Damar Hamlin out of hospital, back in Buffalo

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Monday brought another big step in Bills safety Damar Hamlin‘s recovery from last week’s cardiac arrest.

Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said at a Monday press conference that Hamlin has been released from the hospital. He returned home to Buffalo on a flight earlier in the day.

The doctors said that Hamlin had been walking around the hospital before his release and that he will continue his recovery under the care of doctors in Buffalo. They said they were “ecstatic” about the pace and extent of Hamlin’s recovery over less than a week.

One would imagine that there’s a good chance Hamlin will be in attendance for next weekend’s Wild Card game against the Dolphins and that would make for another emotional moment at Highmark Stadium after a Sunday filled with them during the win over the Patriots.

39 responses to “Damar Hamlin out of hospital, back in Buffalo

  1. This is great news.
    When we initially learned about the multiple heart stoppages and prolonged CPR, it was hard to imagine this.

  2. Incredible. Wonderful. Damar has had an impact on all of us. What a gift.
    Yesterday I watched several opposing players provide a hand to assist other teams players getting up after a play. Damar has had an impact on all of us. What a gift.

  3. Great news. Who would have thought he’d have recovered so much after less than a week? Go Bills!

  4. Good for him! Glad that he’s making his way back and hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  5. Less than one week ago he was getting CPR and it looked incredibly grim. Now he’s taking a flight and walking around. Probably back in the locker room sometime this week talking to the team. Crazy.

  6. Really great news. Hope he can come to the game Sunday to see his team mates Squish the Fish

  7. Great news. Not surprising. I said on Friday he’d be released in the next few days and would likely be on the sidelines in the playoffs. He’ll be back on the field next season before players with broken bones and ligament tears.

  8. Of course the Steelers made light of the whole situation by their classless sack celebration.

  9. The power of prayer. Every football and nonfootball fan prayed for healing for Damar on Monday night and most of last week..Josh Allen said God’s REAL yesterday..Dan Orlousky prayed live on ESPN.
    folks it was a miracle!! Imagine if this Country got together and prayed like this all the time for all our issues?!
    Thank God for the training staff, the Ambulance crew and the medical team in University of Cincinnati. Thank God everyone was present and available at that very moment.

  10. Hopefully, this means he’s on the same path that Chris Pronger was and he’ll be back on the field next season.

  11. He should have a chat with a couple of Green Bay team members about on field conduct involving those annoying medical and training staff folks that just get in the way.

  12. Somebody must have been slicing onions in here. What a turnaround in only a week. What a relief.

  13. Im blown away at this news, I was not expecting to to be this soon and was even still crossing fingers that it happened.

  14. Happy to say I was wrong! I said he’d have a long recovery. Appears to be kicking ass.

  15. Awesome. A serious THANK YOU is owed to all the first responders, trainers, doctors, nurses, medical people, etc… responsible for helping Hamlin to this point…there isn’t enough credit or gratitude in the world for the work those people have done & continue to do throughout the nation & world. Keep doing what you do!

  16. I do hope we can all remember being together in our support and concern for this young man. For a brief moment we were all on the same page.

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