Brandon Staley on playing starters: Only 48 guys to choose from, no easy decisions

NFL: JAN 08 Chargers at Broncos
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When the Ravens lost to the Bengals in the early window of games on Sunday, the Chargers knew they would be the fifth seed in the AFC playoffs with a game in Jacksonville on tap next weekend.

That made it a surprise to many people that the Chargers both played their starters and kept them on the field deep into their game against the Broncos. That decision came under even greater scrutiny when wide receiver Mike Williams left the game with a back injury — X-rays were negative and more tests are coming Monday — and Staley was left to defend his course during a press conference after the 31-28 loss.

“There’s only 48 guys that you can choose from and these aren’t easy decisions,” Staley said, via Nicholas Cothrel of “Hindsight is perfect for everybody on the outside, but these games are not easy to manage. They’re not, because you don’t have that many players. We did it to the best of our ability.”

Williams’ status will be closely monitored with a Saturday night game in Jacksonville on the docket. If he can’t go, Staley’s approach to Week 18 could limit the team’s chances of moving forward in the postseason.

5 responses to “Brandon Staley on playing starters: Only 48 guys to choose from, no easy decisions

  1. It’s really simple, you don’t play your starters. You aren’t the first coach in the history of the NFL that had a week going into the playoffs where you could rest your starters. All the other coaches figured out how to play their backups except you. So while you try to use “46 guys” as a reason to defend yourself, it actually is a reason that further showcases your bad decision making and lack of responsibility to own it when it happens.

  2. I support the decision 💯. Remember when the Colts, under Tony Dungy, faced cross examination from the media and public for resting players after securing the top spot, only to get bounced in their first competitive games in two weeks?

  3. This clown is easily the worst coach in the AFC. They are always All-World in the off season and then they start playing real games. In Kansas City we appreciate his efforts and hope he remains the Chargers coach for the next 20 years.

  4. He did a great job in helping the Bronco’s get their first win in the division this season.

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