Sunday Night Football: Lions beat Packers, giving Seahawks’ final playoff berth

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Seahawks are headed to the postseason, and they owe the Lions for that.

Detroit upset Green Bay 20-16, knocking the Packers out of the playoffs. The Seahawks earlier eliminated the Lions.

Jamaal Williams had two touchdown runs, his 16th and 17th of the season, and Kerby Joseph had his third interception of Aaron Rodgers this season as the Lions swept the Packers. Detroit finishes its season 9-8, one game better than the Packers, and with its first winning record since 2017.

The Lions talked all week about wanting to earn the respect of Rodgers and the Packers, no matter what happened earlier in the day in Seattle. They did that and won the appreciation of the Seahawks.

Joseph, a rookie safety, made three of his four interceptions this season against Rodgers. He had another overturned by a hands to the face penalty on teammate John Cominsky in the third quarter.

His 23-yard interception return to the Green Bay 45 on a deep pass intended for Christian Watson came with 3:27 remaining.

The Packers never saw the ball again.

The aggressiveness of Dan Campbell and play calling of Ben Johnson ran out the clock. Lions tight end James Mitchell‘s holding penalty with 2:12 left looked like it might get Rodgers another chance.

But on second-and-17 from the Green Bay 31, Jared Goff threw a short pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown, who lateraled to D'Andre Swift. It went for 14 yards. The Lions came up a yard short of the first down on a third down run by Williams, but they went for it instead of kicking the field goal to give them a touchdown lead, and Goff hit DJ Chark for a 9-yard gain and a first down.

Goff went 23-of-34 for 224 yards, and Williams went for 72 yards on 16 carries.

Rodgers was 17-of-27 for 205 yards with a touchdown and an interception and now faces questions about whether he will retire.

145 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Lions beat Packers, giving Seahawks’ final playoff berth

  1. America is thriled to see green bay and rodgers done. And rodgers calling his teammates out on his INT

  2. Poor inoculated diva, can’t even go one and done this year. Better whine about the receivers and demand more money.

  3. rodgers went all 17 games without throwing for 300 yards in a game. It wil be great to see hom back next year.

  4. Based off of Rodger’s demeanor, it is very obvious that there is some greater significance to the end of this game then just getting eliminated. He is done as a packer, and very well may have played the last game of his career. Say what you will, but he has been a great player to watch for so long. I think we can all agree that he has made NFL games more interesting for the last decade and a half that he has been lacing them up.

  5. Merely lucking into back-to-back hall of fame QBs isn’t a sustainable way to run a franchise. We’ve done nothing to help Rodgers from a coaching or personnel standpoint. Now, he’s completely washed up and it’s going to be a long, long time before we’re competitive again. We have nothing to rebuild with except one okay wide receiver.

  6. remember packer fans celebrating a 4 game win streak as if it as something special

  7. Dan Campbell !! Wow ! America no the World owes you a new nose. Aaron going home !! Forever maybe ? Love it love it love it

  8. Shocker. Aaron Rodgers with yet another failback. The worst “Hall Of Fame” Quarterback in fourth quarter comebacks.
    If this was his last game in G.B., it’s only appropriate to end this way

  9. I cheered more for the Lions tonight than my own team today! I love Dan Campbell: we may not be in, but we won’t let them get in either.

  10. Congrats Lions the Packers weren’t going anywhere in the playoffs anyway. Keep buil and with all the low draft picks your window is open

  11. Santa Clara has 1 week left in their season. Shoulda, woulda, coulda … but now the Hawks are coming back to slap the little boys in Santa Clara around because they peaked too early and running on fumes. Just like old times Pete brings his team to end football in Santa Clara… again.

  12. Lions will be legit next season. Look out for them. Hard not to like that team. Coach should clean up the coaching staff and replace some of the X players with legit position coaches and they will hurt some feelings in 23

  13. I bet a lot of NFC teams are glad to see Seattle make it.A sure win if you have them on the schedule.I’m serious

  14. I really wish Seattle would have lost as the Lions are the best team of the final three. They would have been the only ones to have a chance against San Francisco.

  15. Detroit has so many young defensive and offensive playmakers, the GM is doing a great job!

  16. This game was great for so many reasons. Aside from the schadenfreude of watching Aaron Rodgers eat crow after dissing the Lions, the Lions were really likeable! Crazy coach, castaway QB, and a team overall that really wanted to win this game that had no playoff implications for them. Glad I watched this one.

