Quay Walker apologizes: I take full responsibility for making another stupid decision

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Packers linebacker Quay Walker apologized on Monday morning after he was ejected from Sunday night’s game for shoving a member of the Lions’ medical staff who was attending to an injured player.

It was the second time this season that Walker has been ejected from a game for shoving someone representing the other team who was not in uniform; Walker was also ejected from the Packers’ game against the Bills for shoving a Bills practice squad player who was in street clothes on the sideline.

“I want to apologize publicly about what happened Sunday night,” Walker wrote on Twitter. “I reacted off of my emotions again and take full responsibility of making another stupid decision. Since then I’ve questioned myself on why did I do what I did when the trainer was doing his job!! I was wrong!! I understand I have to face everything that comes with the decision I’ve made and I’m definitely paying for it now. Also to explain my frustration in the tunnel. I wasn’t upset about being kicked out, I just knew I messed up again and was wrong for what I did and couldn’t believe I did it again. To the Detroit lions and to the entire training staff including the person I did that too.I’m sorry.”

Walker is likely to face NFL discipline for an action that Packers coach Matt LaFleur termed “unacceptable.”

50 responses to “Quay Walker apologizes: I take full responsibility for making another stupid decision

  1. He has a lot of growing up to do. I appreciate the genuine apology which is a step in the right direction.

  2. And packer management should also apologize for drafting you while most good GMs had you graded as a 6th round prospect.

  3. Reach out to the trainer. Donate to his favorite charity.

    .. and brace yourself for a long suspension.

  4. Always the same thing I’m sorry, OK it alright. Time the players were held accountable, his action after this past week is unacceptable and the league should show this with a big suspension otherwise, they look like hypocrites. The NFL showed all support of the medical staff saving Hamlin’s life then this character says he is sorry for pushing a trainer helping a hurt player. Step up league office.

  5. He might be a complete bonehead, but at least his apology was real and sincere, and did not sound like it was written by his PR guy or agent.

  6. Seems like he’s genuine with that apology and I respect the fact that he wrote it and not his agent or lawyer. To err is human.

  7. You got this, you got Steelers performing mock CPR -do some players just turn their brains off when they are on the field or do they not have any to begin with?

  8. Only sorry because he got caught. Besides his argument is probably “he laid hands on me first” then #95 throws a shoulder into the guy.

  9. “Packers linebacker Quay Walker apologized on Monday morning after he was ejected from Sunday night’s game for shoving a member of the Lions’ medical staff who was attending to an injured player.”

    If he truly meant this, he would have met with the media last night and said so in person.

    He’s been “coached”, by Packer management, to apologize the day after, to hopefully minimize his fine and suspension.

  10. Even the Lions’ trainer turned around ready to bite a kneecap until he remembered he had more important matters to attend to.

  11. One incident can possibly be overlooked with an apology, twice is a pattern.
    Get him to anger management before something really bad occurs.

  12. For making ANOTHER stupid decision. Some people just don’t learn, do they?

    He’s 22 years old.

    Bet you were making great decisions in your life at that age???………

  13. Why is this guy held to a much higher standard than Devante Adams… Devabte did the same thing, but was more blatant and actually showed the guy own.

  14. Funny thing is that another player (95) Devonte Wyatt also pushed the trainer, but was not ejected. This is a player thing and a culture thing for the Pack. Good teams don’t do this kind of garbage.

  15. In a world that struggles with taking accountability, it is so refreshing to see this man apologize and take full responsibility. Now, i hope he takes the time and effort to get some help around managing his emotions.

  16. He needs to face the music. A very heavy fine and an 8 game suspension should about do it. Stupid is as stupid does. No one player on any team is bigger than the game itself. No more excuses need to be given and the NFL hammer needs to fall and hard.

  17. Quay Walker definitely has a little too much punk in him and obviously deserved his ejection.
    This kid has a ton of speed and talent, unfortunately he’s afflicted with a 10 cent head.
    This doesn’t have to necessarily define his career, but he’s got a lot of growing up to do.
    This apology is a step in the right direction.
    It appears to be sincere and only the future will tell if it truly was.

    But this does beg to question, how does someone like Justin Jefferson strike an official in anger with his helmet and get no penalty, no ejection, no fine?
    I guess it comes down to different standards, for different players, for different teams.
    That, to me, is disappointing.

  18. We are instilling this kind of behavior in these athletes with all the money they are making. Professional athletes have been given special treatment and have been the exception to the rule since they were in middle school. Imagine how much this guy got away with in high school, and then at Alabama off all places, before being a first round pick in the NFL. We need to stop idolizing athletes and holding them accountable.

  19. Geesh, I wonder if he actually wrote it. Did Aaron help him write it? Both of them belong together.

  20. Seems like a sincere apology. Obviously doesn’t get him off the hook, but a good first step.

  21. This is the first step and I hope he does learn from his mistake. He is a talented player that needs to do better.

  22. The problem is this wasn’t a decision. It was a knee jerk reaction from someone who can’t control thier emotions. That is much bigger than a simple decision, and much more dangerous.

  23. the bottom line, ‘cuz Stone Cold says:
    January 9, 2023 at 10:38 am

    He’s 22 years old.

    Bet you were making great decisions in your life at that age???……///////////////

    Stop it with the youth excuse. 99.9 % of 22 year olds are pushing medical staff around at football games. 100% of high school players aren’t pushing medical staff around.

  24. Never mind how emotionally deflating that was for the Packers. What a tone deaf time in NFL history to do something so knuckleheaded. Don’t let me door hit you on your way out.

  25. Stop it with the youth excuse

    I believe his apology was sincere and that a young man can overcome a mistake.

    … but of course, this is the interwebs. I should know better than to go agaist the mob.

  26. Now THAT, is a sincere apology. Not this other garbage we are always supposed to believe. Way to man up to your mistake kid. Hopefully you learn from it and grow.

  27. There’s quite a difference in doing something stupid & being just plain ignorant…I say the latter applies to this clown

  28. In light of the Hamlin situation being fresh on everyone’s mind how could you be so stupid.

  29. He said the right thing. Now he must do the right thing. Or in this case, not do the wrong thing.

  30. 8 game suspension sounds perfect here. With the understanding that he’s on very thin ice when he returns.

  31. He was just shoving a medical trainer looking at a players injury.
    Thats a BIG deal.
    Roger should give him some time off, especially since it’s his second ejection this year.

  32. Finally an apology that doesn’t seem to have been written by the PR staff. Then again, actions speak louder than words — this guy has now done this twice. I’m not sure if I’d be more concerned about his decision making process or that he had more ejections than sacks in the 2022 season.

  33. He’s not Haynesworth or Suh..but he does need to be accountable for his actions.
    I’d say 8 game suspension, and the Packers probably should cut him.

    You can’t do what he did…ever.

  34. Why wasn’t the guy that gave Swift an elbow to the head booted too? Doesn’t look like the NFL is too concerned about head injuries.

  35. The video of him leaving the tunnel needs to become the next viral meme for anyone that doesn’t get their way.

  36. Well, you very possibly knocked your own team out of the playoffs. I doubt it was worth it.

  37. So much of the NFL game is based on emotion. But it must be tempered and held within normative behavior even during the game. I hope he has learned his lesson.

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