Robert Saleh “sorry to everybody” for how Jets season concluded

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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The Jets were 6-3 after beating the Bills in Week Nine and their odds of making the playoffs were stronger than they had been in years, but the season took a turn for the worse once they returned from their bye in Week 11.

Quarterback Zach Wilson was benched after a loss to the Patriots that week and the Jets would go on to lose their final six games after Mike White led them to a Week 12 win over the Bears. The 7-10 finish left the Jets on the outside of the playoffs for the 12th straight season.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh said in September that he was “taking receipts” of those mocking the Jets, but he was left to offer an apology for the way things unfolded after Sunday’s 9-6 loss to Miami.

“You know, I say sorry to everybody . . . all the players, all the coaches, all the fans, because I know it’s been a long, long ride of not being in the playoffs and I know it was right in our fingertips and we’re not going,” Saleh said, via Rich Cimini of

Rookies like Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner were bright spots for the Jets and they hope for the healthy returns of running back Breece Hall and guard Alijah Vera-Tucker, but the offseason is going to be focused on finding better quarterback play. The Jets did not score a touchdown in the final three weeks of the season and they had three different starters — Wilson, White, and Joe Flacco — leading the offense in those losses.

22 responses to “Robert Saleh “sorry to everybody” for how Jets season concluded

  1. I am a diehard Fins fan and I say Oy Vey on our end as well. It is hard to fathom how we don’t get blown out against the Bills if Tua is not at the helm. I feel your pain Jets fans.

  2. Besides Zach Wilson Jets have drafted very well. No worries every GM misses on 1st round QBs but how about a serviceable backup? Saleh muffed the clock in loss to Lions but he deserves another year unless Harbaugh wants the job.

  3. Thank God for the Jets. As a Pats fan, it’s nice to have at least one team that we can feel superior to.

  4. If they can keep their O line healthy – specifically Becton – it would help a lot. Get a game manager who doesn’t turn it over and they’re probably in the playoffs.

  5. lol!!

    If Saleh had a hand in drafting Wilson, then he is as good as gone next year along with awful Joe Douglas. They’re just devoid of talent as you can see.

    Scoring 6 points vs a medicore D is terrible.

  6. Robert Saleh has y’all fooled thinking he’s a good coach. He’s Todd Bowles 2.0. Sorry, not sorry. Completely mismanaged his QB situation and this team looks woefully unprepared offensively every single week. Fire LaFleur.

  7. Salah started the season with guys on the practice squad that should gave made the team. He had guys on the team that should have been on the practice squad. He stuck with Wilson long after it was obvious Wilson was in over his head. The coaches he hired were also in over thier heads. Salah can’t manage a clock and doesn’t make enough adjustments during the game. I don’t expect Salah to make past next year’s black Monday.

  8. It turned south on offense and never got better. That’s what happens with a Defensive coach. No adjustments on offense. Expect more of the same next year. Inept offense, losing close games, boring football.

  9. He gave that team hope and almost got them to the playoffs. He has nothing to apologize for.

  10. Jets just need more depth all around and stable QB play. After Hall got injured the run game suffered and Wilson couldn’t carry the load. White is an acceptable backup but the Jets clearly need a true #1 QB.

  11. I am mixed on this guy but I think he deserves another year. Not developing a second overall pick is pretty damaging but he did enough with everything else to warrant another year, IMO.

  12. Zach Wilson has returned home to his house filled with mirrors. All he sees is glory. Then he steps out into the real world…

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