  17. I’m wondering where are the smug packer fans are now? I heard a lot from you last week, maybe Alexander wants to griddy down out to the parking lot? Lol, bye!

  18. Seattle owes it to the gods. There were at least 5 penalties that did not get called against them that would have caused them the game. One of those refs must of had money on it. It was a horrible game that wasnt called. the League needs to look at the officiating.

  19. Congratulations to the Lions. They deserved it, and I just wish they could be in the playoffs.
    I don’t know how you come out flat on your home field for a game to get into the playoffs, but the Packers showed little interest. Rodgers and Cobb looked like they were taking the last walk after the game, and at this stage it might be best. Lots of things for GB to decide.
    Again, congrats to Detroit.

  20. Dan Campbell legend.

    Interesting he and Sirriani had bad opening speeches and didn’t start well, but have turned things around and become great creative coaches.

    Everytime Lions did something like move chains or make stop was waiting for NBC logo to turn yellow. Thankfully they prevailed…

  21. The Lions out worked out hustled, out coached and out played the Packers. It’s a shame the Packers couldn’t get more bail out calls by the refs like is usually the case. Great win for the Lions and for America

    Lions would have made a very tough out in the playoffs, and should now be contending with the Vikings for the NFC North for the foreseeable future

  22. Thanks for playing Pack, we’ve got some nice parting gifts for you backstage. Let’s show them what they’ve won!

  23. What a great game and a fitting ending! It should be the Lions in the playoffs. They are the better of the 3 options that were there going into today.

  24. If “the immunized one” had been at OTAs instead of doing hallucinogens in South America, the Packers would be in the playoffs.

  25. Huh, I’m pretty sure all those chest thumpers for the Green and Gold all but guaranteed their club was going to handle business against those lowly Lions. The Vikings may very well get crushed in the first round of the playoffs, but at least they were good enough to get there.

  26. Dan Campbell deserves coach of the year. Lions will be a serious contender next season.

  27. Nice game by the Lions. What an embarrassment for Rogers, who insulted the Lions last time the Packers lost to them. His massive ego is such a mismatch with his declining skills.

    Overconfidence bit the Packers and their fans hard tonight.

  28. Well, at least Aaron can avoid going 0-5 in the playoffs vs. SF

    America thanks you, Detroit!

  29. I like a team when they don’t choke at home when it’s a win and in to make the playoffs.

  30. I forgot who said it in the media but being real this wasn’t really an upset if you removed the names on the jersey. The Packers were hot their last four games but the Lions were 8-2 and an Allen-Diggs connection away from being 9-1 in their last 10 games. Carolina was an ugly performance no doubt but if the Packers were coming to Ford Field winning 8 out of 10 people would’ve expected them to pull it off tonight. Hopefully, the biggest thing gained this year is the Lions now know the world counting them out is pretty much useless and they can stay humble and continue growth.

  31. Don’t fret green and yellers, there’s plenty to do outside of football in Wisconsin. You can…………………..well you can drink. And you can watch the Vikings in the playoffs.🤣

  32. The Lions were definately the better team with the better QB tonight.
    Packers avoid being one and done by the 49’s again in the play-offs.
    Rogers just has not been clutch the last few years.

  33. The 49ers have to be extremely disappointed we didn’t make the playoffs this year. I’m sure they would have loved to have knocked us out with ease for the 5th time in a row.

  34. Rodgers will announce retirement next week to get attention and mess with everybody. Then unretire in March

  35. Maybe if the Packers were as good at tackling as they were at assaulting medical trainers maybe they would not suck so much. That and Aaron Rodgers going on a free give away tour this last season. My god he should have had 2 picks tonight. The Lions capitalized on just about every mistake that Green Bay made and that was plenty of them. Lions actually being decent for a change is interesting.

  36. Are we immunized from pretending that Aaron Rodgers is some retiring hero yet? Showing him walking off the field like some hero after losing to Detroit is such an insult to a majority of America, who doesn’t like its sports heroes to be liars

  37. The Lions deserve that playoff birth.

    Win more games.

    Don’t let other teams determine your fate.

  38. At least we won our Super Bowl last week and they can never take that away from us.

  39. Ha ha, I said Seahawks would get in and Lions would beat the Packers, which will eliminate both. I was right. Pack go home pack.

