Jerry Jones wants Cowboys to turn Sunday “nightmare” into a positive

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had a simple assessment of his play in Sunday’s 26-6 loss to the Commanders and it could be extended to the team at large.

Prescott went 14-of-37 for 128 yards, a touchdown, and an interception that Kendall Fuller returned for a touchdown in what he called a “shitty” outing to close out the regular season. The flop came in a game that started with the NFC East and No. 1 seed in the conference still on the table, which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for their chances in the postseason.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called the game a “nightmare” before adding that he thinks the team can take what happened and “turn it into a plus” for next week.

“We get to suck on that all week,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of “If that doesn’t make you want to get ready to go in about six, seven days, nothing else will. That was as thorough a butt-kicking as we’ve had this year, and we’re going to find out if that’ll get you ready or not. It should with what these guys are made of.”

The Cowboys will be in Tampa on Monday night to close out Wild Card weekend. They lost to the Bucs to open the season and playing anything like they did on Sunday will give them a pair of bookends on the season.

12 responses to “Jerry Jones wants Cowboys to turn Sunday “nightmare” into a positive

  1. Sorry Jerry, the nightmare will continue. You remain detached from reality. Your QB sucks. Zeke is washed. You have only one good receiver. Your D can’t stop the run. Wake up!

  2. If the Cowboys go one and done in the playoffs again this year, I don’t see McCarthy surviving as HC. I’m not sure what the teams problem is but they continue to play on inspiring football for a half before they wake up. Yesterday the team never showed up.

  3. Hopefully, this serves as a wake up call. Or, break the glass moment at season’s end.

  4. as long as jerry jones is the owner this is what to expect from dallas. over a quarter century of work shows this to be true. The only time dallas oes well is when jj steps back(as when the other jj was the coach) but JJ the owner cnnaot stand anyone getting the honors but him….it’s unfortunate but true.

  5. Oh Jerruh, consider it already accomplished. Your “nightmare” was a very positive experience for me!

  6. The Dallas “D” seems like it’s been exposed. They gave up 113 points in the last 4 weeks of the season when they gave up less than 20 points a game for the majority of the rest.
    They are going to need to tighten up when they play the Bucs. Brady can outscore Dak.

  7. I’m sorry, Jerruh, but Sunday was how your team is normally constituted. They are gutless and only succeed when they have a lead. You have no leader on offense and the Dakota wilts under pressure (doesn’t have to be a sack). We saw his new ability to deliver interceptions because he no longer runs from pressure. He thinks he is so good that he just throws it up there. And then the offense throws up.

  8. Commanders mission accomplished they beat up that Dallas defense with 40 plus run plays , last time against the Eagles I think they ran it 50 times and they barely beat a bad Colts team the next game. Ice up Boys 😀

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