Report: Ejiro Evero to have interview for Broncos head coaching job this week

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero didn’t want to be the team’s interim head coach, but he will put himself into the running for the permanent position.

Mike Klis of KUSA reports that Evero is expected to be the first candidate to have an in-person interview with the team. Evero’s interview is expected to take place this week.

Evero joined the Broncos this season after five seasons with the Rams. The defense was strong for much of the season, but carried a lot on its shoulders thanks to the inept offense that Denver ran this season.

The Broncos are expected to speak to University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh this week, but that will be a remote meeting. Former Saints coach Sean Payton has also spoken to the team, but cannot have an in-person interview until January 17th because he is still considered an employee of the Saints.

12 responses to “Report: Ejiro Evero to have interview for Broncos head coaching job this week

  1. Is this the same Ejiro Evero who coordinated the defense that gave up 51 points to the depleted Rams a couple weeks ago? I wonder why he’s getting an interview for a head coaching job. Oh, wait… Never mind.

  2. It be good learning for Ejiro to see what the head coaching interviews are like. Give it 3 years and he will be head coach. This was his first season as a coordinator

  3. Rooney Rule but Ejiro is an excellent DC. It’s just the Broncos won’t hire a rookie head coach 4 times in a row. Bad timing. They need a Head Coach who has experience and isn’t afraid to tell Wilson NO.

  4. This guy blew it. He was too afraid to be the interim coach. He won’t get this job or any other.

  5. Guess Bienemy didn’t gain the valuable “interview experience” with all his “interviews”…. Please someone, take him away from KC!

  6. Evero is a great coaching talent, great DC, all respect to him for doing well this year and even standing by his bud as he gets fired… but you turn down an opportunity to be head coach in any capacity and I have a feeling you just don’t quite have that dawg in you, coach.

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