  40. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Lions with nothing to play for beat Aaron Fraudgers and the Packers at Lambeau. Most Packer fans just assumed they were already in the playoffs after their win last week. Just one problem…they still had to beat the Lions at home and couldn’t do it. Hahahahahahaha!

  41. What a storyline – Dan Campbell has brought a winning attitude to the Detroit Lions! It’s a shame they lost out on the playoffs but lookout next season because he’s definitely got them primed to dominate that division next season.

  42. Outstanding win tonight. Thanks for helping the Seahawks get into the playoffs. I’ll be looking for a charity to donate to for one of the Lions players!

  43. What a storyline – Dan Campbell has brought a winning attitude to the Detroit Lions! It’s a shame they lost out on the playoffs but lookout next season because he’s definitely got them primed to dominate that division.

  44. Lions got after Aaron, hat’s off to them. The 4th and 1 was a good call. It worked. Packers made a little run but 4-8 is a big hole to dig out of. Lafleur and Rodgers are to blame.

  45. We might be one and done but hey we’re in it. Sunday afternoon. What day are the Packers playing?

  46. Aaron just didnt have it this year. I waited and waited and he never showed up. He is an above avg QB at best at this point and he is fading.

  47. Refs and league tried hard to fix the game with bad calls against the Lions but they still outplayed the cheese at balmy Lambeau. Detroit deserved to win. Glad for Goff, Campbell, and long suffering Lions fans.

  48. So last week we saw the training staff save a players life preforming CPR. Unsung hero’s. And this week we see a typical packer punk push around a member of the Lions training staff, who is helping an injured player. Nice look Green Bay. Lafluer has no control of this team.

  49. The Packers defense did them in with stupid, classless penalties. But the haters are gonna blame Rodgers for all of this.

  50. Dan Campbell will be charged extra baggage fees to lug those huge onions back to Detroit after that lateral on 3rd and 17.

    Jamaal Williams is now a legend in Detroit for that post-game interview.

    Jameson Williams will be a huge problem for defenses in 2023.

    Jared Goff is the QB for at least the next 2 years based on this win alone.

    Aidan Hutchison wrapped up DROY. Though Sauce was great.

    Throw Ft Knox at Ben Johnson.

    One more off season with this kind of draft success and Holmes has this team DEEP in the playoffs.

  51. Mike Tirico: Lions win, but this game is about Aaron Rodgers
    Mike Tirico: Packers win, and this game is about Aaron Rodgers.

    Detroit vs Everybody (including an announcer who LIVES in Detroit)

  52. Packer fans are happy. not only did green bay saves themselves from going 1 and done againy but also the second this game ended the packer became offseason nfc north champions again. gaurenteed.

  53. It’s funny because all week the media was so sure that GB was going to win lol. That’s why the games are played. Hats off to the Lions!

  54. Packers have no leadership and when you have no leadership you get cheap shots from undisciplined players like Walker and Wyatt. Apologies to the Lion fans.

    MLF isn’t a leader. Rodgers isn’t a leader. Time to move on.

  55. Kudos to the Lions. That was an enjoyable game. They played hard, made some gutsy (and smart) calls, and deservedthe win. It was like a playoff game, but they didn’t get to advance. Next year.

  56. If Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears, with two victories this season does that mean the Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions now own Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?

  57. Football media crushed tonight that they don’t get to talk about Aaron Rodgers for another week.

  58. I’m glad Jamaal had his Grandpa around until 92. It gets thrown around alot, but a truly good dude.

  59. Trick plays, hard counts, PI attempts, distasteful penalties – will all only get you so far. Rodgers is getting old and cheese heads are getting restless. LaFleurs coat tail ride has almost come to an end

  60. It’s a shame the refs handed the game to the Seahawks in those final6 minutes.

    Lions are the only team of the 3 that could pose a relative threat to beating the 49’rs next week.

    Aiden Hutchinson should be Rookie DPOY

  61. the second this game ended the packer became offseason nfc north champions again.
    I mean the Lions swept us…. Packers are second.

  62. It will be the Vikings and lions fighting for the NFCN for years to come, while the bears and packers fight for 3rd. Book it!

  63. PlayoffOdds says:
    January 8, 2023 at 11:35 pm
    I really wish Seattle would have lost as the Lions are the best team of the final three. They would have been the only ones to have a chance against San Francisco.


