Quay Walker says he spoke with Lions trainer, hopes to be forgiven

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Packers linebacker Quay Walker, who was ejected from Sunday night’s game for pushing a member of the Lions’ athletic training staff, said today that he has spoken with him, apologized and hopes to be forgiven.

Walker told reporters in the Packers’ locker room on Monday that he and the trainer had a long conversation, that he apologized and that he asked that the apology be passed along to the entire Lions organization.

It was the second time this season that Walker was ejected from a game for shoving someone who was not in uniform. During the Packers’ game against the Bills, Walker shoved a member of the Bills’ practice squad who was standing on the sideline in street clothes. Walker said today that he takes full responsibility.

“Just a selfish act,” he said. “Just very stupid, dumb, I would say immature of me. Once again, I made the same mistake twice. I just always seem to overreact at times and I did it again last night.”

Walker said he immediately regretted his actions and doesn’t know why he tends to overreact.

“In the split-second after I did it, I asked myself, ‘Why did I just do that?'” Walker said.

Walker’s profuse apology to reporters follows the one he posted on social media today, and the remorse he has shown may be factored into the NFL discipline he faces. But the league will surely not let him off with just an apology. Walker’s actions were unacceptable, and the league will respond.

28 responses to “Quay Walker says he spoke with Lions trainer, hopes to be forgiven

  1. Well he has all off season to think about it. Get better and that is all we can ask. He plays with a lot of emotion but needs to learn when to unleash it. Not the worse thing we have seen on a football field but pushing a trainer after last MNF will bring a big fine and is a horrible look.

  2. Actions speak louder than words son, the fact this is the 2nd time you’ve done this, this year tells everyone your words are meaningless.

  3. You could tell he was genuinely upset with himself walking down the tunnel after being ejected.

  4. Hopes to be forgiven? I would hope the trainer forgave him. It was very wrong but still just an arm grab. We saw this with Sark last week at the Alamo Bowl. The trainer should forgive and let the league handle it.

  5. He should apologize to his teammates and the fans. I’m not saying he directly cost them the game, but everything makes a difference when the score is close and the playoffs are on the line.

  6. Here’s hoping that Wyatt (who chest-bumped the trainer after he turned to face Walker)and Reed (who gave the runner an elbow to the face when he was already on the way down) also get at least significant fines from the league. That was an ugly play by the Packers’ defense from the start.

  7. This seems like a sincere apology, unlike the sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings type of apology people often make. I hope he gets his act together.

  8. Jarran Reed committed a worse act during that sequence of events. He should have been ejected, too.

  9. There needs to be a suspension for this. Anything less and he obviously won’t learn his lesson. Heck, the suspension probably won’t teach him either, but he’s earn it.

  10. The words are nice, but now prove it with your behaviour going forward. If it changes for the better, it will be forgotten as a minor failing of youth.
    Don’t, and well, good luck in your life…

  11. 90, 7, and 95 were all total jerks on that play.

    The intentional forearm to the head, the shove by Quay and 95’s chest bump thereafter… straight up bush league nonsense.

  12. Satan says:
    January 9, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    He should apologize to his teammates and the fans.
    You are half-right. I’m just glad he apologized to the trainer directly.

    As for the playoffs I guess it’s nice to reach a goal, but Green Bay would have been sent home by the 49ers. That seems clear.

  13. Hopefully he genuinely knows he has an issue. It was just a light push from the trainer to get him out of the way and yet he reacted aggressively. To be aware is the first step and hope he can become better with his anger, not just on the field but also off.

  14. Say whatever you want but we are the the classiest team and have the classiest fans in the NFL. Just ask Quay.

  15. His responses have been really well done and appear sincere. However, the important thing is how he acts on the field in the future. The thing is that his action was only one of about 5 undisciplined acts by Packer players, almost all defenders. At some point you have to look to weak team leadership and coaching for the root cause of those undisciplined actions.

  16. The packers have gone from the clean cut image of Bart Starr to the exact opposite. It is now a team of me first players, starting from Rodgers to his receivers and the entire defense. The coach Lafluer is a joke and cannot control this team. They got rid of the TD machine Williams. Did you see his interview. It was amazing and heartfelt unlike the rambling gangster act of Alexander a few weeks ago. Wisconsin is a beautiful state with great fishing with midwest hospitality. This team they assembled belongs in La not Green Bay.

  17. When it happened, I was stunned and called him every name in the book, especially since he’d done it before. But seeing him walking up that tunnel, crying and chastising himself, knowing he let himself and everyone else down, made me feel downright sorry for him. (This from a Vikings fan.) C’mon, we’ve all lost our tempers and done stupid things. The egregious forearm to the face on the play itself was far uglier and inexcusable.

  18. Unlike almost everyone else, I think Walker has less control over this reaction than everyone seems to think he does. I had the same type issue in years past and it is not a choice.

  19. he’s also very young. at like 23-24 and he’s already identified the issue. now he just needs to work at it. i think by the end of his career this is going to be a guy that works hard to be a leader on the field and i can’t stand the Pack.

  20. Lordy Viking fan has everything figured out. They can’t the Vikings over the hump but know exactly what’s wrong with the packers. It’s uncanny.

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