Texans G.M. Nick Caserio says firing Lovie Smith was “best decision for us at this time”

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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Last year, Texans G.M. Nick Caserio cited “philosophical differences” in firing coach David Culley. After only one year. It made no sense.

This year, Caserio has opted to paint with a broader brush in firing a head coach after only one year.

“On behalf of the entire organization, I would like to thank Lovie Smith for everything he has contributed to our team over the last two seasons as a coach and a leader,” Caserio said in a statement issued on Sunday night. “I’m consistently evaluating our football operation and believe this is the best decision for us at this time. It is my responsibility to build a comprehensive and competitive program that can sustain success over a long period of time. We aren’t there right now, however, with the support of the McNair family and the resources available to us, I’m confident in the direction of our football program moving forward.”

The development suggests that Caserio will be back, given that he’s the one who issued the statement regarding Smith. Still, Caserio is now 0-for-2 in hiring coaches, firing both after only one year. What coach in his right mind will want that job in 2023?

We’ll see. The Texans have the second overall pick, which would have been the first if the Texans hadn’t won Smith’s final game. And they have extra stuff from the Deshaun Watson trade. And the division is fairly wide open.

36 responses to “Texans G.M. Nick Caserio says firing Lovie Smith was “best decision for us at this time”

  1. What are the odds that Smith was told to lose or else, and he opted to win?

    For the news to come out that soon after the game, either he was getting fired regardless, or told to lay down and refused.

    Not that the Texans or Nick Caserio will ever admit they tried to tank.

  2. Culley turned out to be to good so they had to find another fall guy. It was a complete rebuild down there. They will begin to rise from the ashes next year.

  3. Lovie should not have been fired in Chicago and he shouldn’t have been fired in Houston. Nocomment on Tampa.

  4. THAT is exactly what the owner will say about Caserio in just a few days as well….. IRONICALLY

  5. Please try drafting the best available athlete and not draft the potential athletes
    that are injured and/or recovering from injuries.
    Life is to short to rehab criminals, mental projects or just plain trouble makers.

    Only draft quality players with proven backgrounds.

  6. The best decision would’ve been to not hire a guy who y’all didn’t believe had a chance to last over a year

  7. 100% clown show, from the goofy family to the retread Patriot weirdos, what an embarrassing franchise.

    Congratulations to Lovie, that juice wasn’t worth the squeeze bro. You’re free.

  8. The Texans organization is a mess… A dumpster fire inside a bomb factory!

  9. Yeah GM sounds like his last task was to take the blame and fire the coach before he gets punted himself.
    Lovie goes to work for the Colts in the offseason.

  10. Thank you Lovie, hope you get a good job with another team, your players played hard for you and the “REAL” fans! I appreciate the hard work.

  11. Dang the way this is going …betcha Urban Meyer is next to be hired so they can do it all over again next year huh kids !! … : S

  12. Seriously, who other than Jeff Saturday would want that job? Truth is they need a competent GM more than anything, someone to stock the team with talent while they have extra draft picks. Sure doesn’t look like Caserio is the guy.

  13. “Us” clearly means Caseiro & his family cause if he was Really doing what’s best for the team, he’d be stepping down

  14. Explanation for firing Lovie so quickly is pretty simple. He failed to secure the 1st overall pick. I’m sure he’d have had one more year or some amount of time + some kind of bonus but this guy blew it. Lovie you had one job, you had #1 in the bag and you couldn’t do it

  15. Organization has no credibility and will not be able to hire a credible coach with Caserio in charge.

  16. I’m sure classy organization like the Texans will have no difficulty attracting top coach candidates.


  17. Lovie sure did the Bears a favor by going for two. The look on Caserio’s face was priceless.

  18. Not sure I’ve ever seen a team that short on talent across the board. Caserio needs a mirror before criticizing anybody else.

  19. Nick says in regards to being a competitive program “we aren’t quite there yet”. Now that is an understatement. Please fire everyone including the owner.

  20. You don’t build anything by hitting reset every single year.

    When I saw the coaching lineup for this season, I thought this organization might finally be getting its act together. Trade away the serial abuser, assemble a team of capable, savvy coaches, get their draft capital back on track. Smith might never have been the most dynamic coach, but he’s experienced, steady, and has the long track record that a young team could use. I thought he was just what was needed.

    Now it just looks like more of the same indecisive nonsense.

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