David Bakhtiari on his future: I still have a lot to play for

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Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari has missed 26 games the past three seasons, including six in 2022, because of a career-altering knee injury and an appendectomy. But Bakhtiari has no plans to retire, and in fact, “totally thinks” he will enter 2023 with better health luck.

Bakhtiari underwent three knee operations and an appendectomy in two years but has no offseason surgeries scheduled for this offseason.

“I look at the offseason as putting on your armor and then, going through a season, you get deteriorated throughout the year,” Bakhtiari said Monday, via Bill Huber of SI.com. “I don’t have a chance to put on my armor. I’m kind of going into war unprotected so, thankfully, did a really good job talking to training room, strength staff, even bringing in people from outside, making sure I can get myself to grow, because football’s not in any rehab that you do coming off of surgery.”

The Packers have to work through some cap challenges this offseason, and Bakhtiari is one of the question marks with cap charges of $29.1 million in 2023 and $33.1 million in 2024. He has a $9.5 million roster bonus that is due on the third day of the league year in March.

His release would create almost $6 million of cap space, but it also would create a big hole at left tackle.

When Bakhtiari is healthy, he remains one of the best in the league at his position.

“I still have a lot to play for,” Bakhtiari said. “I have things that I want to do both collectively for the club and personally for myself, but I understand it is, No. 1, at the end of the day, a business. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Gutey [G.M. Brian Gutekunst]. He’s been nothing but great to me since the moment I walked in these doors since 2013, so I expect anything that comes that way, hopefully if we do cross the negative bridge that we have a conversation that happens. But that’s life. I have no ill-will but, first and foremost, I don’t expect that but, on the same end, I totally respect what happens.”

19 responses to “David Bakhtiari on his future: I still have a lot to play for

  1. And a championship is not one of them! Remember when turd nation gave him that huge contract and nothing in return has been given.

  2. Except for the tough luck appendectomy, Bak had a terrific year, Packers will almost certainly restructure his and Aaron Jones contracts to keep them around a few more years. Jenkins is signed, expect Cobb, Lazard & Williams to be gone. They will probably make an offer for to TE Tonyan. No matter who the QB is, they will still field a very competitive team after the draft and free agency next year.

  3. Even after the recent appendectomy and a bad knee, he stonewalled Zadarias Smith and forced Aidan Hutchinson to move back to the other side. Body type looks a little weird, but he’s just a natural pass blocker.

  4. It’d be great to have him back at a discount. He was paid very very well for two years without playing almost at all. People of his caliber is hard to find but look what happened to Bryan Bulaga. It was tough to lose him too but look at how many games he barely played for Chargers.

  5. If he became available the Vikings would sign him so fast that ariani’s head would briefly stop spinning.

  6. I like Bakhtiari but he never should’ve gotten the big coin. He was too near a pre-determined expiration date, around which business decisions are made. He was kept because of the influence Rodgers insisted on having in the front office. Big mistake. Rodgers is a twelve-year postseason loser who looks more and more like the “trying too hard Favre” every time he takes the field. He doesn’t have “it” anymore. The Packers deserve every lump they get on this. The best hope for the Packers is Rodgers readjusting his belt somewhere else and moving on, or retiring, and Love being unexpectedly proficient (ala Purdy.) It could happen. They got that going for them.

  7. -If he became available the Vikings would sign him so fast-
    The Vikings have Darrisaw and O’Neil. Much younger and getting better. No thanks.

  8. Dude fought his way back and rehabbed for 2 years. Props to Bak. Only 31 and unlikely to regrow his appendix. Always hear how tight he is with Aaron. Some teams are flush. One can dream.

  9. Acquire him in Minnesota, Kwefi. We need all the former Packers we can get. Then we can get back to dreaming of winning the big game every year.

  10. I like Bakhtiari but he never should’ve gotten the big coin.

    He had made 5 consecutive All-Pro teams, and was about to turn 30 years old.

    Every NFL team would have done exactly what the Packers did.

    The knee injury changed the narrative.

  11. Offensive line play is generally bad league wide. Pro Bowl caliber LTs don’t grow on trees. I suspect they’ll find a way to keep Dave.

  12. Pro Bowl caliber LTs don’t grow on trees.
    Finding out that Tom (and Jenkins before him) could handle LT makes Bak’s 21st in the league cap hit harder to swallow.

  13. He knows he’s damaged goods and can no longer play a full season. So does the Pack management. If he really wants to stay, and if the Packers really want the same thing, they will undertake the absolutely necessary re-work of his contract. It ain’t rocket science.

  14. He’s way to expensive sign a new two year deal for 25million or thank you and we cut you .

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