined for intimidation. Shame they didn’t bring that energy in keeping the lions out of the end zone. The league has some serious decisions to make in the off season.

  7. Second ejection this year for shoving an opponent’s staff member. Of all the times to disrespect a medical worker. Get him off the team.

  8. Yeah, the other Packers player, #95. He chest bumped one of the trainers. Packers fell apart.

  9. Rogers needs to give the guy some of his magic mushrooms to help him chill. With the game, and a trip to the playoffs on the line, what a completely selfish thing to do.

  10. Seems like a trash teammate and person for this

    He’s a rookie, remains to be seen.

    He played so well down the stretch. Sad this is what he’ll be remembered for.

  11. If this man has any future in the league he needs to be called in by Roger and Troy and explain it to him that these actions are unacceptable.

  12. Dumb move that will cost him. Possible future game suspension. That said, he was checking on his former Georgia teammate.

  13. After all the praising of medical staffs this past week…this guy goes and does this. SMH

  14. Hopefully Jarran Reed talked Walker to dinner tonight.

    His hit was far more despicable.

  15. The young man Quay Walker deserves some compassion. This is the second time he was shoved by a non-player and blamed for reacting. Why do the non-players on the field get to disrespect players like that without consequence?

  16. If Tom Brady was shoved by an opposing team’s staff, the staffer would be the one ejected.

  17. As a GB fan, when I saw what happened I was hoping that Walker would be ejected.

    His inability to control himself will eventually get this young man into a boatload of trouble.

  18. Congrats to the lions from this Packer fan. Quay needs to be fined big time and get his head fixed, or he won’t be long for the league. LeFleur doesn’t appear to be able to coach constructive intensity or build some discipline into this squad. Much to work on in the offseason.

  19. I’m not one for overreacting to emotional moments like when Davante Adams shoved the guy on the field but this was different. The packers should cut him.

  20. Spiderjohn, he’s their first-round pick; i.e., his job is probably safe, although one more should get him bounced from league.

    He sure looked in the tunnel like he knows he really messed up.
    Even if he thought the trainer was a player that’s inexcusable!

  21. Quay Walker definitely has a little too much punk in him and obviously deserved his ejection.
    This kid has a ton of speed and talent, unfortunately he’s afflicted with a 10 cent head.
    This doesn’t have to be an indictment to his whole career, but he’s got a lot of growing up to do.

    But this does beg the question, how does someone like Justin Jefferson strike an official in anger with his helmet and get no penalty, no ejection, no fine?
    I guess it comes down to different standards, for different teams.
    That’s what’s truly disappointing.

  22. papa76 says:
    January 8, 2023 at 11:56 pm
    The young man Quay Walker deserves some compassion. This is the second time he was shoved by a non-player and blamed for reacting. Why do the non-players on the field get to disrespect players like that without consequence?
    Big difference between a trainer placing one hand on a player’s elbow to clue the player into the fact that he was in the way of the trainer trying to get to an injured player and the player giving the trainer a two-handed shove in the trainer’s back for no justifiable reason whatsoever. For all the things in Quay Walker’s life for which he deserves compassion, his boneheaded shove that got him tossed from the game is not one of them.

  23. Walker is a great talent, but just needs to mature. He just got a tough lesson on prime time and because that is the last game of the season this storyline is going to follow him for the whole off season.

  24. Impressive display by the Packers. Deliberate forearm to the head, followed by shoving medical personnel, immediately followed by chest bumping the same medical personnel for trying to get to an injured player. This team deserves to be flushed.

    Very happy for the Lions. Would have liked to see them in the playoffs but they’re trending in the right direction.

  25. Two thoughts: (1) NFL & NFLPA need to come together to implement a rule for automatic multi-game suspension for interfering with medical staff rendering aid on the field; and (2) the player needs serious & immediate help.

  26. Packerlies,Walker’s crying in the tunnel is absolutely for the right reason;his frustration is clearly at himself.

    With his terrible impulse control and anger management, he would be furious if he thought he was unfairly ejected, especially at such a crucial moment of a game that determined whether they make the playoffs.

    His right hand was punching his leg, not the wall or another unlucky employee.

  27. I like how even the trainer was about to bite a knee cap if he didn’t have something more important to do.

  28. I’m glad the guy got ejected but so should have been the Packer who came in with a shot to the Lions runner’s head as he was going down.

    Hope the NY offices see that and decide to levy some kind of punishment on that dude cause it was an obvious shot to the head of a defenseless player.

    Stay classy, Green Bay!

  29. Would love for the NFL to make him the poster child for a tougher NFL personnel conduct policy. Banishment. Forever.

  30. If you go back and watch it again not only should Quay Walker have been ejected, the other rookie from Georgia Devonte Wyatt number 95 should have been sent to the locker room as well. That little stunt Devonte Wyatt did is disgusting as well.

  31. Papa76. – compassion? He was preventing medical assistance. He had no business standing over Swift who could have been in a medical emergency. Did you learn nothing from Damar?

  32. aaronrodgers618 says:
    January 9, 2023 at 9:26 am
    All this false outrage. He got penalized and will get fined. Move along.
    I am not seeing fake outrage, maybe you should reassess your opinion. Luckily for YOU aaron, you have the entire off-season to do this…..

  33. Jarran Reed should have been ejected as well. Hope they both get fines. And then Davonte Wyatt does an intentional bump on the trainer as well…

    I’d like to think that the Packers, as a whole, are a class act. But definitely not these three.

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