Dan Campbell: We played to gain some respect and show what we’re capable of

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Lions knew that their playoff hopes were extinguished before their game kicked off in Green Bay on Sunday night, but they didn’t play like it.

After trailing 9-6 at halftime, the Lions drove for a pair of Jamaal Williams touchdown runs and rookie safety Kerby Joseph picked off Aaron Rodgers in the final minutes to allow the Lions to run out the clock on a 20-16 win. That result knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs and it allowed the Lions to finish the season on an 8-2 run after opening with a 1-6 record.

Head coach Dan Campbell said after the game that the team wasn’t lacking motivation despite the lack of playoff opportunities..

“I’m telling you, we were unfazed,” Campbell said, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “We knew what we were coming in here for, and it was to gain some respect and show what we’re capable of, no matter what happened. And we knew the only way to do that is to win.”

The Lions got that win and the stage is now set for another step forward during the 2023 season.

“We got nine wins this season, and we were 5-1 in the division,” Campbell said. “We got better. And next year? We’ll be better. But next year is about, man, let’s get in the dance and see what we can do when we get in there.”

That kind of growth isn’t guaranteed, but it wasn’t hard to find reasons on to think things will play out that way by the time Sunday night’s game was over.

18 responses to “Dan Campbell: We played to gain some respect and show what we’re capable of

  1. MCDC is the coach of the year. That team turned the corner coached up a qb nobody wanted. Great job

  2. Another good draft and a better quarterback and the Lions can be the team to beat their division

  3. LaFleur gets outcoached, again. It’s a shame the Lions aren’t playing in the postseason. I wanted to support whoever remains from the NFCN after the Packers were mathematically eliminated, but cheering for the Vikings kinda feels like cheering for the Jamaican bobsled team.

  4. Lions expected to win. Can’t lose to that team no matter the stakes. Those bad calls at the end of the Seattle game (roughing Kicker, no taunting on the INT) cost us the playoffs. Next year Lions wont leeave it up to someone else. Great season.

  5. Not a Lions fan, but I rooted for them all year. Good to see them have a good season.

  6. As an Eagles fan, in game one, season opener, the Eagles were punched directly in the mouth by Detroit on the first offensive and defensive drives. Eagles fans were obviously happy with how the Eagles team responded to this opponent, but you HAVE TO GIVE IT to Detroit- they never gave up all season and played tough all season long.
    PROPS to Detroit to taking it to the competition all season long from the first to the last drive all season. Looking forward to rooting for Detroit in the playoffs next year. Detroit: keep taking the next step. Sure, i’ll take the Birds in head to hread competition- but definitely see that Detroit has earned major respect this year. Good Luck to Detroit and Detroit fans in the coming 2023 season.

  7. Vikings fan really bummed the kitties didn’t make the playoffs. they are a good, tough team that would have given the niners a real game. they could own the north next year if they can start strong and keep this momentum going. i think they still just weren’t over being “the lions” for the first half of the season and blew a few very winnable game (first vikings game included).

  8. We got beat twice by the best team in our division. I wish the Lions were playing next week.

  9. I have hope for the first time in a long time with this Lions team. If they can carry this into next year, I’ll be a true believer.

  10. Nobody’s laughing at Campbell anymore and I love it. Still gotta find their QB of the future, but Goff is a good bridge QB to keep around until then. Goff gives the lions the ability to take their time and not make any rash decisions.

  11. As a Lions fan, I was proud how we played despite the playoff chance being removed before kick off. This team, coach, and qB proved me wrong. Campbell seemed a caricature or a guy from wrestling but he has proven to be exactly what was needed. This team punched above its weight all year, had a side of the ball that was a mess and still showed such resolve. Good drafting on the D side of the ball and a modest FA or RFA should have us competing for the division next year, to win it. Green arrow way up. IMO
    And as for GB, you have had a hell of a run. But I’m not sure it isnt best you start again, the man in the black hat is gone I think. And in his place a VERy expensive middling QB now where’s his number. Again IMO

  12. They’ve got respect now — it has been earned all year, not from just beating a mediocre Packers team .

  13. Next year, the Lions will be Kings of the North.

    They already may be one of the top 3 teams in the NFC. Add the draft capital they have, and the cap room, and they are only adding more talent.

    I appreciate the kind words from other fans. I think most NFL fans know, how long Lions fans have suffered at the utter incompetence from the ownership down to the janitor. We are finally experiencing what a real NFL franchise is like!

  14. Next year the Lions will be the Lions again, start out 2-5 end up around 9-8 or 8-9… year to year expectations cannot be determined by the last season or even the last win. This is the Lions, the most hapless team in the NFL.

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