    Seattle will beat SF 20-24.

  64. cheeseisfattening says:
    January 8, 2023 at 11:54 pm
    Packer fans are happy. not only did green bay saves themselves from going 1 and done againy but also the second this game ended the packer became offseason nfc north champions again. gaurenteed.


    Your team will be one and done next week

  65. Lion’s players will run through a brick wall for Campbell. Biting kneecaps all the way! I wish we had him in Houston.

  66. America thanks you, Detroit.

    For whatever reason, pack fans were especially shrill this year which is odd as most fans have the sense to tread a bit more lightly when their team is mediocre.

    Should be an enjoyable playoff season with so many new teams getting in.

  67. harryhands09 says:
    January 8, 2023 at 11:46 pm
    Lions got after Aaron, hat’s off to them. The 4th and 1 was a good call. It worked. Packers made a little run but 4-8 is a big hole to dig out of. Lafleur and Rodgers are to blame


    Agreed but Joe Barry should also share the blame

  68. What irony! The Lions helped the Seahawks get in, the same Seahawks team that just moments earlier, stole their date to the prom. Ahh, the joys of being a Lions fan.

  69. ajverve says:
    January 8, 2023 at 7:56 pm
    …logical scheduling flex I’d say, given the potential stakes.


    I’m sure that Lions fans aren’t happy about the flex. And all Packer fans I know were thrilled. That doesn’t seem fair.

    And it’s playing out that way.

    Might as well start printing the Packer Wildcard hat and tee shirt now.


    The “league is rigged” crowd isn’t saying much about this Packers win we never got…

  70. Kudos to the Lions. I’m 50 years old. I grew up a 49er fan when I was a little kid and then moved to MI and watched the Lions at the Silverdome in a cloud of cigarette smoke (not exactly healthy for a kid). I watched Billy Sims for the Lions (pre-Barry Sanders days). Then I moved to WI and became a Packer fan and got to see the whole Favre/Rodgers thing. I’m happy for the Lions tonight? They have had so many rough years and all I would say to particularly Viking fans that take so much glee in ripping on Rodgers while having enjoyed your little Favre tour.. The Lions are going to be good – it’s not a fluke. They are coming after you as much as they are GB. We go through this every year where people say mean things on here and “oh our draft was so good?”. I’m going to hold off on the stats on that.

  71. Dammmnnnn Packers, not only did the Lions smack you around twice this year, but they also ended Aaron’s career as the Green Bay Packers starting QB going forward. If anything, you all should be thankful the annual early exit from the playoffs won’t be happening this year and after a little drama, your Rogers headache will be permanently gone to another team. Good on you Lions, you went down swinging and took the Packers with you. Everyone who isn’t a Packers fan owes the Lions one, now we don’t have to listen to the media gush over princess Aaron’s greatness for the next few weeks before he ducks out of the playoffs early as per usual. Thanks Lions, we all owe you one.

  72. Rodgers should send a gift to Reshard Mendenhall every year thanking him for his Super Bowl fumble… don’t get me wrong, Rodgers is a baller, but lucky to have a ring and clearly will never get close again.

  73. Disappointing year in GB but at least they swept Chicago and beat Dallas. Too bad they couldn’t defeat their #3 rival, Detroit, but that’s probably the toughest team in the division right now.

  74. That last series was the best, gutsiest play calling and execution by the Detroit Lions in decades.

  75. Rodgers is washed up. That contract was a huge mistake by the Packers. Farvres last pass in Green Bay was an interception.

  76. cheeseisfattening says:
    January 8, 2023 at 11:32 pm
    America is thriled to see green bay and rodgers done. And rodgers calling his teammates out on his INT
    The receiver didn’t even try to go up for the ball. Good on Rodgers for being a leader and holding his teammates accountable for their lazy play.

  77. Good job Detroit! Playing for pride is like money in the team’s account that the Lions can spend next year.

  78. Aaron was a few borderline calls by the refs from having an even worse game and really throwing his receivers under the bus.

    The Packers managed to miss the postseason and also not play Jordan Love. The worst of both worlds for them but they managed to avoid Rodgers wrath for benching him so that’s more important than the actual team.

    It’s going to be another season of groveling in Lambeau to a guy who isn’t going to do much without Adams. I can’t believe the team puts up with the way he treats his receivers and expects them to just “know” his hand signals.

