Report: Nick Caserio, Lovie Smith or both to be fired in Houston

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
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A report on Saturday indicated that Lovie Smith is making his case to Texans ownership for a second season in Houston and he might not be the only one in that position.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported Sunday that General Manager Nick Caserio’s job may not be safe either. Glazer reported that either Smith, Caserio or both of them will be let go by the Texans after the end of the regular season.

Caserio was hired by the Texans ahead of the 2021 season and the team has gone 6-26-1 since his arrival. They were 4-13 with David Culley as their head coach last season and enter Sunday’s game at 2-13-1 under Smith.

A loss to the Colts will assure the Texans of having the first overall pick in April. Based on Glazer’s report, there will be at least one new voice involved in conversations about who the Texans should pick.

8 responses to “Report: Nick Caserio, Lovie Smith or both to be fired in Houston

  1. Fire them all. I know a 4-13 season is awful, but I don’t care what anyone says, David Culley to win 4 games when that franchise did everything in its power to lose all games was amazing.

  2. It’s not fair but Lovie is prolly gone. I’d can Caserio first.

    But organizationally, they are a mess.

  3. Should have been fired a couple of years ago. Long overdue for the GM to go. He’s done zero to improve the franchise. Lovie has to go also. Blow it up and start over again maybe with the #1 pick again. We’ll see after today.

  4. Culley got the job because no one wanted it. Lovie got the job because no one wanted it and Brian Flores case. At least Lovie and Culley got a lot of money knowing they would fail within that organization.

  5. Even if they don’t fire him, he should run away as fast as he can from that toxic environment. He took a thankless job no one else wanted, was immediately shoved under the bus by the Watson and Easterby fiascos, while ownership, and any other leadership for that matter, was MIA.

  6. Firing either doesn’t do any good. Cal is still in the building and he has been the common denominator in the past 3 years of absolute misery for Texans fans.

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