Browns request to interview Jerod Mayo for defensive coordinator

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The Browns are looking at someone with the Patriots to potentially fill a key role on their coaching staff.

According to multiple reports, Cleveland has requested to interview New England linebackers coach Jerod Mayo for defensive coordinator.

Mayo’s title was inside linebackers coach for his first three seasons on Bill Belichick’s staff before that shifted to linebackers coach in 2022.

Before transitioning to coaching, Mayo, 36, played 103 games for the Patriots with 93 stats from 2008-2015. He was the AP defensive rookie of the year after New England selected him at No. 10 overall. He twice was named a Pro Bowler and was also a first-team All-Pro in 2010.

Mayo also received some interest for head coaching interviews last year before returning to the Patriots’ staff.

Cleveland announced the firing of former defensive coordinator Joe Woods on Monday morning.

14 responses to “Browns request to interview Jerod Mayo for defensive coordinator

  1. I don’t see an up and comer like Mayo wanting to hitch their wagon to Stefanski.They’ll probably need to settle for an old retread.Mayo should wait till 2024 to interview for the Browns HC job.

  2. He’s not going to make a lateral move to a horrible organization. He’s done a nice job sharing the duties as DC in NE with top 5-10 defenses in the last few years, but he’s apparently looking for a head coach gig, not another DC gig.

  3. Not a lateral move…Belichick has his kid in the mix and didn’t give Mayo the coordinator title. Mayo wants to be a head coach, so the logical step is to become a CLEAR coordinator so he can move up for head coaching jobs later. Belichick has to keep room for the mullet wearing kid so Mayo took it in the shorts.

  4. bradygirl12 says:
    January 9, 2023 at 11:57 am
    Mayo should be the Patriots DC, not Belichick’s kid.

    405Thank You


    Umm, he has shared those responsibilities. Try to keep up.. There’s a reason why BB doesn’t hand out the titles.

    The staff is raided by other AFC teams be design. Note how when a talented coach leaves, it’s to an AFC team, not an NFC team.

    The AFC teams are clearly colluding to weaken BB’s brilliance. It’s a huge reason why a quality OC wasn’t availabel this offseason even though BB was aware McDaniels was going to leave.

    You don’t just replace a veteran coach with another. Numerous offensive coaches came in there for a job for a year and then left immediately, using the status to get a promotion and new job. That needs to stop to fix the problem.

  5. Mayo largely designs the D in NE, but Steve Belichick calls the plays. Mayo wants to be a HC. The only way to move up the ladder and add to his resume is to get an official DC title. He’s stuck if he stays here. Whether it’s Cleveland or elsewhere, he’s gone. Cleveland has a chance to be good next year, with the reprehensible DWatson back up to speed.

  6. Mayo should leave if he gets an offer to be a DC. Staying in New England he’ll only be an untitled assistant.

  7. Maybe Steve Belichick will shift to Offensive Coordinator ala Matt Patricia. I’m pretty sure Patricia will get another chance to be a Head Coach somewhere ala Josh McDaniels.

  8. I do think branching off from the Belichick coaching tree would be a good idea, not sure the circus in Cleveland is the best place though.

  9. Of course because the defense was the problem with the offense not being able to score. This team is such a joke.

  10. Bill needs to give him the recognition he deserves & make him the official defensive coordinator by name of position…..THEN he needs to do the same thing on OFFENSE with the title of offense coordinator with whomever he brings in to do that job….. this NOT NAMING OF COORDINATORS thing is getting pretty darn old!!!!

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