  79. You would have thought the Packer fans would have waited to make the playoffs before they were chirping in here for a couple weeks. You would have thought wrong. 8-9, no playoffs, and yapping yapping yapping. Annoying little pups, aren’t they?

  80. What did the Cat tell you?!? The GREAT team from the GREAT city of DETROIT dominated and sent the pack out to pasture where the cheese belongs!!

    The FUTURE of the NFC North belongs to Detroit!! Dan Campbell brought the fire that was needed to make this the team one that will dominate this division for years to come!

    To the Minnesota and Chicago fans on here who are gloating, get out of here!! Your teams are frauds and the GREATNESS of Detroit will melt your franchises for the foreseeable future!

    There is only one thing left to say, you ALL are about to feel the…………

    ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ONEPRIDE

  81. It’s so quiet around me. Even my crickets have all crawled back to their dens.

  82. Packers management is awful. Trade up for Love when Rodgers is still good. Let Adams walk. And then there’s LeFluer. All these people saying they can’t wait for Rodgers to retire or leave Green Bay…be careful what you wish for. Most of you probably forgot about the 70s and 80s Packers.

  83. mikemnz says:
    January 8, 2023 at 6:00 pm Vikings always choke in must win games. One and done in playoffs
    And this guy posted before his team was knocked out. Packer rubes…always focusing on the Vikes.

  84. The packer fans savior failed to throw for 260 yards in a game this year. His last 2 games against Vikings and Lions, Rodgers threw 190 yards & 205 yards.

  85. Rodgers didn’t want to lose again the the 49ers so he spit the bit against the Lions to avoid it.
    205 yards passing with 1 TD & 1 INT.

  86. Rodgers a top 10 regular season QB all time. Game on the line and playoffs QB, not soooo much, I guess Packer fans don’t have to worry about going out in the first round this year.

  87. dolmich1960 says:

    When is the last time the Lions swept the Packers?

    This is the third time since Rodgers became the Packer starter:

    Besides 2022, in consecutive seasons – 2017 and 2018 – the Lions won 4 straight:

    11/6/17 – 30 to 17
    12/31/17 – 35 to 11

    10/07/18 – 31 to 23
    12/30/18 – 31 to 0

    Note – 2017 was the Brett Hundley year.

  88. great job by the Detroit Lions!
    Dan Campbell has completely changed the culture/image of that team.
    The Lions lost some games early this season they shouldn’t have, wouldn’t have later in the season. The Lions are the 3rd best team in the NFC (gotta put Ealges and 9ers ahead)…really hoping next year they get off to a competitive start…not sure about Jared Goff but he is balling for next year’s #1 seed in the NFC.

  89. I couldn’t believe in the pregame when all but one of the studio people picked the Packers. That was a 50/50 game all the way. Packers aren’t all that good and their overall talent level doesn’t scare anybody. Lions had nothing to lose and a lot to prove which made them very dangerous.

  90. “This was a shocker. That could have been Aaron’s last game of his career.”

    Funny thing is I don’t think it was all that shocking. Lions came in playing great with nothing to lose but a lot to prove. And anybody who has watched them at all knew Campbell would have them hyped up to spoil things for Green Bay. The idea the Packers were a lock was born out of people imagining this was the Aaron Rodgers of a few years ago.

  91. We are so excited in Minnesota. Almost forgot what playoff football is like. Too bad we can’t ever get a taste of winning playoff football. You know . . . winning it all. We’d be out of our minds with Aaron’s one super bowl win.

  92. Did anyone catch the Lions Tiktok video absolutely destroying Rodgers. Yikes that was brutal

  93. I really wanted to post something to aggravate the cheeser trolls, but what could possibly hurt more than not only losing a home game to make the playoffs, but seeing the future of the NFCN on the other sideline? .

  94. philmccracken says:
    January 9, 2023 at 10:47 am
    We got beat by the best team in the division. Congrats and respect to the Lions.


    Agreed 100%, and how sweet it was.

  95. Yes, the Lions may be the future of the NFCN. Wish our Vikings could be in that conversation one of these years.

  96. unknownvikingfan says:
    January 9, 2023 at 12:46 pm
    Yes, the Lions may be the future of the NFCN. Wish our Vikings could be in that conversation one of these years.


    Yes, Lions, Bears, Vikings, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s not the Packers.

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