Kyler Murray will have input on Cardinals’ coaching search, Michael Bidwill says

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When the Cardinals gave quarterback Kyler Murray a lucrative contract extension last year, the plan was for Murray, coach Kliff Kingsbury and General Manager Steve Keim to be the nucleus of the franchise for years to come. It didn’t work out that way.

But Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill said today that he’s hoping to find a new coach and GM who will build a team around Murray. Bidwill said he expects Murray to have input in the coaching search.

“We’re in communication and we should be talking later today, we’ve texted,” Bidwill said. “Absolutely want to get the input of our leaders, including Kyler.”

Murray is not the prototypical NFL quarterback and will surely want a new coach who is going to cater the offense to his playing style. Then again, the primary reason the Cardinals drafted Murray is that they thought Kingsbury ran the perfect offense for him, and now Kingsbury and Keim are gone. Getting this decision right is crucial to the Cardinals’ future success.

41 responses to “Kyler Murray will have input on Cardinals’ coaching search, Michael Bidwill says

  1. Cardinals are getting rid of everyone except for the real problem – Kyler Murray…he is an immature disaster, and not a leader.

  2. Kyler Murray hasnt done anything to deserve any input on anything. I’m sure the rest of the team is excited to hear this too lol

  3. Making the same mistake the Packers made with Rodgers, putting the player above the team. This won’t end well.

  4. Kyler is an average quarterback. He is a coaches worse nightmare because the team owner thinks Murray is top 5 and blames to coach for making him mediocre.

  5. That’s pretty much the best way to ensure the new coach they get will be worse than the last guy.

  6. The new coach has better have some COD skills…. Or Murray will march back to baseball.

  7. I’m sure Kyler wants someone who will let him play video games instead of watching tape and spending countless hours honing in on his craft. Oakland A’s on Line 1.

  8. They’d better find someone who can. Otherwise, they basically have Baker Mayfield, except they paid their version.

  9. Kyler will be late to the meeting and if he argues with the coach candidate, we will know this is the right guy.

  10. How is his input on video games going to help you find your next head coach in GM? Mr Beast cardinals new GM while Dr disrespect coaches?

  11. You’d think a player that has much authority has won a couple super bowls or playoff games. But nope Mr. 0-1 Playoff Murray does.

  12. Hire Urban Meyer–Murray would be great for Urban’s 2006 spread offense from Florida.

  13. This is a good idea. You’re stuck with Murray so you might as well make him feel some responsibility for how the team competes. He said he’d get input which is a pretty broad statement.

  14. patsrule says:
    January 9, 2023 at 5:43 pm
    Coach Snoop Dogg welcome to the NFL.


    I laughed, but also really like this idea at the same time, for some reason.

  15. Not a good idea considering Murray had a complete ACL tear and a meniscus tear. I wouldn’t be surprised if his PCL and MCL were also twisted. He’ll be lucky if he plays at all next season.

  16. Kyler Murray has got to be the most privaledged QB in the game. Paid like a top 3 QB. LOL. Now he has input on the coaching search. What has he ever accomplished?

  17. Everyone knows this is lip service right ??

    Every team with a coaching vacancy says they will let the QB have input…

    That’s all it means… input… it doesn’t mean the QB has any actual clout in the decision at all.

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