Carson Wentz gave Sam Howell his suite for Howell’s family to attend Sunday’s game

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
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In what was almost certainly his last game as a member of the Washington Commanders, Carson Wentz offered a classy gesture to the quarterback who was making his first start for the Commanders.

Commanders rookie quarterback Sam Howell, who made his debut in Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, revealed that Wentz has a suite for Commanders home game that he let Howell’s family and friends use, so that they could all attend the game for free and see him start in the NFL for the first time.

“I had a lot of family in town, and Carson, this tells the type of guy he is, he gave me his suite for the game,” Howell said, via USA Today. “I know a lot of people said some negative things about Carson, but he’s just an unbelievable human being. He’s just awesome to be around. For him to give me his suite for my first start, means a lot.”

That was a generous offer from Wentz, and a reason that he’ll continue to have some fans in the Commanders’ locker room, even if his season was a disappointment to Commanders fans.

18 responses to “Carson Wentz gave Sam Howell his suite for Howell’s family to attend Sunday’s game

  1. Very classy move by Mr. Wentz. This will bode well for him when teams shopping for QBs (starters or back-ups) wonder how he’ll fit into the locker room and work with young players.

  2. Carson Wentz lent Sam Howell his suite under one condition…Nick Foles wasn’t allowed.

  3. Whatever was going around about Wentz being a bad teammate just isn’t true. Unfortunately he’s not a starting caliber QB tho

  4. Wentz next career move should be a backup QB . He has enough money to last a lifetime and he would be serviceable in the role.

  5. Why did he have a suite, you ask?

    He has a few very young children, and it would absolutely be wise not to let them sit in preferred seats in the stadium amongst the fans (*especially because they would have been hearing nothing but verbal obscenities directed at the father). Out of all the negative issues, this one is not an issue at all.

  6. I think Wentz has a 10 year career ahead as a backup, and that’s no knock on him. Decent guy and a good team could win a few games with him coming off the bench.
    Sonny always said backup QB is the best gig in the league.

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