Dennis Allen expects to be back as Saints head coach in 2023

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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Saints coach Dennis Allen says that as far as he knows, his job is safe.

Amid some talk that Allen could be one-and-done after going 7-10 in his first year on the job, Allen told reporters today that he is planning as if he will remain the Saints’ head coach for the 2023 season.

Allen said no one has specifically assured him that he will be back, and he acknowledged that the results on the field weren’t good enough. But he also said he and General Manager Mickey Loomis have already met to begin the planning for the upcoming season.

The Saints are in rough salary cap shape in 2023 and they don’t have a first-round draft pick, so it’s going to be hard for them to get better this offseason. But Allen wants to try, and it sounds like the Saints are going to give him the opportunity.

9 responses to “Dennis Allen expects to be back as Saints head coach in 2023

  1. The right choices to try again.

    The defense was good real good. An excuse for an offense would have easily won that division and many more games.

    Retool the offense and give it a go

  2. What happens if Sean Payton tries to force the Saints hand and unretire so that a team that wants to sign him doesn’t have to pay compensation? Do the Saints consider making him work the terms of his contract or do they drop their asking price on compensation?

  3. When you don’t have anybody better lined up it’s usually best to give the current guy another shot. That division looks like it will be anybody’s for the taking for a few more seasons so any improvements on offense at all could put them on top.

  4. I would like to see Sean Payton come back. Some decent qbs available in the free agency. He could retool the offense.

  5. Saints made a mistake by hiring this guy after a sham of a coaching search and are now going to compound that mistake by staying with him for another year. This team was poorly coached and it cost them 2-3 games this year at least.

  6. As long as re-tool doesn’t mean using tool Winston again. Taysom Hill would be a better choice, especially if given the time to work with the recievers. His passing has been accurate, ability to read a defense and quickly release the ball may be holding him back.

  7. I’m a Saints fan and I want him at DC if anything… plz let someone else coach. He just can’t, it’s not in his blood.

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