Report: Broncos plan to interview Jim Harbaugh this week

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The first day of 2023 featured a PFT report that the Broncos had been in contact with Jim Harbaugh about their head coaching vacancy and things are reportedly set to take another step this week.

NFL Media reports that the Broncos plan to interview Harbaugh early in the week. The Broncos end their season with interim head coach Jerry Rosburg leading the team against the Chargers on Sunday.

Harbaugh issued a statement this week saying that he expects to remain at Michigan for the 2023 season, but included the caveat that “no one knows what the future holds.” Harbaugh took the 49ers to a Super Bowl during his previous stint in the NFL, but lost to his brother’s Ravens and he has spent the last eight seasons coaching his alma mater.

Before coaching the 49ers, Harbaugh coached Stanford. Broncos owner Greg Penner attended the school and former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, who is also part of the ownership group, also has ties to the school.

The Panthers have also had conversations with Harbaugh and the Colts are seen as another potential suitor given Harbaugh’s ties to the team from his playing days.

8 responses to “Report: Broncos plan to interview Jim Harbaugh this week

  1. He wore out his welcome in San Fran, now after a few years at Michigan he takes a big dump in the middle of the school and is trying to run away from it. He maybe good for a quick fix but after 3 or 4 years he will lose the organization/players

  2. Call me nuts, but I’d love to see Peyton Manning take over as GM. He’s got an excellent football IQ and I think he’d be great at scouting talent. Plus, he still lives in Denver.

  3. He has lost 6 bowl games in a row, a super bowl and two NFC championship games. Before that he was pretty good.

  4. I hope Harbaugh is ready.

    First ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson will likely want answers to some pointed questions about Harbaugh’s lack of success in big games before he’ll consider him.

  5. I wish the Broncos owners, who were smart enough to inherit their wealth, would hire Harbaugh and bring him to Denver, then hire Trent Baalke as GM and give him oversight over Harbaugh. That would be fun.

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