Jalen Hurts felt “good enough to win” on Sunday

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was back on the field Sunday after missing two games with a sprained right shoulder and the the Eagles got the result that eluded him during his two-game absence.

The Eagles beat the Giants 22-16 in order to win the NFC East and take the top seed in the NFC, but the offense didn’t look like the same unit that vaulted the Eagles to the top of the heap during a 13-1 start to the season. Hurts was 20-of-35 for 227 yards and an interception that ended one of the team’s seven trips into Giants territory.

They scored one touchdown and kicked five field goals on the other six with head coach Nick Sirianni saying after the game that Hurts was “hurting bad.” For his part, Hurts said that he felt “good enough to win” and didn’t want to delve too far into how he was feeling.

“I won’t say,” Hurts said in his postgame press conference. “I think everything happens the way it’s supposed to. I was pushing myself to be available, and it wasn’t an easy thing. It wasn’t easy; it’s still not easy. But we’re here, we’re thankful, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come.”

Hurts will have an extended break for his shoulder to continue healing and the Eagles will hope that everything looks a lot crisper when they return to the field in the divisional round.

3 responses to “Jalen Hurts felt “good enough to win” on Sunday

  1. Hurts knew that he needed that bye week. The Plays against NYG were vanilla and lack-luster to keep the team as healthy as possible.
    I see the Win + zero injuries as the best possible outcome for this week.
    Congrats to the Eagles, now focus on getting healthy and prepping for the wildcard winner.

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